15 Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

By Sherry Holmes

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Friday, October 23rd, 2020 @ 4:07pm

Most of us spend a lot of time in our kitchens, whether we want to or not. When you are buying or selling a home, the kitchen design and features is one of the most important factors to consider. If you want to update your kitchen on a budget, there are a lot of easy options (DIY jobs included) that will make a big impact.

Here are some ways to tackle your kitchen remodel without breaking the bank..

15. Changing The Look Without Spending A Dime

Start with decluttering. I spent most of this year reorganizing my house, and it was a lot of work. But decluttering your countertops and open shelving will instantly refresh the look of your kitchen, without costing a dime.

You can get dividers or organizers for your drawers and cabinets to make the best use of the space available.

I recommend playing around with your layout as well. Of course you can’t move your dishwasher or fridge easily, but maybe your moveable island can change locations. Perhaps you want to splurge on that statement pendant lighting?

14. Exercise Your Green Thumb

I love greenery inside the house. If you have access to fresh flowers from your garden, or if you have nice artificial plants elsewhere in the house, bring them into the kitchen and display them on your kitchen island or your open shelves. This is a really easy way

Photo by Hasler Homes

13. Stylize your Shelves

Use your existing open shelves or glass cabinet doors to add some rustic or country chic décor. Display your colorful bowls and glassware, or add some greenery.

If you have eye-catching small appliances or serving dishes, take them out! They will make for a stunning decorative piece for the kitchen.

Photo by Precision Custom Homes

12. Install Open Shelving

Open shelving or floating shelves are a great way to display those gorgeous dishes you have collected over the years. It will also force you to get rid of clutter. I like displaying nice bottles of oil and dressings.

Photo by Rinaldi Homes

11. Create a Coffee Bar

I love coffee bars at home. I’ve even seen some builders add tiny coffee bars outside the bedroom as well. A coffee bar is a good use of a small, awkward nook in your kitchen. And it looks inviting as well. You don’t need a ton of square footage for this.

Photo by Vicky’s Homes

10. Update Your Backsplash

Simply changing your tile backsplash can refresh the whole kitchen. If the rest of your kitchen is fairly neutral, you can pick a funky, patterned tile to bring some flair into the kitchen – but there are tons of styles to choose from. A backsplash can be a DIY job, but make sure you pick your materials carefully.

Photo by Omega Homes

9. Add A New Light Fixture

There are some great bargain task lighting available online. Don’t be afraid to get a bold, statement lighting fixture and make it the focal point of your kitchen. Try to find one that matches the existing hardware on your kitchen cabinets. It can make a huge difference in a kitchen. Look for deals online or in big box stores.

Photo by Acorn

8. Pick a Piece Of Artwork

Add a splash of whimsy with a fun piece of art. Not a lot of people consider getting artwork for the kitchen, but I think it’s a great idea. You can even find some great vintage pieces to bring some charm into your kitchen. This is an easy way to update a kitchen wall.

Photo by Hasler Homes


6 Ways Artwork Can Define a Space

7. Add An Herb Wall

Indoor herb gardens are awesome! Not only are they useful, but they look pretty as well. You can create your own herb wall fairly easily. Or you can hang the planters on your wall to free up counter space, or display them on your floating shelves.

Photo from Holmes Next Gen



6. Update Your Window Treatments

I love window coverings that allow maximum sunlight to come into your rooms. Nothing beats natural light – so pick some window treatments that will allow the sun to shine through.

5. Find A Fabulous Faucet

The sink is the most used part of your kitchen. There are gorgeous faucets available these days that look super modern and slick.

Kitchen Renovation Completed By Sosna Inc., Holmes Approved Renovator

Kitchen Renovation Completed By Sosna Inc., Holmes Approved Renovator

4. Hang a Sliding Pantry Door

I love sliding doors to separate your rooms inside the house. Also really great if square footage is limited. It’s great for zoning off your area – but still allowing that open concept feel if you’re entertaining guests.

Photo by Chris Franklin Homes

3. Update The Hardware

You can replace your existing hardware on your kitchen cabinets yourself to bring new personality and style to your kitchen. I recommend updating your hardware for your bathroom cabinets as well while you are at it.

Photo from Holmes Next Gen

2. Paint The Walls

Painting your kitchen walls will not just refresh the look of the room, but can also make the kitchen feel bigger. You will want to fill any nail holes or other wear and tear first. Cover your floor with a drop cloth, and make sure you have the right tools. Semi-gloss paints are good for rooms that get a lot of moisture, like your kitchen and bathrooms.

For a small wall, you could create a cool feature wall with chalkboard paint.

1. Get Creative With Wallpaper

I love wallpaper. An all-white kitchen is the perfect room for adding a beautiful wallpaper. Don’t worry about getting wallpaper to cover the entire kitchen. You can pick a wall or two. There are a LOT of wallpaper patterns and textures available online.

For a lot of us, the kitchen is the main hub of the house – and if you’ve been looking at yours lately feeling down on the design – take a crack at one of these ideas to bring some life back to your space.


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