After seven seasons and more than 100 episodes of Holmes On Homes, Mike Holmes has seen – and fixed – almost everything a house can throw at a family. In this 13 part collection, Best of Holmes On Homes highlights some of the most challenging, head-scratching, heart-wrenching jobs Mike and his crew took on.

Whether it’s a collection of the scariest basement stories or horror stories from the kitchen, Best of Holmes On Homes offers the best of the worst in home renovations and what Mike had to do to fix them.


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Below is the full list of seasons and episodes related to “Best Of Holmes On Homes

  • EP1: Kitchen En-counters
  • EP2: Great Pretenders
  • EP3: Hidden Dangers
  • EP4: Wreck Rooms
  • EP5: Super Structures
  • EP6: Shockingly Bad
  • EP7: Down the Drain
  • EP8: Something Completely Different
  • EP9: Emotional Rescues
  • EP10: Fiddling on the Roof
  • EP11: The Great Outdoors
  • EP12: The Unflushables
  • EP13: Games People Play

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I believe your house should outlast you, and it can if you take care of it.
This means also controlling humidity in your home.
Photo from #HolmesFamilyRescue featuring ventilation fan by @PanasonicNA #HolmesApproved #IAQ #partner

The real value of a swimming pool is in how much it can improve your family’s everyday life—the longer you stay in the home the more value you will get from it. So, it’s an investment that only those homeowners planning on living in the same house should consider. #TipTuesday

#AskMike No ventilation fan in my bathroom. Can I install one?
A ventilation fan is necessary for your bathroom-it will help prevent moisture-related problems, such as the growth of mold and mildew.
What size fan do you need? Multiply the room's square footage by 1.1.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are becoming an popular method of home construction.
This SikaWall®-1000 ICF is a cementitious, one-component, pre-blended parging mortar. Like most @sika products I love how easy it is to use👍 I can't wait to use it for more of our projects!

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