25 Awesome Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

By Sherry Holmes

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Thursday, August 20th, 2020 @ 11:39am

Your kitchen design will determine what type of layout your backsplash will be. A backsplash can be a 6 X 6 tile running along the entire counter space or an accent wall above your stove area or an area below a shelving unit. 

The choices are endless and here’s a list to prove it!

#1. CREATE THE ILLUSION OF SPACE: Add a painted smoked mirrored backsplash to help create the illusion of space, while reflecting light and upping the bling factor. in this wet kitchen area by Georgian Renovations.

Like in this wet kitchen area by Georgian Renovations.

#2. GLITZ AND GLAMOUR: Cartier Kitchens ups the WOW factor by adding silver metallic subway tiles to this backsplash, while the metallic tiles complement the stainless steel appliances.


Bezooyen Contracting created this rugged stone floor to ceiling backsplash and centre piece for impact and provides a great backdrop for cooking.

#4. LET CONTINUITY FLOW WITH ELEGANCE: Use the same material and pattern throughout your kitchen, like a sheet marble for all your countertops, backsplash, and waterfall kitchen-island, to create an overall elegant look. 

Kitchen designed by Luxeme Kitchens Inc.


Add functionality and convenience to your backsplash with the addition of a wall-mounted pot filler by CozyHome Kitchen & Bathrooms.


Dark gray high gloss glass tile provides a “pop” to this classic white kitchen, by Georgian Renovations.

#7. SLEEK AND RUSTIC: White subway tile with gray grout lines provides a sleek and rustic feel. 

By extending the backsplash from countertop to ceiling, space and light are created in this stunning kitchen by Lume Cusine


Lanix Inc. added an elegant custom motif, creating a unique focal point to the stove and hood vent area.


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#9. GLASS IS TIMELESS: Add a light-reflecting glass backsplash for a seamless (no grout lines) and timeless choice. 


This brick wall backsplash by Lexis Homes, a Holmes Approved Homes builder, transforms this kitchen cooking space by adding warmth and a rustic feel to this modern kitchen.

#11. CUSTOM PATCHWORK DESIGN: Patchwork tiles create a completely unique look. Mix and match colors and patterns for a personal touch. By keeping the countertops and cabinets white you will get maximum impact. 

This patchwork backsplash is by Polmaster and provides a unique focal point to the kitchen.

#12. ARCHITECTURAL DETAILS ADD GRANDEUR: Add architectural details, like crown molding and a smart flat screen for a custom and functional focal to this backsplash by TOBI Kitchens

Having your recipes close at hand will make cooking a breeze.


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#13. PUT THE ZIG IN YOUR ZAG: Herringbone pattern or chevron patterned tile provides a contemporary look to the traditional tile pattern. 

Check out this beautiful kitchen by Hasler Homes Ltd, Holmes Approved Homes builder in North Vancouver.

#14. BACKSPLASH ACCENT WALL: This beautiful patterned black and white mosaic tile backsplash provides maximum impact by covering the entire wall (counter to ceiling). 

Plus, the tiles add texture and fun to this amazingly sophisticated black and white kitchen by Wastell Homes for their lottery home in London, Ontario.


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#15. BACKSPLASH WITH FUNCTIONALITY: Make the most of your backsplash by covering the entire wall, with added shelving and racks that provide both storage and functionality. 

#16. COUNTRY-CHIC: This tile creates a subtle but whimsical feel to a modern country kitchen by using small black and white checked patterned tile. 

This kitchen is designed by Precision Custom Homes, a Holmes Approved Homes builder partner.

#17. GO RETRO. Large hexagon geometric shaped tiles provide a retro feel to this modern kitchen. By creating a non-uniformed pattern you to choose the areas of impact while the shelf adds functionality to the wall. 

Kitchen by Art de Vie Renos.


As a homeowner, you need to understand the importance of exhaust fans and proper ventilation and how to properly install and operate them. This is key for removing excess moisture from your indoor air, and we all know that moisture can lead to mold. 


This backsplash becomes a minor player in this open concept kitchen by Hasler Homes Ltd. as the large expansive window brings the outdoors in and tons of natural lights.

#19. TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE: Saldan Construction Group adds two contrasting materials to create this sophisticated kitchen backsplash. 

Stainless steel behind the range and adjoining hood range makes a bold statement flanked by back painted glass slabs on either side.

#20. GEOMETRIC SHAPED TILE:  Small black geometric-shaped tile provides a dramatic impact and creates center stage to this range backsplash 

#21. CUSTOM MOSAIC MURALS: If you can imagine it, you can create it. Get a one-of-a-kind backsplash like no other: custom theme, colors, and texture, etc. 

You will definitely stand out from the crowd with this beautiful and unique backsplash by Artistic Mosaic & Co.

#22. GET THE TIN CEILING TILE LOOK: Get that historical charm of tin ceiling tiles with a faux vinyl tile that looks exactly like the original from Talissa Décor

These tiles are durable, water, and stain-resistant.


Black high gloss subway tiles provide a dramatic backsplash that adds contrast to the white kitchen cabinets while complimenting the black countertops in this kitchen by Zeina Homes, a Holmes Approved Homes builder in Niagara region.

 #24. 3D-Patterned Tiles: Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Why not try 3D tiles. 

They offer textured patterns, depth, and interest to any space. Lexis Homes creates a unique focal point by using 3D tiles in this stovetop kitchen backsplash.

#25. WATER JET CUT TILE AND STONE:  Think about water jet cut tile or stone for your backsplash. Custom cut design and selected stone to create a totally unique element to your kitchen. Circular patterns below stay true to the modern sophistication of this kitchen. 

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