The Truth Behind Your Water

Water, we drink it, cook with it, and use it in daily tasks. It is an essential part of our daily lives, but how well do you know your water and how clean it is? The water sources in our homes can be filled with contaminants from lead and calcium, to bacteria and viruses, and even radon. However, with the proper filtration systems, Kinetico’s water filtration solutions, you can ensure that the water flowing in your home is clean and worry-free.

On this podcast episode, Mike Holmes is joined by water experts Dan Lake from Elgin Pure Waters and Michael Crepeault from Kinetico Waters, as they dig deep into the issues that can be found in your water, what signs to watch for to know your water is unsafe to use, testing your water, and finding the right filtration system for your home. Whether you rely on municipal water or well water, this episode will cover what you need to know to improve the quality of water in your home.

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Headquartered in Newbury, Ohio, Kinetico is a global manufacturer of reliable, economical and sustainable water treatment systems for the residential, commercial and OEM markets. Kinetico products are used and recommended by millions of people all over the world.

Since 1970, Kinetico has been improving lives through better water with thoughtfully-designed products that meet the diverse water treatment needs of people all over the world. Kinetico water softeners and customized filtration systems are highly-engineered to provide peace of mind with their efficient, effective, economical and reliable operation.

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