Bathroom Flooring Guide: Schluter DITRA-HEAT Peel And Stick Product-Review

By Mike Holmes Jr

Mike’s Advice / Bathroom Renovation

Wednesday, June 21st, 2023 @ 11:26am

What Is An Easy and Efficient Floor Warming Solution for Bathroom Renovations?

My family and I have been trusting Schluter Systems for many years for all our bathroom and waterproofing renovation needs. Why? Because Schluter believes in creating superior products for the tile and stone industry that will help your renovations last for a long time! That’s why I’m excited to test out their new Schluter DITRA-HEAT Peel And Stick.


Michael installed Schluter Ditra-Heat in a homeowner's bathroom.

Installing Schluter DITRA-HEAT in a homeowner’s bathroom.


Schluter’s DITRA-HEAT and DITRA-HEAT-DUO are both floor warming systems that provide uncoupling to help minimize movement stress between the substrate and tile, thus preventing cracking of the tile and grout. The DITRA-HEAT-DUO also adds a fleece layer that forms a thermal break that helps conserve energy and provide noise reduction. 


WHY Should You Use this Product?

Here’s the exciting part, especially for the DIYers out there. DITRA-HEAT and DITRA-HEAT-DUO now come in a peel & stick version —this makes installation that much easier and faster for the experienced DIYer and PRO!

Both products come in sheets and rolls to accommodate various room applications. Plus, using these products is less messy and requires fewer tools, and no thin-set is required to install the membrane.



HOW To Install Schluter DITRA-HEAT Peel & Stick

The peel & stick versions make it that much easier and quicker to install as the pressure-sensitive self-adhesive backing eliminates the need for mortar at this stage of the application, as it adheres the membrane to most substrates. Simply peel back the transparent release film from the fleece side of the membrane to expose the layer of self-adhesive and embed it onto the substrate. The membrane is easily moved for an exact fit until firm pressure is applied.



WHEN Should You Use this Product?

I love using tile, particularly when renovating a basement. Why? Because tile is durable, easy to maintain, and comes in so many shapes, sizes, and designs. But it’s also a practical long-term solution. 

However, tile can be cold to the touch. When combined with DITRA-HEAT-DUO, your floors will be durable, easy to maintain, waterproof and warm. And, it’s the only product to use when installing flooring over concrete, which is often found in the basement. In other areas of your home, you can use DITRA-HEAT.


Mike Holmes Jr installing Schluter Ditra-Heat-Duo in-floor warming system on Holmes Family Rescue.

DITRA-HEAT-DUO heats tiles up to 70% faster over concrete and saves energy because it helps to limit wasted heat energy to the concrete below.


What’s great about DITRA-HEAT-DUO is that it has a thermal break that protects the floor above from absorbing the cold from the concrete base below. Plus, the uncoupling membrane allows for easy installation of the heating cables to only the areas that require heat. For example, there’s no point in heating the area underneath the vanity, right? 

The peel & stick versions of DITRA-HEAT-PS and DITRA-HEAT-DUO-PS are great when we are on a tight timeline. The self-adhesive backing eliminates the mortar stage of the installation, and the smaller sheets make cutting to your exact specifications easier.


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Sherry Holmes installing Schluter Ditra-Heat Peel and Stick on Holmes project

Sherry Holmes installing Schluter Ditra-Heat Peel and Stick on one of our projects

WHERE Should You Use the DUO version?

This DUO version of DITRA-HEAT is ideal for any basement bathroom. But I’d also recommend using it in a laundry room, because who doesn’t want to step on a warm floor while doing laundry? Plus, the fleece backing also acts as a sound barrier, making it suitable for multi-story constructions like condos.

And again, the best part is that the peel & stick version makes installation that much easier.




In-Floor Warming Systems Explained


WHAT Type of Flooring Can Schluter Ditra Heat Peel and Stick Be Used With?

The DITRA-HEAT floor warming systems can be used under several kinds of flooring including tiles, vinyl, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), luxury vinyl planks (LVP), wood plastic composite (WPC), stone plastic composite (SPC) tiles and planks, engineered wood and laminate flooring. However, it’s important to check with the manufacturer’s recommendations and confirm that the flooring product selected is compatible with radiant floor warming applications.


Sherry Holmes tiling bathroom project.

The minimum tile format for a floor application is 2” X 2”, however, larger tiles can be a nice option because they typically take less time to install.


Pro Tip:

All substrates must be clean, even, and load-bearing. Prior to applying DITRA-HEAT-PS and DITRA-HEAT-DUO-PS, bond-inhibiting surfaces must be removed. 


Advantages to Using Floor Warming Peel & Stick by Schluter?

  • Reduces sound transmission through multi-story construction, like condos
  • The fleece thermal barrier helps tiles heat up to 70% faster when placed over concrete
  • The thin design of the product minimizes transitions to lower surface coverings
  • Peel and stick versions allow for a quicker and easier install



That “orange stuff” you see on our shows are Schluter Systems products at work



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Do You Need To Use A Primer?

Schluter PRIMER-U is essential in guaranteeing the maximum operation of your Peel & Stick DITRA-HEAT installation. This high-quality primer is intended to strengthen the link between the substrate and the membrane, resulting in better adhesion and long-term results.


Scluter Primer-U used on Holmes Family Rescue. Mike Holmes show.

We used the Scluter Primer-U on our projects before installing the Peel & Stick Ditra-Heat.


When Should You Use The Primer-U?

When working with surfaces that prevent appropriate bonding, such as some types of concrete, gypsum-based substrates, or other non-porous materials, Schluter PRIMER-U is recommended. It helps in solving bonding issues by providing an effective bond between the substrate and the Peel & Stick DITRA-HEAT membrane.


How Can You Apply The Schluter Primer-U

#1 – Surface Preparation: Make sure the substrate is clean, dry, and free of any dust or dirt before applying PRIMER-U. For effective primer adherence, a smooth surface is essential.

#2 – Application: Apply PRIMER-U evenly over the whole substrate using a medium-nap paint roller, foam roller, or a similar brush, broom, sponge or garden-type sprayer. Maintain complete coverage while preventing excessive accumulation or pooling. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for application thickness and drying time.



#3 – Drying Time: Allow PRIMER-U to completely dry before attempting to install Peel & Stick DITRA-HEAT. 


Schluter Primer-U

The drying time may vary based on environmental conditions so refer to the product guidelines for accurate drying time estimates.



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WHY is it Important to get a Licensed Electrical Contractor to Install your Electrical?

I’m a big fan of smart homes. That’s why I’m excited that the DITRA-HEAT-PS and the DITRA-HEAT-DUO-PS systems work great with the Schluter DITRA-HEAT-E-RS1 Smart Thermostat.

You will need a licensed electrical contracting business to ensure the electrical requirements and installation are correct for the new Schluter Smart Thermostat – this includes grounding the heating cable.



The great part about a digital thermostat is that you control and regulate the temperature, through an app from anywhere! With a click on your phone, you can also create schedules and keep an eye on your energy usage. It also has geofencing capabilities, which enables it to detect when you leave and turn up the heat when you’re heading back home. 




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I love everything about Schluter Systems and they are my trusted go-to brand when it comes to tile installation and floor warming systems. I wouldn’t use anything else. The DITRA-HEAT-PS and the DITRA-HEAT-DUO-PS are two more products that make tile and floor warming system installation easier and faster.



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