7 Mudroom Ideas and Design Tips

By Sherry Holmes

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Monday, March 23rd, 2020 @ 12:33pm

Mudrooms are becoming a popular addition to any home for keeping busy households in order. Whether you have an existing mudroom that’s off the garage or a side entryway that you’d like to become a more functional space, the addition of storage is essential. The addition of cubbies for shoes, wall hooks for jackets, and catchall storage will help keep your mudroom and the rest of the house looking de-cluttered and clean. Here are some mudroom tips and design ideas you should consider.

7) Use Dark or Patterned Tile 

Dark or patterned ceramic or porcelain tiles help hide dirt from high traffic areas like mudrooms, plus they are durable and easy to clean. Natural stone, like slate and limestone/travertine, is beautiful but will require some maintenance with a good sealer. 

Mudrooms will likely get wet for many reasons so make sure you pick a tile with some texture. A textured tile will help make the flooring less slippery. Tile is also easy to clean. The addition of an anti-slip coating can make the tile less slippery. However, this will require additional maintenance. 

Say no to high gloss marble for this area. Tile would be my first choice, but a quality laminate is another good option as long as it is humidity and moisture resistant as well as scratch and dent resistant. If you must have hardwood make sure you have an area rug to absorb a lot of the wet messes.

Looking for inspiration on designing a mudroom? Check out this assorted patterned tile floor by Wastell Homes.

6) Maximize Your Mudroom Space

For large families, maximizing your mudroom storage solution is key. There are a few storage options for your mudroom. If you have space, make sure to use a wall to floor mudroom cabinets. Cabinets, drawers or cubbies provide lots of storage space and help minimize the clutter. If you have open shelves, use decorative baskets or wooden crates to store hats and mitts. Add labels to be super organized. 

Wall hanging hooks or a hall tree make hanging up your coats and hats and knapsack easy, especially when you have young kids. Another great idea I’ve seen is adding a second set of wall hooks that are placed lower on the wall providing accessibility for the very young and old.

Mudroom benches are also a great idea for hiding some clutter.

Maximizing storage space by Lexis Homes.

5) Small But Functional

You may not have the luxury of extensive built-ins, but you can still make a small mudroom or side entryway efficient and useful by adding the all-important bench. Make sure it has built-in drawers/lift lid or space for baskets for storage and keeping clutter at bay. Wall hooks are perfect for coats, jackets, and baby totes. I have several for baby Cali.


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4) Lights and Mirrors

Good lighting in a mudroom is essential and you may have windows there already. However, you might also want to consider adding some task or accent light, particularly if your mudroom is multifunctional, like a laundry/mudroom. Pendants or flush-mount fixtures are a great option to add personality to the room. I also love the idea of incorporating a mirror into the mudroom. It can be full length, round, or even as part of the bench. Adding a mirror is not only functional; it can help create the illusion of a bigger space and reflect light.

Love this mudroom from Chris Franklin Signature Homes.


Check out this great example from Home Bunch on Pinterest

3) Shut Off the Clutter

Barn board style sliding doors are trendy right now and super practical, especially if you are short on space. They look great, come in a variety of styles, and could be a great addition to a small mudroom off an entryway. Just slide the door to close off the clutter. Another suggestion is to use a curtain on a funky rod to section off the area.

Barn-board sliding door by Precision Custom Homes.

2) Stay Organized

Today, most of us rely heavily on our mobile phones to stay organized, but even with them we still need to be reminded of things. I know I do, and as a result, I’m continually writing lists. Adding a corkboard or blackboard to your mudroom is a fun way to write down reminders, pin photos, or notices from school or even jot down an inspiration note to get you through a tough week. Your family members will appreciate it as well. 

1) Multi-functional Room

A mudroom with a sink can add functionality, especially if you have furry friends. But having a dog shower is pure luxury to keep your 4-legged pup clean. Storage is essential for toys, food, doggie accessories, and a dog bed. Perfect too, if the laundry is close by – then all those dirty clothes from dog towels to soccer uniforms don’t get traipsed through the house. Just a reminder, to use a water and mold resistant tile underlayment by Schluter Systems when installing your tiles.

Want more information on porcelain tiles? Read my article on Why I Prefer Tile over Carpet.

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