The Ultimate Reno Guide: Top 10 Home Improvement Products In 2023

By Mike Holmes

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Friday, March 24th, 2023 @ 12:04pm

What Are The Top 2023 Home Improvement Products For A Better Home 

I’ve been a contractor for over 40 years and one of the biggest things I always tell homeowners is the importance of using the right high-quality products. Why? For a number of reasons including helping your home last longer, making it more efficient, convenient, functional, and even healthier. I’ve been lucky to do what I do and work with so many great products Making It Right for homeowners. That’s why I’m excited about some of the new innovative home improvement products 2023 has to bring.


Holmes Family Rescue - Make It Right® Left to right. Sherry Holmes, Mike Holmes, Michael Holmes

To me picking the right materials is always important. Why? Because it helps make your home last longer and makes it more efficient, functional, and healthier. Photo from Holmes Family Rescue.


Whether you’re looking to make your home more efficient and reduce your carbon footprint, create the perfect outdoor entertainment space, or simply upgrade your home’s foundation. Here’s my guide on the top 9 products every homeowner should consider for the next home renovation project (or new build). 

  • Eaton EV Charger
  • Eaton Smart Breakers
  • NewAge Pizza Oven
  • Panasonic Mirror ERV
  • Philips Wiz Outdoor Lights
  • Schluter Thermostat
  • Techno Metal Posts Helical Piles
  • Schlage Encode Plus
  • Radon Airwell


#1 Eaton EV Charger

If you own an electrical vehicle (EV) you know the importance of having a reliable and efficient charging system. That’s why I’m excited about the Eaton EV Chargers. We’ve been installing Eaton panels for years on our projects and I love working with their team. This is a brand you can always trust when it comes to electrical products, and their EV chargers are no exception.



A Level 2 charger is what you may find installed in most homes as it offers fast and cost-effective charging. So what makes the Eaton EV chargers so great? For a start, one of their key benefits is that they offer multiple installation options to maximize flexibility. So you can install it through a direct connect kit or direct connect kit and junction box, that installs directly in PRL3X panelboards or BR load centers. You can also install it as a direct EV wall charger or plug-in wall charger for greater adaptability and a modern design.

These chargers are built to last. Eaton EV chargers have a high-quality durable, weather-resistant casing which means they can withstand harsh weather conditions especially if you live in a colder climate like Canada or somewhere that gets a lot of storms.

Levels of EV Charging Stations Illustration

There are 3 Levels of EV Charging Stations.


For more information on EV charging stations and requirements, check out this guide by Eaton Electric.


But the best part and what sets this EV charger apart is its connectivity. The Eaton smartphone app allows for remote monitoring and management of your charging sessions. As a result, you can stay updated on your energy use and charging progress, as well as schedule charging sessions during off-peak times to save your energy bills —brilliant!



Pro Tip:

Before you purchase an EV, it’s important to plan ahead and find a safe spot for your charging point so you have room for the equipment and cables to safely run to your vehicle. The best way to do that is to hire a Licensed Electrical Contracting (LEC) business to assess your current panel, make sure it can handle the extra electrical load, and install the EV charging station. And remember if you live in Ontario, the LEC should also file a notification of the work with the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).



Hiring A Licensed Electrical Contractor

Before you purchase an EV, it’s important to plan ahead and find a safe spot for your charging point so you have room for the equipment and cables to safely run to your vehicle. It is never a good idea to DIY electrical installations and repairs.

The best way to do that is to hire a Licensed Electrical Contracting (LEC) business to assess your current panel, make sure it can handle the extra electrical load, and install the EV charging station.


You can find and hire a licensed Eaton Certified electrical contractor near you at


Remember, if you live in Ontario, the LEC should also file a notification of the work with the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).



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#2 Eaton Smart Breakers

If you know me you know I’m always talking about the importance of safety and efficiency when it comes to your home. I love these brand-new Eaton smart breakers, which are created to increase the safety and effectiveness of the electrical system in your home. 

The most important benefit of this breaker is its ability to monitor your home’s power use. This means you can track how much energy your appliances use so you can pinpoint areas where you could save money on your bills. Not only that, but you can also remotely switch off specific circuits cutting off electricity to non-essential equipment to further reduce your energy bills. That’s Making It Right!


Mike Holmes looking at the Eaton smart home app showing the energy usage measured by the smart breaker.

I had a chance to see how the Eaton smart breaker works to measure and show your energy usage at the International Builder Show this year and this is a great technology.


Another unique feature of the Eaton Smart Breakers is their ability to link to your existing smart home system. Through the Eaton Smart Energy Manager app, you can optimize energy consumption, lower your electric bill, and promote sustainability all from the convenience of your phone. It’s an additional layer of protection that can give you peace of mind while boosting your home’s functionality and convenience.




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#3 NewAge Pizza Oven

The past few years have changed the way we navigate and renovate our homes, including our outdoor spaces. Our backyards have become an outdoor entertainment spaces or oasis for many homeowners, myself included. I enjoy cooking and eating on my deck and I just recently remodelled my deck to add an outdoor kitchen and bar area and I love it. What’s great is that the outdoor kitchen now becomes the main point of your living area. 


Photo from Holmes Family Rescue. Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets by NewAge

Photo from Holmes Family Rescue. Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets by NewAge


We’ve worked with NewAge on some of our projects before and their outdoor kitchens are great! They’re made of high-quality durable material and they’re fully customizable to your space and needs. But what I’m really excited about this year is their new Pizza Ovens.


Mike Holmes Checking Out The NewAge Pizza Oven At IBS

Checking Out The NewAge Pizza Oven At IBS


Let’s start off by talking about the quality of these ovens. NewAge Pizza Ovens are made with high-grade stainless steel and corrosion and rust-resistant frame construction for durability that lasts a lifetime. 


NewAge Pizza Oven can be integrated within any of their kitchen layouts or bought separately.

NewAge Pizza Oven can be integrated within any of their kitchen layouts or bought separately.


Apart from their great design and high-quality material, this pizza oven has some great features like a warming rack so you never have to serve or eat cold pizza ever again. They also include a retractable crumb chute within the warming drawer, which gathers crumbs and food particles making cleanup a breeze. Plus, their sleek design will look great in any kitchen.


Features of the NewAge Pizza Oven

Features of the NewAge Pizza Oven


That’s not all. This pizza oven can reach temperatures of 470° F in 10 minutes and a maximum temperature of 860° F in 60 minutes. This means you can have restaurant-quality pizza from the comfort of your home in under 3 minutes —amazing! Now I know I want one of these in my home.



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#4 Panasonic ERV Family

I’m excited about the new Panasonic Mirror ERV. Now you’ve always heard me say, a healthy house means a healthier life, which is why I’ve talked about the importance of proper indoor air quality for years. Our everyday lives are significantly impacted by the quality of the air in our homes. You’ve seen me install Panasonic’s ERV in my home and I have to say it’s made a big difference in my indoor air quality. 


Panasonic Intelli-Balance® 100 Mirror ERV

Panasonic Intelli-Balance® 100 Mirror ERV


What’s great about the new Panasonic Mirror ERV is that it’s designed with a mirrored duct configuration for adaptability and ease of installation in mind, regardless of what climate or type of home you live in. This ERV works for single family homes, but is also a great solution for tight spaces where duplicate floorplans require ventilation on either side of a building.

Their new built-in controls cut down on the time needed to adjust the desired airflow, check performance, and maintain it. By getting rid of the stale indoor air and bringing in fresh outdoor air at the same time, it helps to efficiently ventilate the air in your home improving your indoor air quality.



This ERV includes two (2) DC motors with Smart Flow® technology and a multi-speed selector (50 to 100 CFM) which simply put allows your ERV to adjust airflow automatically to generate balanced, positive, or negative pressure in the home.


ERVs help to regulate the air pressure within the house. Photo from Panasonic

ERVs help to regulate the air pressure within the house. Photo from Panasonic.


The best part, it can be connected to existing ductwork or used as a standalone, whole-house ventilation solution. It’s a cost-effective solution designed to customize airflow, improve indoor air quality and reduce ventilation costs.  Love that!



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#5 Philips – Wiz Outdoor Lighting

I’m a big zones guy, so when I build an outdoor environment, I always like to create different areas for entertaining, relaxing, cooking, you name it.  Depending on how you use your area, you may create different ambiances using lighting. What’s even better is using smart lighting that you can easily control from your phone or through your home assistant devices.


Philips Wiz Outdoor Lights.

You can create your dream outdoor space and set different moods with over 16 million colour choices and a range of designs and sizes to choose from.


I love the Philips Wiz lights and their new outdoor lights that are smart, energy-efficient and look great. You can create your dream outdoor space and set different moods with over 16 million colour choices and a range of designs and sizes to choose from. You can also program schedules or routines to switch your lights on and off automatically which is a great security feature I love. 



They can be used in a variety of settings as they are waterproof and weather-resistant.

The best part about these Wiz lights is that they are easy to plug and play —meaning that they can work with your existing Wi-Fi making setup and installation very easy.




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#6 Schluter Thermostat

I’ve been using Schluter systems for years and am always amazed at how well they perform and the advancements Schluter continues to make. Schluter has recently released a new addition to their product lineup – the Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT-E-RS1

Nothing beats a hot bath after a chilly day at work, but who enjoys stepping barefoot onto a cold tile? Heated tiled floors and in-floor warming systems are increasing in popularity in bathrooms, kitchens, and other places where tile is used. We’ve installed them in a lot of the projects we’ve worked on. 


Schluter Ditra-Heat Installed On Our Projects

Schluter Ditra-Heat Installed On Our Projects


How do you control your heated floor temperature? The new Schluter thermostat is a smart thermostat for the DITRA-HEAT system. It has a modern, mirror-finished look, and third-party integration with popular home assistants easily integrating your floor warming to your smart home’s functionality.


Sherry holmes Checking out the New Schluter Thermostat

My daughter Sherry checking out the new Schluter Smart Thermostat at IBS


The Schluter smart thermostat is Wi-Fi enabled. This means you can control the temperature directly from the Schluter Smart Thermostat app. This allows for quick, remote access to your DITRA-HEAT floor warming system. You can adjust the temperature, set schedules, and even monitor your energy consumption, all from the convenience of your phone. It also has geofencing capabilities, which cranks up the heat when you arrive home and detects when you leave. 

If you have Schluter in-floor heating systems I highly recommend you get their new Smart thermostat.




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#7 Techno Metal Posts Helical Piles

As a contractor and home renovation expert, I’m always on the lookout for new and innovative products that can make a real difference and Make It Right. When I came across Techno Metal Posts Helical Piles, I knew I had to try them out for myself. I used them in my own home and I’m very impressed with the results.



What are Techno Metal Posts’ Helical Piles? These are big metal screws pushed into the ground by hydraulic equipment. This results in a solid, sturdy foundation. This makes it perfect for a range of construction projects from terraces to multi-story skyscrapers.


Mike Holmes Installing Techno Metal Posts on one of our projects. Photo from Holmes Family Rescue.

Installing Techno Metal Posts on one of our projects. Photo from Holmes Family Rescue.


What’s great about these Helical Piles is their adaptability to a number of soil types, including sandy, rocky, and clay soils. They’re also easy to install in tight locations or spaces with limited access. This to me makes them a great choice for homeowners looking to strengthen their home’s foundation.


Techno Metal Posts Helical Piles are great for increasing the stability and security of your home or other structures like your deck for many years to come

Techno Metal Posts Helical Piles are great for increasing the stability and security of your home or other structures like your deck for many years to come


The lifespan of Techno Metal Posts Helical Piles, is another one of their most important features. They can survive extreme weather conditions as they are made of tough steel. They are also less prone to shifting because they’re buried well below the surface. This allows them to maintain the stability and security of your home or other structures like your deck for years to come.



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#8 Schlage Encode Plus

When it comes to smart home technology, I’m a big fan. I’m always on the lookout for smart ways to increase the functionality and convenience of my home, especially as I plan to age in place. Let me tell you, I’m really excited about the Schlage Encode Plus. 


Mike Holmes and Michael Holmes installing Schlage Encode Lock On One Of Their Projects

We install a Schlage Lock on all of our projects.


We’ve been installing the Schlage Encode for years on our projects. I love their high quality and security but also their Wi-Fi integration. You can unlock and lock your Schlage Encode right from your phone. This is great if your hands are full or dirty and you don’t want to fumble around for your keys. 


Mike Holmes installing Schlage Encode Lock On Door

I love how the Schlage Encode lock gives you many options to lock and unlock your door —using the keypad, from your phone, or using the traditional key.


You can also create up to 100 special access codes for members of your family, close friends, or contractors. This allows you to easily keep track of who is entering and leaving your house.

But what I’m really excited about is their newest Schlage Encode Plus which is launching this Spring here in Canada. This new door lock is compatible with Apple Keys. This means you can lock and unlock your door by tapping your Apple Watch or phone to the lock. 



The lock is also compatible with a variety of smart home systems, like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. You can also effortlessly include the Schlage Encode Plus into your current smart home setup. This makes this lock one of the most versatile and user-friendly smart locks available since you can manage it with your voice, phone, or smartwatch. 



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#9 Radon Airwell

Since I depend on well water, I know the importance of making sure your water is free from harmful contaminants. Not just the contaminants you usually hear about like calcium, magnesium, iron, etc. but Radon as well. 

I was shocked that Radon can exist in your water. But it makes sense that radon would be present in your water supply since it naturally occurs in the ground. The aquifer’s groundwater supplies cannot vent properly without access to air oxygen. Thankfully, the Airwell is an effective solution to remove radon from your well water.


The Airwell - How To Reduce Radon in a Home Well Water

The Radon Environmental Corp. Airwell can reduce your radon levels by up to 97%!


The Airwell extracts radon gas from the ground beneath your house and securely vents it outside. What’s exciting about the new model they’re launching this year is that it is 90% quieter. This means no more dealing with the loud compressor noise, especially if your well is located close to your home.



The new compressor also has a longer lifespan and is almost maintenance-free —how great is that! You just need to take out the filter every couple of months, rinse it off with water and install it right back. As someone who had an Airwell installed, I think this is a product every homeowner with a well should have. 



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#10 Atlas Roofing Pinnacle Sun Shingles

When it comes to roofing solutions, I’m always on the lookout for something that will not only keep your home dry and safe but will last long (as roofs are a big investment), looks good, and is innovative. That’s why I’m excited about Pinnacle® Sun shingles from Atlas Roofing.

What I love about these shingles is that they provide a complete roofing system. Thanks to the use of reflective granules and 3M™️ Scotchgard™️ Protector, Pinnacle Sun shingles have the ability to fight against algae growth that could ultimately hinder the reflecting properties of the shingles. Plus, their Cool Roof Technology allows the shingles to reflect and emit heat back into the atmosphere instead of transferring it to your home. That means less need for cooling and more savings for you. I love that!



It also contains 3M™️ Smog-Reducing Granules, which help to produce a smog-fighting surface on your roof. These unique granules feature a photocatalytic coating that, when activated by sunshine, transforms smog into water-soluble ions. This in turn helps improve our environment’s air quality. It’s the equivalent of having 2-3 trees on your roof cleaning the air for you —how cool is that?


Atlas Roofing Pinnacle Sun shingles being installed on one of our projects.


These shingles can also handle up to 130 mph wind resistance, and come in a 42-inch-wide format, making it in my books easier and better to install.

And let’s not forget about the style. Pinnacle® Sun shingles come in a variety of sleek coastal-inspired colours to choose from. Plus, with the addition of 3M™️ Scotchgard™️ Protector, they can retain their appeal by preventing ugly black streaks caused by algae. Now that’s Making It Right!


Why Are Atlas Shingles With Scotchgard Protector Holmes Approved. Get A Quote.





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BONUS: Copper As a Natural Antimicrobial To Make High Touch Surfaces Cleaner

Copper is a versatile material that has been used for many years. What’s nice is that it may be used in a wide range of applications and products to generate healthier surfaces.

One of its main advantages is its natural antimicrobial characteristics. It is also safe for people and the environment, and it is the only solid metal touch surface approved for public health claims by Health Canada PMRA and the US Environmental Protection Agency.


How does copper work to kill bacteria?*

How does copper work to kill bacteria?*


Copper has been shown to eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria within two hours when used in high-touch surfaces such as door handles, sinks, worktops, workstations, light switches, faucets, bathroom door levers, railings and more. As a result, antimicrobial copper is increasingly being used to decrease bacteria spread in high-traffic public spaces around the world. This includes transportation, commercial areas, sports facilities, medical facilities, and workplaces.


How Does Copper Technology Work With Everyday Products?

I’m excited to be working with Allegion CanadaDelta®  CommercialAereus Technologies, and Teck Resources to make high-touch surfaces healthier in public spaces.

CuVerro Shield™️, a registered antimicrobial copper solid surface process technology, can transform everyday items into healthier high-touch surfaces. This will help to prevent the spread of bacteria in modern society, which is something that we should all strive for.




Learn more about how copper can be used to create healthier environments


We will always need to maintain our houses. However, if we use smarter, more inventive, and more energy-efficient items, our homes will be better, healthier, and more effective. I’m excited to see what new products this year brings! 



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Vincent,  M., R.E. DuvalP. Hartemann, and M. Engels-Deutsch et al, Contact killing and antimicrobial properties of copper, Journal of Applied Microbiology, December 27, 2017; 124:1032—1046. Source of graphics: Drs. Grass, Keevil, Rensing, and Soliaz courtesy of the Copper Development Association

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