Holmes Next Generation is premiering on CTV Life on November 5th, 2020! 9 EST 6P

It’s a family affair in this latest series from television’s favourite contractor as the mighty Mike Holmes joins forces with his daughter Sherry and son Michael to rescue homeowners from dysfunctional homes, shady contractors, and DIY Projects


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Holmes Next Generation Preview

Mike is back to Make It Right for homeowners who are dealing with dysfunctional homes, shady contractors and do-it-yourself projects gone wrong. And this time, he has his kids Mike Jr and Sherry Holmes along for the ride! Watch Holmes Next Generation on the DIY Network (US).

Holmes Next Generation

Behind the scenes photos from the set of Holmes Next Generation


Below is the full list of seasons and episodes related to “Holmes Next Generation

  • EP101: One Good Deed Deserves Another
  • EP102: Hiding in Plain Sight
  • EP103: Far From Home
  • EP104: And Baby Makes Three
  • EP105: Old is New Again
  • EP106: Nightmares & Dreams

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I’ve seen drywall screwed to ductwork, vapor barrier slashed across walls, nails driven through electrical wires — all on the same job. And so-called home improvement professionals do this.

Here are 9 red flags that you are working with a bad contractor.

Most New Year’s resolutions are about self-improvement. Other people want to start a new habit, like regular exercise. But not a lot of people think about new year's resolutions for their homes. That's what I am going to explain here.

On our job sites, we’ve pushed for greater diversity on our crew, and are bringing in new tradespeople as apprentices. It’s on all of us who are currently in the trades to help create space for the next generation of tradespeople to take up the mantel. #skilledtradespaybills

The end of the year can be hard on your home, you have to deal with falling leaves, and cold drafts and you need to prepare for Old Man winter and the harm he can do to your home. There are some simple steps you can take to winterize your home 👍

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