Mike Holmes Best Home Products From 2022
Mike Holmes Best Home Products From 2022

13 Best Home Products from 2022

By Mike Holmes

Mike’s Advice / Buying & Selling Your Home

Sunday, December 18th, 2022 @ 10:47am

What Are Some Of The Best Products Every Homeowner Should Consider For Their Home

I can’t believe 2022 is already coming to an end, but I have to say this was an amazing year! For starters, I am happy that we have returned to some sort of normalcy, with life, work and assisting homeowners. I also had the opportunity to collaborate on a number of innovative products that will help homeowners care for their homes and families with greater ease and efficiency. From indoor air quality solutions to smart technology here are the top 13 home products from 2022 that I think every homeowner should have.


#1 PRIMER-U Universal Primer for Hard-to-Bond Surfaces by Schluter Systems

Renovating a bathroom? Not all substrates are created equally. As a contractor, I can tell you some substrates create a lot of challenges when it comes to adhesion for thin-set mortars. A primer is an awesome solution for those situations. 

In 2022, Schluter launched a brand new ready-to-use universal primer (Schluter®-PRIMER-U) and I love it!


Here are some advantages:

  • It’s a water-based, solvent-free acrylic formulation so tools or spills are easy to clean while the primer is wet
  • Has low odor and zero VOC
  • It is freeze and thaw stable —this means it’s good for shipping and storage 
  • Ideal over various porous and non-porous substrates, such as gypsum underlayment, existing tile, plywood or OSB, raised access panels and metal, and many more
  • Dries in as little as 15 minutes



How To Apply Schluter PRIMER-U

The Schluter PRIMER-U is easily applied in a single coat using a 3/8” nap roller, a wide nylon bristle brush, or even a garden sprayer. Available in 1-gallon and 5-gallon buckets.

For tile installers, PRIMER-U allows a single source warranty for your installation.



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#2 Schluter Peel & Stick DITRA-HEAT Floor Warming Membranes

I’m a big fan of Ditra-Heat. We’ve installed it on pretty much ALL of our projects. 


So naturally, I was super excited to see Schluter Systems has now come out with two new peel & stick floor warming membranes: 


Both are available in rolls and sheets to suit your project. These peel & stick membranes have a pressure-sensitive adhesive to bond the membrane to the substrate. This means you don’t need thin-set mortar for installation anymore —it’s super simple to install. 


How To Apply The Schluter DITRA-HEAT Peel & Stick

When applying the Schluter DITRA-HEAT Peel & Stick Just remove the transparent release film from the fleece side of the membrane and embed it into the substrate. You can even reposition the membrane before you apply pressure. 



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#3 Panasonic Air Purification Device (Whisper Air Repair)

The past two years we’ve paid more attention to the air we breathe, but did you know the air inside your home can be more polluted than outdoor air? That’s why this air purification system from Panasonic, the WhisperAir Repair is truly a game changer for me and I think every home should have at least one installed.



The WhisperAir Repair is a compact ceiling-mount air purification device that keeps indoor air clean and fresh around the clock by getting rid of allergens, pollutants, and mould in your air. I first had this installed on Holmes Family Rescue —I loved it so much that I have 5 of them installed in my own house now. 


Here are some additional advantages:

  • Also degrades hazardous substances, resulting in a healthier home environment.
  • Deodorizes and removes unwanted odours quietly for a fresher, cleaner indoor environment.


The best part is that no ductwork is required or filters needed so you can have peace of mind that your breathing better quality air around the clock.




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#4 Panasonic ERV

I also recommend looking into an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) to help you create a healthier living environment. ERVs have been around for a while, but a lot of people still don’t know what they are.  I have one in my house, and I know I have better indoor air quality because of it.

If your home isn’t properly ventilated, excess humidity can get inside your walls and cause mould and structural damage. My top recommendation for producing an effective air exchange is to install an energy recovery ventilator (ERV).



Why The Panasonic Intelli-Balance 100 ERV? 

The Panasonic Intelli-Balance 100 ERV is, in my opinion, the best on the market. Here are some of my favourite features of this model:

  • To aid in mould prevention, the core material is permeated with anti-mould treatment.
  • Can be used in conjunction with existing ductwork or as a stand-alone whole-house ventilation solution.
  • Built-in controls reduce the time required to determine the desired airflow as well as verify and maintain performance. This is fantastic.
  • It is not necessary to connect to the central HVAC system or to install a condensation line.
  • Two (2) ECM brushless motors with SmartFlowTM technology built in for precise ventilation. When the ERV detects static pressure, its speed increases automatically to ensure optimal CFM output; regardless of a complicated duct run
  • A hinged access panel makes maintenance and filter checks quick and easy.




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Panasonic ERV BOOST Technology

The Panasonic ERVs’ BOOST function is fantastic. It boosts airflow when needed. Consider hosting a large group of people in your home, you will require more ventilation. Two ECM motors with Smart FlowTM technology BOOST output power with the flip of a switch, resulting in healthier indoor environments.


Panasonic ERV Intelli-Balance-ERV100-COM installed in Mike Holmes home.

Panasonic Intelli-Balance 100 ERV installed in my house.


#5 Swidget Smart Controls (indoor air quality sensors)

I love smart features in a home, and I love HEALTHY features in a home. Marry them together, and you’ve got good air quality. 

Forgot to turn on your exhaust fan before you jumped in the shower? No problem! The Swidget smart controls have temperature and humidity sensing inserts. It can actually turn on (or off) the fan for you, without you having to do anything.  


They will also detect the presence of bad stuff in your air (like VOCs). It then communicated and controls Panasonic’s ventilation products automatically, allowing it to remove unhealthy or contaminated air. So the air you breathe is fresh and healthy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That’s Making It Right!


#6 Philips Smart Home Lighting

Philips Hue has been around for a few years, but to be honest, I just discovered this year what the possibilities with their lighting products are. I love the Hue collection, you can change colours with your phone. I like creating zones in my entertainment area, and lighting is the perfect way to do that.



They also have lots of great options for dressing both your indoor and outdoor areas. Smart lighting for your backyard, patio, or walkways is a fantastic idea. I want my lights to turn on when I pull into my driveway, and I want to be able to create different colourful moments on my deck, whether I do it myself or choose from the preset Philips Hue gallery designed by their lighting experts.


Smart Light Bulbs

All traditional light bulbs can be replaced with smart light bulbs, linked to an internet-connected hub. This helps you manage your home’s lights from a central place. 

Smart lights, such as Philips Hue, may still function without an internet connection as long as you don’t try to manage them while you’re away from your house. If your internet is down, Hue uses a hub as an intermediary, which improves the situation.


How To Use Philips Smart Lights For Entertainment

You can sync your Phillips Hue lighting with music, video games or movies. I love this because it’s an awesome entertainment experience.


Experience Philips Hue smart lights for entertainment.


The Portable Go lights from Philips Hue are great, it’s like having your own entertainment system on the go. You can charge them up and take them with you anywhere, from room to room or outside as you stay warm by the fire to light up your backyard. 



The best part is you can control them straight from your phone, choosing from a number of preset settings you have or choosing from 16 million colours using the colour wheel.



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#7 Eaton Wi-Fi Voice-Controlled Dimmers

Speaking of smart lights, these Eaton Wi-Fi Voice-Controlled dimmers are another game changer for anyone with mobility issues, kids, or who simply plans to make this their forever home and age in place. 



These smart voice dimmer with Alexa Built-in allows homeowners to effortlessly control lights and utilize voice assistance in a single device, with a smart speaker built into the dimmer. Alexa voice control is easily integrated throughout the home, providing the ultimate voice command experience —and no hub is required. 



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#8 Sika Foundation Repair

I was blown away by the Sika Foundation Repair Kit when I saw it. This is an awesome foundation repair kit for contractors and homeowners. Easy and simple enough for DIYers to use on their own, and can even be used by contractors as it’s construction grade quality.


Mike Holmes With Sika Foundation Crack Repair Kit

Love this Sika Foundation Crack Repair Kit. It comes with everything you need inside the box to get small cracks repaired.


This kit includes everything you need to repair a foundation crack inside the box. Injection tees, quick-setting cement, and polyurethane injection foam are all included. You can also scan the QR code on the box to view a video of the installation — it’s that simple to Make It Right!



How To Use The Sika Foundation Crack Repair Kit

This kit is designed to be very simple to use, that’s why I love it! Here are the steps for repairing your foundation crack with the Sika Crack Repair Kit:

  1. Prepare The Crack: For cracks, joints, or voids, less than ¼ in wide, create a ‘V’ notch using an angle grinder, disc cutter, or sharp, hand-chipping tool. With a wire brush, thoroughly clean all cracks to remove all dust, thin cement film, curing compounds, and loose foreign particles. Then dust it off. 
  2. Insert The Injection T’s – Starting from the bottom of the crack and using a glue gun or silicone, install Sika Injection T’s ports at around 4 – 6 in intervals (6-8 in for bigger cracks).
  3. Plug The Crack And Apply The Mortar – To ensure Sikaset® Plug adhesion, thoroughly wet the crack with clean water. Check that the surface is saturated but doesn’t have any standing water. Apply a mortar layer of 1/4 in around the Sika® Injection T ports and 1/8 in along the entire face of the crack right away.
  4. Prepare The Grout – Remove the plastic plug after unscrewing the threaded cap from the SikaFix® PU cartridge. Attach the supplied static mixing nozzle and replace the threaded cap over the nozzle. To prevent leakage, tighten the cap. Load the cartridge into an appropriate caulking gun.
  5. Inject The Crack – To begin injecting, remove any temporarily placed plugs from ports and insert the tip of the cartridge nozzle into the lowest Sika® Injection T’s (No. 1). Pull the caulking gun trigger 3 to 4 times and then stop to allow SikaFix® PU grout to penetrate and expand in the crack. Place a plastic plug into Sika® Injection T’s No.2 and repeat until all Sika® Injection T’s ports have been injected and securely plugged.
  6. Finishing The Job – After three (3) to five (5) hours, use a sharp utility knife to easily remove the excess SikaFix® PU that has come out to the surface of cracks (outside foundation wall). 

And that’s it your crack is filled and fixed


Here’s the full tutorial on how to use the Sika Foundation Crack Repair Kit to fix cracks in your foundation.



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#9 Kinetico Smart Monitoring With The Kinex Salt Monitoring System

Last year I had a whole home water filtration system installed in my home, and it was one of the best things I’ve done for my home and my health. After testing my water I discovered that I had hard water, so I had the water professionals install the ​Kinetico Premier Series Water Softener in my home. 


TIP: Whether you rely on well water or municipal water, it’s important to get your water tested by professionals. This will give you a better understanding of what contaminants exist in your water and what system is best suited for you.


Mike Holmes Kinetico Whole Home Water Filtration System

I had a Kinetico Whole Home Water Filtration System installed in my home.


This system is great and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, as it’s self-maintaining all I have to do is add water to it every now and then. However, you know me and how much I love smart systems especially as I plan to age in my home.

That’s why I’m very excited about the Kinetico Kinex Salt Monitoring system. This device is installed with your water softener. It measures your salt usage and the amount of salt left in the brine tank. This eliminates the need for you to manually check it.



This monitor links to the Kinetico App on your smartphone or tablet. It will notify you when it is time to add salt to the brine tank.


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#10 No-See Niche [Keypad] By Aria Vents

I’ve used Aria floor vents on my projects, but this keypad is pretty cool. The concealed hinged door hides alarm pads, internet routers, or any odd thing that sticks out of a wall. It recesses into walls + complete with a beaded rim.



The Aria No-See Niche Keypad is made of aluminum, but you can paint it or put wallpaper over it. However, it must be installed at the drywalling stage by a professional installer.


Aria No-See Niche [Keypad]

Love how you can use the niche door to store your stuff as well.


#11 Sika Mat

This Sika USA Sikagard Vinyl Mat is awesome, I can use it for renovation projects, outdoors, in your garage or shed, or inside your home. This product is easily customizable and ready to use as a floor covering for both interior and exterior spaces such as steps, walkways, entryways, patio areas, and many more. 



Here are some of its advantages:

  • Heavy-duty surface protection
  • Impact and weather-resistant
  • Porous for quick drainage
  • Minimizes re-tracking into the building
  • Easily trimmable for custom applications
  • UV Resistant


You can also cut it up easily to the size you want. Sikagard Mat can be used as a runner on pool decks, locker rooms, restrooms, or shower areas. It can also be attached to surfaces with a special adhesive or screws.


#12 Bosch IDS Light

A residential heat pump is an HVAC system that provides heating and cooling to a home by utilizing refrigeration and electricity. A heat pump has complete reversibility. This means it has the ability to both heat and cool your home.



I think the Bosch IDS heat pumps are great, we had a few installed on Holmes Family Rescue. They are energy-efficient design is great as it can reduce your energy bills by up to 75%. Not to mention it’s one of the quietest air-to-air heat pumps on the market. 

So when Bosch introduced the new IDS Light heat pump I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. This system is the first 15-SEER Inverter condenser on the market. It combines the standard efficiency BOVA15 outdoor unit with our BVA15 fixed-speed air handler. And it’s good for the pocketbook! 


Bosch IDS Light heat pump is great because of it’s high-efficiency, compact design and it’s one of the quietest on the market.


The IDS Light is also very easy to install and is compatible with most standard 24 VAC heat pump thermostats. It also has a small footprint with 2, 3, & 5 Ton unit offerings.


How Does It Work?

The IDS Light’s inverter-driven heat pump self-adjusts, delivering ultimate comfort with a consistent room temperature. Its boosted compressor speed allows for quicker, smoother, and more efficient heating and cooling, with a modulating inverter system.




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#13 Schlage Custom Door Hardware

If you’ve watched our show you’ll know I love working with Schlage Locks and Door Hardware! We’ve trusted their brand for years, and now with the Schlage Custom range, you have a beautiful area where everything works together. It’s high-quality and looks great but what I love is that it’s easily customizable with a simple switch of the handles without replacing the whole hardware set to create a whole new look. You can even have a completely different look on one side of the door from the other if you are confident in your design.

Besides this, by simply adding the innovative locking pin, you can add a privacy locking door like you’d want for a bathroom or bedroom. You can also convert your door hardware from a lever to a knob, or function passage – like you’d find on a closet door.


And here’s something else: they offer a lifetime warranty on the lock and finish, giving you peace of mind that your house and investment are secure. The Schlage Custom series is ideal for the designer or homeowner seeking an upgraded, elegant appeal without breaking the bank.



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Our homes will always require maintenance but incorporating smarter, more innovative, and energy-efficient products will allow us to have better, healthier, and more efficient homes. I can’t wait to see what products come out next year! 



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