Couples compete in weekly challenges to restore run-down homes with their DIY and home improvement skills for the chance of winning their dream home.


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Season 1

  • S01E01: Welcome Holmes
  • S01E02: No Place Like Holmes
  • S01E03: Holmes rules
  • S01E04: Hammer It Holmes
  • S01E05: Holmes Sweet Home
  • S01E06: Go Big or Go Holmes
  • S01E07: Long Journey Holmes
  • S01E08: Dream Holmes

Season 2

  • S02E01: Tebow Time
  • S02E02: Holmes on the Ranch
  • S02E03: Pressure’s On
  • S02E04: Boulevard of Skill vs. Will
  • S02E05: Push the Limits
  • S02E06: Team Teardown
  • S02E07: Flying Solo
  • S02E08: Skills Go It
  • S02E09: Overnight Success
  • S02E10: Dream Come True

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7 days ago

Mike Holmes
Buying a leak detector is a great idea. A leak sensor is essentially a smart home water sensor. It’s an ever-present watch dog that can instantly inform you when water seeps into places it shouldn’t. ... See MoreSee Less
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7 days ago

Mike Holmes
This technology is amazing(EZblocks). On each of these wooden blocks, there are aluminum teeth that bond the blocks. So when you put these blocks to create a structure (like benches, booths etc), the blocks interlock to become one continuous strip.
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7 days ago

Mike Holmes
Building a home from the ground up is an appealing process for many future home buyers. A builder who’s been around for a while will be more likely to build a quality home and they care about the quality of material used.

Photo featuring custom builds by Duvanco Homes Inc. #HolmesApproved Builder
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1 week ago

Mike Holmes
RO water system installed in the office 👍 Huge thanks to the team from Kinetico Water Systems for helping us with this.
#reverseosmosis #watersystem #WaterQuality
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