“Anyone who works in the trades is already a hero to me –girls, boys, young, old– Because the work isn’t easy, it’s underappreciated, undervalued, and bottom line, it’s tough work that requires even tougher skin. But every time I go to a tradeshow or trade school, and I see more and more women there, interested, engaged, and dedicated to doing the best at what they do, I’m hopeful about where this industry is headed.” – Mike Holmes.

Make It Right® Awards

The Make It Right® Charity and The Holmes Foundation, offer Make It Right® Awards designed to encourage Canadian college, university and trade school students to complete their academic training.


Research shows that many students enrolled in post-secondary education, including those in construction courses, drop out before completing their training due to a lack of funds or support. This is particularly true for women in the trades and needs to be addressed and rectified.


Since, its inception in 2006, The Holmes Foundation and the Make It Right® Charity have awarded over 150 Make It Right® Scholarship and Bursary awards, including 20 Renovation Technician Awards of Excellence to Conestoga College and various other awards, totalling over $230,000.00.


The new Make It Right® Awards, presented by the Make It Right® Charity and funded by The Holmes Foundation—encourage talented students committed to residential construction or renovation to complete their training and learn the required skills to become qualified skilled trades professionals. The Make It Right® Awards are based on a combination of criteria, which may include merit, or community involvement as reflected in the application process.



Mike Holmes with the first two Holmes Foundation recipients, Charity Adams & Stephen Magneron.

The Holmes Foundation has sponsored other initiatives, including Conestoga College’s Construction Community Outreach Programs, 2018 Skills Ontario Gold Carpentry Competition, and 2017 Skills Ontario Hammer Challenge, to name a few.

Let’s #EndSkilledTradesStigma and work together to encourage youth to consider a career in the skilled trades and technology sector. There are many viable, lucrative, and creative opportunities to explore.

Career in Skilled Trades and Technology offer:

  • Financial stability and less student debt
  • Flexibility in career choices and places to find work
  • Creativity and pride in creating our built environment and improving lives
  • Frontline sustainability. Be part of the solution to a cleaner and healthier environment for all

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