Holmes Inspection, the latest series from The Holmes Group featuring Mike Holmes shines a spotlight on innocent homeowners facing massive repair bills and dangerous living conditions due to incompetence within the unregulated home inspection industry. Disillusioned and now distrusting, they call in Mike Holmes to give them a personal Holmes Inspection and assessment, and to Make it Right.


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Below is the full list of seasons and episodes related to “Holmes Inspections

Season 1

  • EP01: Soaked (03)
  • EP02: Frigid Floor (02)
  • EP03: Abated Breath (05)
  • EP04: Exhausting the Issue (07)
  • EP05: Go With the Flow (06)
  • EP06: Holding it In (01)
  • EP07: Troubled Waters (04)
  • EP08: Full of Surprises (09)
  • EP09: No More Down and Out (10)
  • EP10: A Heated Issue (15)
  • EP11 & 12: A Hole Lot of History P1 & P2 (08)
  • EP13: Watch Your Step (13)
  • EP14: A Century Ago (12)
  • EP15: A Stitch in Time (14)
  • EP16: No Breathing Room (11)
  • EP17: New Beginnings (16)
  • EP18: Sump-thing New (19)
  • EP19: Acres of Pain (18)
  • EP20: Back to the Drawing Board (20)
  • EP21: Terminated (21)
  • EP22 & 23: A Load of Trouble P1 & P2 (17)
  • EP24: Headroom Headache (22)
  • EP25: Plumb Unlucky (23)
  • EP26: Heads up Heating (24)

Season 2

  • EP27: Little House, Big Trouble (33)
  • EP28: Backyard Blues (28)
  • EP29: Cold Welcome (31)
  • EP30: Failing Grade (27)
  • EP31: Ducts in a Row (35)
  • EP32: Pane-full Truth (32)
  • EP33: Down the Drain (29)
  • EP34: Pump up the Heat (34)
  • EP35: Cold Front (30)
  • EP36: Rail Against the Deck (36)
  • EP37: Paths of Destruction (37)
  • EP38: Something Stinks (38)
  • EP39: Cozying it Up (39)
  • EP40 & 41: Looks are Deceiving P1 & P2 (44)
  • EP42: Getting Hosed (43)
  • EP43: Moisture Madness (45)
  • EP44: Through the Roof (40)
  • EP45: Stacked Against Us (42)
  • EP46: Attic Deal Breaker (47)
  • EP47: Bigger not Better (46)
  • EP48: Trouble Overhead (41)
  • EP49: Minor Finds, Major Fixes (48)
  • EP50: Bigger Bungle (49)
  • EP51: Below Grade (50)
  • EP52: Steamed (51)

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Mike Holmes
Mike HolmesTuesday, August 14th, 2018 at 9:50pm
A level floor makes our tiling a much easier job. Pouring it over the subfloor, it will fill in any dips or even out high spots. It’s great for smaller areas where you’re putting new flooring, like in a bathroom. Lay the self-leveler, let it sit for a few hours hours and you’re ready for your next step. Sika #HolmesAndHolmes
Mike Holmes
Mike HolmesTuesday, August 14th, 2018 at 9:27pm
As far as I’m concerned, this should be in every home. The Radostat from Radon Environmental Management Corp. attached right to your heat recovery ventilator (HRV) and as soon as it detects a spike in radon, it automatically triggers an air change with your HRV to rid the house of radon. Once the radon dilutes in the outside air, it’s absolutely harmless. I love this! #HolmesAndHolmes
Mike Holmes
Mike HolmesTuesday, August 14th, 2018 at 4:05pm
Tonight's the night! See what happens on their big day at 9|8c on DIY Network (US)!
Mike Holmes
DIY Network
Today's the big day. Who's ready for a wedding? #HolmesAndHolmes Tonight 9|8c!
Mike Holmes
Mike HolmesMonday, August 13th, 2018 at 2:28pm
My best advice for those of you planning to stay in your home for years to come: start making those subtle changes to accommodate future accessibility needs now. My latest for the National Post

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