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Bathroom Renovation

Kitchen and bathroom improvements increase the value of your house more than most renovations and offer the highest average return on investment. Good work takes time, and it isn’t cheap.

Buying & Selling Your Home

If you’re buying a new home make sure you check out the builder. If you’re looking at used homes be careful with ones that were flipped. And don’t skip the home inspection!

Design & Renovation Inspiration

Design & Renovation ideas to help you improve the look of your home. Feel good about the space you're living in with these useful articles from the Holmes family.

Exterior Renovation & Landscape Construction

How many people actually spend all their money on the cabinets, tiles or vanities inside their house? Before anything else is touched in a home you have to make sure your roof is doing its job.


Flooring is to support a levelled surface to the occupants of a home but with flooring comes many different styles and different processes when completing a flooring job.

Guest Posts

Read and learn from others outside of the Holmes family.

Home Renovation

Slow down, educate yourself, get your permits, get a home maintenance inspection. And most importantly-find the right pro to help you with your renovation.

Home Safety & Maintenance

Keeping on top up of basic home repairs will help prevent expensive repairs down the road. After you ‘Make it Right’, you need to maintain it right.

Kitchen Renovation

In my world it always comes back to my big three tips: Slow Down, Educate Yourself, and Ask Questions before hiring the right contractor.


Outside of construction the Holmes family are busy. Learn more about The Holmes family and what they're like behind the overalls.

Skilled Trades

Mike Holmes and the rest of the Holmes family are advocates of skilled trades and teaching the youth about the importance of quality craftsmanship and hard work.

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