44 Kitchen Design & Remodelling Ideas For Your Home

By Sherry Holmes

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Friday, June 5th, 2020 @ 1:08pm

44 Stunning Kitchen Remodelling Ideas

Warm lighting helps make the kitchen an inviting space to gather. Check out the mini chandeliers!

Kitchen by Bernskoetter.

Bright open kitchen with plenty of task lighting and pantry with sliding barn door.

Kitchen by Bezooyen Contracting.

A dramatic stone backsplash provides a great backdrop for cooking.

Kitchen by Bezooyen Contracting.

LED pendant lighting makes for great task lighting in any kitchen space.


Consider an induction stovetop. This kitchen was featured in Holmes Family Rescue and features the InvisaCook by CIOT.

Mike and Michael in the finished kitchen


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Design doesn’t stop at the walls. A coffered ceiling can help make the entire space look visually appealing.

Stunning kitchen design

Elements like the refrigerator can be designed to blend in with the rest of the kitchen cabinetry. Matching countertop and backsplash adds a sense of unity.



Wide, open kitchen spaces provide plenty of room to prepare meals.

Remarkable white modern kitchen design

Exhaust fans need to be properly sized for the space in the kitchen. Add a fun design to your backsplash!

Elegant kitchen design

Pure white kitchens provide a timeless style, and makes it easy to spot messes and spills.

Kitchen islands can double as storage spaces for appliances like microwaves. 

Kitchen by Guildcrest homes (a modular builder).

Stainless steel countertops pair with a brick backsplash to make this kitchen pop.

Kitchen by Lexis Homes.


A kitchen with direct yard access can make summer entertaining a breeze.


Kitchen islands make great spots for kids to get started on homework while the parents prepare dinner.


Depending on the length of your island, you may be able to have seating on both ends, creating a face-to-face dining experience.

Kitchen by RDC Fine Homes.

A kitchen with a view of the Whistler mountains. Can anything get better than that? Take advantage of your surroundings and put in large windows to brighten up your space.

Kitchen by RDC Fine Homes.

Black and white kitchens are a timeless centerpiece to any home. Check out the mix and match bar stools!

Kitchen by Rinaldi Homes.

Islands can help create a transition in open concept homes.

Kitchen by Rinaldi Homes.

Copper and wooden accents help bring this kitchen to life. And check out the cool pendant lights!

Kitchen by Saldan Group.

Outlets on your island can provide a lot of utility when properly installed.

Kitchen by Saldan Group.

Kitchens should be functional. Herb walls can help keep much needed ingredients on hand and easily accessible.

Photo from Holmes Next Generation

A portable herb wall can keep fresh herbs on hand, and can be easily positioned to suit your changing needs.

Photo from Holmes Next Generation

Keep in mind the kitchen triangle. The sink, stove, and fridge should all be easily accessible from each other.

Kitchen by Timber Block, a panelized home builder.

Black subway tile makes an attractive choice for backsplash material.

Kitchen by TruBuild.

Can there ever be a kitchen with too much storage space? We don’t think so.

Kitchen by Vicky’s Homes.

An expansive kitchen to provide lots of space and appliances to host or entertain. Dark floors compliment the white counter tops. 

Kitchen by Vicky’s Homes.

Small splashes of colour can help make an otherwise monochromatic kitchen pop.

Kitchen by Vicky’s Homes.

A walk-in pantry lets you stay fully stocked no matter what.

Kitchen by Vicky’s Homes.

Clever use of tile can make a kitchen look totally unique. And those dark cabinets? One of them is a fridge!

Kitchen by Wastell Homes.

Cooktop stoves can be built into an island allowing you to keep an eye on what’s happening throughout the rest of the space.

Kitchen by Wastell Homes.

Elements like flooring can help carry your kitchen to the adjoining rooms without needing a transition.

Kitchen by Wastell Homes.

Big windows and lots of natural light are the focal point in this large kitchen.

A kitchen island can expand to include a dining nook for quick meals.

Unique backsplash tile can infuse a kitchen with a lot of personality.

If you like to entertain, carve out a space in your kitchen to have a small bar space to prepare drinks for guests.

Floor to ceiling cabinetry creates lots of storage space to keep all your kitchen gear secured.

A heavy duty exhaust fan in the kitchen is necessary to pull out excess moisture we create when cooking.

A kitchen island with built in wine fridge always lets you keep a few bottles on hand. Building in a wine fridge right into the kitchen island is a smart move!

Kitchen by Western Living Homes.

Lots of counter space is key to being able to prepare meals safely and conveniently.

Kitchen by Zeina Homes.

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