Each week, construction and renovation expert Mike Holmes visits unlucky families who have been swindled or abandoned during their home improvement projects.

Mike uncovers shoddy construction methods, improper techniques, and down right rip-offs. While we watch Mike uncover and fix the problems, he explains how homeowners can safeguard themselves from these unscrupulous builders and dishonest contractors.

Throughout the series, viewers learn valuable lessons for their own home renovation projects such as the importance of a good contract, proper payment terms and what good craftsmanship should really look like.


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Below is the full list of seasons and episodes related to “Holmes on Homes”


Season 1

  • EP1001: Additional Grief
  • EP1002: Soggy Sorority
  • EP1003: Botched Basement
  • EP1004: Attica! Attica! / Crappy Capping
  • EP1005: Cold Comfort
  • EP1006: Flimsy Floor
  • EP1007: Kitchen Catastrophe
  • EP1008: Window Pain
  • EP1009: Faulty Shower
  • EP1010: Tiles & Tribulations
  • EP1011: Site Unseen
  • EP1012: Sweet Home Abandoned
  • EP1013: Whole House Disaster

Season 3

  • EP3027: Shower Stalled
  • EP3028: Cabinet Chaos
  • EP3029: Cold Feet
  • EP3030: Exit Wound
  • EP3031: Semi Dilemma
  • EP3032: All Decked Out
  • EP3033: Step by Step
  • EP3034: Wall O Shame
  • EP3035: Drain Disdain
  • EP3036: Wash n’ Weep
  • EP3037: Twice Bitten
  • EP3038: Honeymoon Ensuite
  • EP3039: Smoke & Mirrors

Season 5

  • EP5053: O-Fence-Ive
  • EP5054: House Arrest
  • EP5055: Falling Flat
  • EP5056: Ceiling the Deal
  • EP5057: Bargain Basement
  • EP5058: For Annie
  • EP5059: Out of the Ashes – Part I
  • EP5060: Out of the Ashes – Part II
  • EP5061: Taking a Bath
  • EP5062: Showing the Cracks
  • EP5063: What A Mesh
  • EP5064: Wall of Sound
  • EP5065: Holmes Inspection – Part I
  • EP5066: Holmes Inspection – Part II

Season 7

  • EP7080: Hit the Deck
  • EP7081: Rocky Reno
  • EP7082: Paradise Island
  • EP7083: Re-Inventing
  • EP7084: Brick-A-Brack
  • EP7085: Blind Faith
  • EP7086: Behind The Scenes
  • EP7087: Kitchen Knockout
  • EP7088: Pane In The Glass
  • EP7089: Gut Ache
  • EP7090: A Different Slant
  • EP7091: Rock Bottom
  • EP7092: Capital Offence

Season 2

  • EP2014: Terrible Terrace
  • EP2015: Drafty Ducting
  • EP2016: Ramp Revamp
  • EP2017: Flooded Foundation
  • EP2018: Garage Grievance
  • EP2019: Laminaint
  • EP2020: Roof Goof
  • EP2021: Floor Fiasco
  • EP2022: Doozy Jacuzzi
  • EP2023: Jacking the Box
  • EP2024: Access Denied
  • EP2025: No Grout About It
  • EP2026: Hell’s Kitchen

Season 4

  • EP4040: Two Steps Back
  • EP4041: Window Well to Hell
  • EP4042: Bungled Bungalow
  • EP4043: Kitchen Coleslaw
  • EP4044: Bar None
  • EP4045: A River Ran Through It
  • EP4046: Best Laid Plan
  • EP4047: Sunny Side Down
  • EP4048: This Mould House
  • EP4049: Hullaba Loo
  • EP4050: Unfinished Business
  • EP4051: House to Home – Part I
  • EP4052: House to Home – Part II

Season 6

  • EP6067: Shaky Foundation
  • EP6068: Lets Rejoist
  • EP6069: Completely Incomplete
  • EP6070: Stone Walled
  • EP6071: Lack of Truss
  • EP6072: Gone to Pot
  • EP6073: Pasadena 911 -Part I
  • EP6074: Pasadena 911 -Part II
  • EP6075: Third Time Lucky
  • EP6076: Country Kitchen
  • EP6077: Clean Slate
  • EP6078: Frozen Assets
  • EP6079: Due Date

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