13 Creative Home Office Ideas

By Sherry Holmes

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Wednesday, August 12th, 2020 @ 11:52am

I don’t know about you, but I find it very distracting to work from home unless I have a dedicated office area. Now, I did convert my home office into a home gym during the pandemic, but now that we are slowly getting back to normal, I’ll be working out of my home office when not on site.

What are the Basics of a Home Office Design?

You need ample sunlight, good organization options, uncluttered surface and comfortable furniture. Working from home seems like a dream for some people, but if you don’t have all the right elements for your work space at home, you’ll end up affecting your productivity. 

But a home office doesn’t need to be boring! Here are some fantastic home office ideas to inspire you.

If you have a good amount of real estate to work with, adding a comfortable chair is a great idea. You can use it for meetings, or just a change of pace from your regular office chair. 

I absolutely love the ample sunlight in this home office. Gonyea Homes

I love the uncluttered surface in this home office by Lexis Homes. And a home office doesn’t need to be boring! 

A feature wall (either a bold color or a wallpaper) adds some fun to your space. Most files are stored digitally, so you can get away with simple furniture. Lexis Homes



This home office design is just smart. Why let a corner or nook in your house go unused? By building a home office in an underutilized area, you can really take advantage of the square footage of your home. 

The cabinets hide all of your office clutter as well! Vicky’s Homes

This home office feels like a secret cottage. 

It’s from a log home by Timber Block, and I absolutely love the cabin vibe.

A bright wall is a great way to ensure your home office isn’t a total snooze! Painting a wall, or walls, is the perfect DIY job. 

This home office is from Saldan ConstructionI love the glass desk-it makes the green wall pop even more.



I love the shelving available in this home office by Gonyea. Some of the shelves are open so you can display some of your books and possessions, but they also have some cabinets with doors to hide away that clutter. 

Dark furniture creates such a sleek look! Gonyea Homes

Be a minimalist. Adding in minimal furniture, neutral colors and simple accents keeps distractions at a minimum. 

Not everyone needs a formal space. Western Living Homes



A work space with multiple seating options is great if you host meetings from your work space at home or have clients come in. 

I love the rustic look of this home office. This is perfect if you have a spare room in your house that you have never used. 

The open area under the desk make the space feel even bigger. Gonyea Homes

Here is another corner home work space example. 

Plenty of storage space and some greenery are great additions to a home office. Wastell Homes

When you have awkward spaces in your home and no extra room to dedicate to a home office, get creative! This small space was perfect for a small minimalist desk. 

Home by Gonyea Homes

A floating shelf for your home work space is a great idea when space is limited. Also consider doing a gallery wall or putting up a nice painting. Makes the space feel more inviting!

This home office is by Acorn Communities

Check out this wood desk! I’d love to have this in my home office. It’s built using reclaimed, salvaged or otherwise ‘up-cycled’ wood that is reinvented into art and furniture.


Zenporium Furnishings & Accessories at Improve Canada.

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How will design of homes change after this pandemic experience? Besides a home office, what other features will be important to homeowners when buying a home or renovating? Mike Holmes’ thoughts on this topic here: Considerations for Post Pandemic House Layout.


How stunning is this pendant lighting in this home office? Makes the work space feel so luxurious.

Design by Mahsa Momena, CEO of Masamodesign. Check out her showroom at Improve Canada in Vaughan!

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