9 Home Trends That Resulted From The Pandemic

By Mike Holmes

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Thursday, December 10th, 2020 @ 12:57pm

I have been watching the change in home trends carefully this year. The pandemic has changed the way we live in our homes and what we expect out of our homes. It has changed how we spend our renovation dollars and where we want to live and refocused our renovation efforts.


#9 Moving Away from Dense Areas

I’ve always loved living away from the city, but generally, Canadians are showing an interest in moving away from highly congested areas to suburban settings. I’ve heard that from several of my Holmes Approved Homes builders. According to RE/MAX, 32% of Canadians no longer want to live in urban centres. 



As some workplaces shift to a complete work-from-home setup, commuting to work is becoming less of a factor, so where there used to be a necessity of living in a denser city, now families have the opportunity to sprawl. I personally love having space on my property.


#8 Increase in Home Renovations

For homeowners who are not thinking about buying or selling during the pandemic, home renovation projects are becoming increasingly popular. 

Altus Group (based out of Toronto) calculated that Canadians spent more than $80 billion on home improvement projects in 2020. This makes sense on many levels. Here’s why.

We’re spending more time at home (even me!), so you start paying attention to the small repair jobs that have been left idle for too long. Or your needs outside of your home have likely changed.  You may have needed to convert that guest room into a home office or a gym (like my daughter Sherry). 


Remember though- first spend your money on things that need to be FIXED around the house. Your new kitchen cabinets can wait. Your leaky roof cannot.


RDC Fine Homes Kitchen Renovation

As we start spending more time at home, the layout, design and functionality of the home become more and more important. Photo of RDC Fine Homes, Holmes Approved Homes Builder


This is a list of design changes we have seen come out of the pandemic.



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#7 Indoor Spas & Indoor Pools

44% of Canadians desire a home with more space for personal amenities, according to a report published by RE/MAX. This includes liveable backyard spaces, indoor pools and converting their bathrooms into home spas.

Even minor upgrades to your washroom can help make it feel more luxurious, or make it more functional. Updating your sinks and fixtures can switch up the vibe of the bathroom to make it more spa-like.


Leisure Pools Swimming Pools

Photo from Leisure Pools


If you are looking to put in a new pool in your background, I highly recommend talking to the pros at Leisure Pools (if you are in Canada). They provide a lifetime warranty on all the pools they install, and you can actually get the process started in a couple of days.



#6 More (and Creative) Storage

We all rushed to stock up on toilet paper when the lockdown first happened. We stocked up on canned food, hand sanitizers, paper towels and more. It makes sense that homeowners are thinking about increasing storage spaces when they renovate or buy a home now.


NewAge garage organization cabinets installed in the latest project for Holmes family rescue.

Garage organization cabinets are a great way to keep your home clean and organized while maximizing storage space. These are NewAge garage organization cabinets installed in our latest project for Holmes family rescue



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#5 Dedicated Home Office Space 

Open-concept living spaces have been popular for many years. I, myself have knocked down a few walls on projects. But these days, homeowners aren’t rushing to bring down their walls. Why? Open spaces with no barriers are not good for working in privacy. I expect to see more privacy nooks and closed-off spaces in home designs for the next few years.

With so many people switching to permanently working from home, having a dedicated home office setup just makes sense. For me, my garage became my office when I wasn’t filming.

You can design a useful space, no matter how big or little. A workbench on the rear wall of your garage is useful. Don’t forget to include a slat wall for to keep your stationery items organized and at arm’s reach.




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Many homeowners are asking their builders about soundproofing. How many Zoom calls have you had interrupted with background noise? If your kids are attending school virtually, soundproofing should be a consideration.


#4 Flex Rooms

This year made us all pay attention to how we use our homes. Some of our dining rooms became homeschooling classrooms, the nook under the stairs became a creative storage area and the guest room became a home gym.

My daughter Sherry converted her extra bedroom into a home gym. According to Keith Buis from Gibraltar Homes, a Holmes Approved Home builder, the pandemic has really increased the need for multi-purpose rooms, that can serve as a play area, a TV room, and a home office.

“Flex rooms or multi-use rooms are being added with design features so that when people are on virtual calls, they have something built-in behind them showcasing their home. Maybe a bookcase, shelving or a niche that they can decorate for the season or have their awards / trophies, etc. showcased when on a Zoom meeting.”

Lorena Sawchyn Emerald Park Homes Ltd. (Holmes Approved Home Builder)


#3 Home Additions

For families with older members, a main floor bedroom is becoming popular. People also want to maximize their living spaces, especially if the whole family is going to be at home all day. Specifically, homeowners are requesting a room off the main living area that has glass doors for visibility (if you have kids around). 

A main floor bedroom is a great addition to your home, especially if you plan to age in place. Not having to navigate staircases as often when we age is an important consideration for many.



#2 Expansive Outdoor Spaces

I am not used to being home for longer than a couple of days at a time. Between filming, travel and the office, I don’t get to spend a lot of time at home. This summer, when filming and travel were shut down, I had the opportunity to redo my deck – and turn it into a pretty awesome outdoor living space. 



I see a lot of homeowners doing the same-converting their outdoor spaces into livable spaces. Garden beds, planting herbs, fire pits and practical furniture are just a few upgrades people have been making. I think this trend will continue well into the new year.



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In addition to looking great, an outdoor kitchen can increase the value of your home by expanding your living and entertaining area. Additionally, it simplifies meal preparation and keeps cooking odours outside. Considering how costly everything is getting, it’s also a fantastic substitute for eating out.


How To Build the Best Outdoor Kitchen On Deck   

Outdoor deck built with NewAge Outdoor Kitchen for Holmes Family Rescue project.


We’ve installed a few NewAge outdoor kitchens on our show. Even my daughter Sherry is getting one installed in her home. They not only have high-quality products but they’re easy to install too and stand the test of time. Plus, if you don’t know where to start planning your outdoor kitchen, I highly recommend connecting with NewAge’s virtual design consultation team. Their experts will walk you through the entire process. They will also help you make the right product choices to create the perfect backyard outdoor kitchen.



Planning on building an outdoor kitchen? You can book a free virtual consultation with the NewAge team to check out all their products and design the best kitchen for you.



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#1 Healthier Building Materials & Indoor Air Quality

I’ve talked to several of my builders, and most of them are getting a lot more questions about how their new home or their renovation can contribute towards a healthy indoor environment

I love to hear from homeowners that they are taking the time to improve their indoor air quality. Specifically, homeowners are asking about the dangers of radon gas. 




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The way we build and renovate is shifting – and I think that’s a good thing. We’re seeing our lifestyle impacted by a major shift in the way everyday life is functioning, so it only makes sense that our homes would follow suit. 



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