A family needs more space to comfortably support their new baby and mother, agree to sign a $200,000 contract with a contractor to put an extensive second floor addition on the original house. At the beginning everything seemed fine, but slowly delays and additional expenses began to build.

After a bitter battle over payments, the contractor put a lien on the house and walked off the job. The family appealed to Holmes on Homes for help to finish their renovation. When Mike visited the house he saw at first glance how bad the renovation had gone. He knew he had to do something.


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Holmes Lien on Me

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  • Lien on Me – P1
  • Lien on Me – P2


Lien on Me – 2 hr Documentary Special

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I used Airwell to treat the well water at my place. The result is so good!

This is a new technology from @RadonCorp designed to mitigate radon gas in your well water. The Airwell is different because it mitigates the radon right in the well before it enters your pipes. 👍

Myth: The Ontario Electrical Safety Code no longer recognizes knob & tube wiring as an acceptable wiring method, so you must replace it.
Fact: ESA & the Ontario Electrical Safety Code recognize knob and tube wiring methods. You must follow it to ensure electrical safety.

Moving during the winter takes careful planning. You have to deal with unpredictable weather, snow, and slippery walkways. It’s common sense to clear the driveways and walkways. Here are some other tips that will help make your move easier 👍

If you smell something musty in your home, the first thing I want you to do is to take your flashlight and inspect areas that collect moisture. Don’t forget to check corners and tight spaces that don’t get much airflow.

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