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Register for the MAKE IT RIGHT Cashback Card and instantly save money and receive benefits on everyday purchases. Along with earning Cashback and Shopping Points on a variety of products and services, you will also gain access to exclusive contests, give-aways, discounts, promotions and more. Best of all, joining is absolutely FREE!

As a member you can log into the Cashback App anytime and browse thousands of online sites and store locations. You can also purchase and redeem (or gift!) a variety of eGift Cards right from your mobile phone. eGift Card brands include The Home Depot®, Loblaws®, Petro-Canada™, and many more!







How you receive your money is up to you. Once you earn $10, you can choose to have it automatically deposited into your bank account, or, if you prefer, you can have it saved on your MAKE IT RIGHT Cashback Card profile. The money accumulated can be applied to future purchases, saving you even more money!


“This card will save you money whether you are shopping for materials for your next reno, or your everyday items”



Sign up for FREE online

  1. Click HERE to complete the online registration form.
  2. Check your inbox for a confirmation e-mail and click on the activation link.
  3. Start shopping (by the way, when you sign up, you also receive 3 FREE Shopping Points you can use towards fantastic Shopping Point Deals).

The MAKE IT RIGHT Cashback Card opens a world of opportunities and allows you to become apart of a worldwide Shopping Community that is established in 48 countries with 14 million members.

Happy shopping!




What is the Make It Right Cashback Card program?

The Make It Right Cashback Card program offers you amazing shopping benefits whenever you shop at 1000s of Merchants associated with the program worldwide.

The program is completely FREE to join and once you’ve signed up and receive your personal member ID in the form a digital or physcial card, you can start shopping with any of the Merchants associated with the program to receive shopping benefits (Cashback and Shopping Points), access to discounts, giveaways, exclusive promotions and contests and more!

How do I shop online?

1. To begin, visit:
2. Once the website is loaded, click on the “LOGIN” link located at the top right corner of the homepage.
3. Enter your “USERNAME & PASSWORD”.
4. From the homepage, select the “SHOPS” tab on the navigation bar. A drop down menu will appear; select a category, or click on “SEARCH” (menu item) to find something more specific.
5. To filter your results, select your criteria on the left hand column. You can select “Types of Shopping” (select “Online Shopping”) to narrow your search. You can also perform a search by using the Search Bar and typing in keywords that are associated with a specific Merchant or shopping category.
6. Your search results can be further filtered in 1 of 3 ways: (1) sorted by Name; (2) sorted by amount of Cashback or (3) sorted by newest first.
7. Once you click on the Online Merchant of your selection, you will be redirected to their “DETAILS PAGE”. Make sure to review the available information on this page prior to making your purchase.
8. This page will contain information pertaining to the amount of Cashback and the number of Shopping Points awarded with each order. It also includes the Terms & Conditions for the Merchant, as well as any current promotions they may have.
9. Once you have reviewed all the information on the Online Merchant’s DETAILS PAGE, you are ready to start shopping! Click on the “SHOP ONLINE NOW!” button, and you will be redirected to the Merchant’s site to complete your purchase.

How to shop for plastic gift cards?

1. Login to
2. Click on “SHOPS”.
3. Pick a category or select “SEARCH”.
4. Under “Types of Shopping” select the box “Gift Cards”.
5. Once loaded, use the Search tool (magnifying glass) to enter the name of the gift card you wish to purchase.
6. Select your desired gift card to proceed.
7. Choose the number of gift cards you wish to purchase in a specific denomination.
8. Click on “Add to Shopping Cart”.
9. Click on “Order Vouchers Now” if you want to add more gift cards to your order.
10. Review your order for accuracy and select “Proceed to Checkout”.
11. Review delivery address on step 2 and select “Next”.
12. Select payment options and click on “Next”.
13. Enter PIN.
14. Place a binding order now.
15. You will receive an order confirmation for your records and your Gift Cards will be shipped (delivery times vary).

What is an eVoucher?

An eVoucher is a gift card in a digital form (also referred to as an eGift Card) and it is a prepaid stored-value money card, usually issued by a retailer to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within a particular store or related business.

How do I distinguish the various types of merchants on the Cashback World website?

The various shopping options are identifiable by the following symbols :
1. Online shops : shopping cart.
2. Plastic gift cards : gift card.
3. eGift Cards : eVoucher logo.
4. Small business Loyalty Merchants who accept the Make It Right Cashback Card in store : Cashback Card.

How do I pay for my purchases with Online merchants?

Payment can be made using any of the options provided on the online merchants website.

Do I have to provide my banking information?

No; however, once you have accumulated $10 in Cashback, if you wish, your money can be transferred directly into your personal bank account only when you have provided your banking information. Otherwise, the Cashback is saved on your profile and can be applied to future purchases.

How do I receive my Cashback from purchases?

You will receive Cashback when you shop with any of the Merchants associated with the Make It Right Cashback Card program. The Cashback is based on the percentage of Cashback the Merchant offers and calculated based on the total transaction. For example, if you spend $100.00 with a Merchant who offers 1% Cashback, you will receive $1.00 in Cashback. 

How do I receive Shopping Points?

You automatically receive Shopping Points with every purchase made with your Make It Right Cashback Card, whether you use your Cashback Card at a Loyalty Merchant (small business) location, purchase gift cards or shop online. For example: A Merchant offers 2% Cashback and 6 Shopping Points on a $150 purchase. In this example, you will receive $3 in Cashback and 6 Shopping Points.

Why didn't they accept my Make It Right Cashback Card at Loblaws?

Loblaws is one of the many plastic and digital gift cards available for purchase through the Make It Right program, but they do not accept the Cashback Card directly in store. Only Cashback World Loyalty Merchants (small businesses) associated with the program accept the Cashback card. You must buy a plastic or digital Loblaws gift card through Cashback World to receive shopping benefits in the program. Gift cards can then be redeemed at a Loblaws store at any time and do not expire.

Can I receive my Cashback via a cheque?

No, you cannot receive your shopping benefits by cheque. You will receive your Cashback once you have accumulated $10 or more in total Cashback. If you provided your banking information when registering with the Make It Right Cashback Card program, the money will be automatically transferred to your bank account. Otherwise, the money will be saved on your profile and you may apply your accumlated Cashback to future eGift Cards purchases.

Who should I contact for my non-recorded transactions at a Cashback World Loyalty Merchant (small business)? What are the steps and information required?

Contact the Cashback World Member Services team at 1.888.565.8089 or send an email to and include a copy of the receipt from your transaction.

How are Shopping Points calculated?

Shopping Points from participating Cashback World Merchants are based on a $150 purchase. Each Merchant may offer different amounts of Shopping Points. If you do not reach the full $150 purchase (with one Merchant) then you will receive the correct portion of Shopping Points based on your purchase. For example, if the Merchant offers 6 Shopping Points per $150 purchase and you spend $100, then you will receive 4 Shopping Points. Shopping Points can be given in any amount including a percentage that may be less than 1 Shopping Point. Each time you make a purchase, the online office automatically calculates them to give you a total amount of Shopping Points to be exchanged for Shopping Point Deals at any time.

Do gift cards expire?

No, plastic and digital gift cards do not expire in Canada.

Where can I shop?

There are 3 types of shopping available through the Make It Right Cashback Card program:

1. Online shopping,
2. Cashback Card shopping (small and medium size local Loyalty Merchant businesses) and,
3. Gift card shopping: a) digital (eGift Cards) or b) plastic gift cards.

How do I shop at local small and medium size Loyalty Merchant businesses?

First, you will want to search for nearby local businesses that accept the Make It Right Cashback Card.

Visit, click on the “SHOPS” tab followed by “Cashback Card Shops” from the drop down menu. To narrow your search by area, click on the “Regional and global search” link to select your country and region you would like to shop in.

You can also use the Cashback App on your mobile device (the Cashback App can be dowloaded from the Google Play or Apple store). Click on the “Radius” button and scroll down to see the list of nearby small businesss (marked with a Cashback Card icon).

To receive benefits when you shop at a participating local small business location, simply show your physical or digital Make It Right Cashback Card at the point of purchase. To retrieve your digital card, shake your phone and the barcode/QR code will instantly appear on your mobile device screen.

How to shop for digital gift cards (eVouchers / eGift Cards)?

1. Download the Casback App from Google Play or from the Apple Store.
2. Login using your USERNAME and PASSWORD.
3. Click on the eVoucher icon to browse available eGift Card brands.
4. Select your preferred eGift Card.
5. Select a denomination.
6. Click “To Payment”.
7. Select a payment method.
8. Place a Binding Order.

How to I redeem eVouchers/eGift Cards that I purchased on the Cashback App?

1. Login to the Cashback App.
2. Click on the profile icon at the bottom of the screen.
3. Click on “My eVoucher”.
4. Click on the eVoucher you would like to redeem and present it at the associated retailer’s point of purchase.
5. Mark your eVoucher as redeemed if and when you have redeemed the entire value.

Helpful hint! eVouchers can also be sent to someone as a gift by clicking on “Donate your eVoucher” at the bottom of the eGift Card screen and select the method of delivery

How can I pay for my plastic and/or digital gift card purchases?

Fund your Make It Right Cashback Card account to purchase gift cards. Login to your Cashback World account, click on the profile picture on the top right and then click on the funding options to view the available payment options. If you are purchasing eVouchers/eGift Cards, you have the option to fund your shopping credit with a funding option, or you can enter your credit card information.

How do I pay for my purchases made at local participating Loyalty Merchant locations?

Payment can be made using any of the options provided by the Loyalty Merchant at point of purchase.

Why do I have to provide my SIN?

You are not required to provide a SIN if you are a member of the Make It Right Cashback Card program since the Cashback is non taxable.

What are Shopping Points and how do I use them?

A Shopping Point is a loyalty benefit that you receive in addition to Cashback. Every time you shop within the Cashback World shopping community – whether with online shops, gift cards or at a Cashback World Loyalty Merchant location – you receive Shopping Points.   Shopping Points can be exchanged for various Deals which can be found under “PROMOTIONS & DEALS” or under the “Quick Search” column in the “SHOPS” page of the Cashback World website.

Why was my credit card payment not processed?

Credit card payment attempts are sometimes denied by our fraud screening service for verification of the account, or because there were too many payment attempts within a short span of time. You can contact our service team at 1.833.455.6355 for assistance.

Why can I no longer see the option to purchase eVouchers with my credit card? What are the steps to resolve this?

You may get blocked from the fraud screening service if too many credit cards are used in a short span of time. Contact member services at 1.833.455.6355 and they will gladly remedy the issue.

Who should I contact if my eGift Cards/eVouchers are not working when I try to redeem them at the associated retail location? What are the steps and information that is required?

Contact the Cashback World Member Services team at 1.888.565.8089, or send an email to Please provide the Merchant name, gift card number, PIN number, date, time, and location where you attempted to redeem the eGift Card. If able, please also provide screenshots of the error message.

What are Shopping Points Deals?

On, many Cashback World Loyalty Merchants (small businesses) offer exclusive Shopping Point Deals for discounts, giveaways and special offers on their products or services. You can explore the available Deals when you visit, click on “PROMOTIONS & DEALS” and select “Shopping Point Deals“ from the drop down menu.

When do I receive my shopping benefits from my plastic and digital gift cards purchase?

Once your order of of plastic or digital gift cards is complete and the funds have been cleared, you will receive your Cashback and Shopping Points. The cards do not have to be redeemed to receive your benefits.

Make It Right®