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Mike Holmes is a professional contractor, television host, public speaker, educator, influencer and writer. Mike is known as one of North America’s most trusted contractors and has gained the trust of homeowners and the respect of an industry worldwide, prompting him to build an international brand based on quality, integrity and trust for the last 15 years.


A unique inspection and certification program created to support Mike’s belief that a new home should be built right the first time.


Products that deliver top results in enhancing long-term durability, performance, safety, and lasting quality in home construction to help get the job done right the first time.




After working in the building industry for more than 35 years, Mike was asked to develop and host his own TV series, Holmes on Homes®, which became an international success and broke ratings records. Since then, he has used his no-nonsense Make It Right® attitude to educate homeowners on proper building code, what to look for in contractors and their rights as homeowners. His TV shows are broadcasted in over 90 countries.

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Mike Holmes
Mike HolmesTuesday, December 7th, 2021 at 9:06pm
Working on this small bathroom reno 👍🛠
Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes
Mike HolmesTuesday, December 7th, 2021 at 8:01pm
Worksite safety is the number one priority in any project we work on, and so is your personal safety especially if you'll be using a ladder to hang your decorations at home 🪜

Stay safe and always make sure your ladder is well-positioned. If you're overreaching then you're too far from the wall and work area. Climb down, and reposition it in a safer spot, you don't want to hurt yourself in a time of festivities 👍 #HoHoHolmes #HolmesForTheHolidays Holmes Approved Homes
Mike Holmes
Mike HolmesTuesday, December 7th, 2021 at 6:16pm
I love the durability of engineered wood. Even though the look of hardwood is classic, I prefer engineered wood flooring in most cases because it’s less likely to be affected by humidity and temperature changes. Made from three to five layers of wood that are stacked and bonded together under heat and pressure, a composite product is created that is stronger and stiffer.
Mike Holmes
Mike HolmesTuesday, December 7th, 2021 at 4:03am
A finished basement is an investment that can add a lot of value to your home, but you will want to make sure that you’ve insulated properly and protected against moisture. Your basement can serve as an extended living space, a rental suite or a play room.

To finish a basement properly, you have to address moisture coming from the outside and the temperature differences inside that cause moisture.

If you notice your windows starting to fog, there could be a number of reasons. It may be an excess of humidity, faulty windows or poor ventilation. You need to investigate this because weeping windows can lead to mold and can compromise the structure of the window. #TipTuesday
If you notice a crack in your foundation, mark it with tape. Now check back in a few months. If the cracks aren’t growing they can usually be filled with an epoxy injection or expandable foam.
If you can fit a coin in any of the cracks, it’s time to waterproof from the outside.
I knew when I bought my home it would be my forever home. So when it comes to renovations I think about how I can renovate to age in place. I recommend focusing on taking care of the basic needs first – eating, sleeping, and bathing comfortably👍 #HoHoHolmes #HolmesForTheHolidays
There are no detectors out there that will indicate the presence of bad smells. It’s up to your nose to tell you there’s a stinky smell in the house. It’s important to know what those odors are, and what you can do about them.

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Mike Holmes Jr. is a professional contractor, television host, public speaker, educator, and online personality who received the education of a lifetime by working alongside his father, professional contractor, Mike Holmes, on the hit TV show Holmes on Holmes®. Today, Mike Jr. is a leader, matching wits and skills with his father on the latest series HOMLES and HOLMES.

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Sherry Holmes, daughter of professional contractor/ TV host, Mike Holmes, is following in her father’s footsteps, as a professional contractor, public speaker and educator for youth who want to get into the professional trades. Like her father, everything she teaches and believes in is based on quality, integrity and trust.

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