10 Kitchen Problems

Top 10 Kitchen Problems + Solutions

By Mike Holmes

Mike’s Advice / Kitchen Renovation

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018 @ 5:43pm

All The Stuff You Don’t Want To See In Your Kitchen Reno, But In Case You Do, What Needs To Happen To Make It Right!

Kitchen Problems and Solutions

Just Replacing The Cabinets

Without addressing electrical, plumbing and anything else that needs to be upgraded, brought up to code or given a little TLC.

Solution: Hire a pro that can take a look at the rest of the kitchen and tell you what really needs attention. A maintenance inspection from a qualified home inspector might be worthwhile. It could prevent a big disaster in the not-so-far future and save you money in the long run – not to mention the new cabinets!

Kitchen Problems and Solutions

Taking Down Load-bearing Walls

Many homeowners take the opportunity of a kitchen reno to make their kitchen bigger and more open concept. Unfortunately, they sometimes takedown load bearing walls in the process. This compromises structure, beginning with the area directly above where the wall used to be, and it isn’t long before the cracks start to show.

Solution: An architect, structural engineer or a very good contractor can determine if a wall is load-bearing or not. But your best bet is getting a proper structural assessment by a qualified engineer before starting a reno. Know exactly where the structural components of your house stand before moving forward with a major renovation.

Kitchen Problems and Solutions

Poorly Re-routed Hvac Lines

Most kitchen renos will at some point require some work on the HVAC system. It might need to be re-routed, depending on what the plans dictate. For example, if you’re taking down a wall to open up the space more you might need to move the HVAC lines and create new bulkheads.

Solution: Bring an HVAC specialist with plenty of experience to come in and check all the HVAC lines, making sure they are properly sealed, insulated (if they pass through a cold zone) and balanced. They should also recalculate the air distribution. Most people don’t realize that a heating system was designed to heat the home as it was built. When you change your home – move a wall here, bump the kitchen out there – we change the way hot air is distributed, which throws the whole system out of whack.

Kitchen Problems and Solutions

Dangerous Electrical

Electrical is a big thing in kitchen renos. People have a tendency to change the receptacles and not realize they need a permit just to do that. You need a permit to change the receptacle! In fact, you shouldn’t don’t have to touch your electrical at all. In most cases you don’t, like if you’re just changing the cabinets. As long as you don’t touch the electrical you’re okay. It’s when you touch it that you need a permit.

Solution: Hire an electrical contractor. They will come in and make sure all your kitchen electrical is safe, including your light fixtures, and that it ties in properly with the rest of your electrical system. They will also check to make sure your kitchen outlets are GFCI protected – that’s a must – and that you have the proper service for any upgrades you made in the kitchen. Most older homes have 60-amp service, which should be brought up to at least 100-amps to match today’s electrical demands.

Kitchen Problems and Solutions

Not Getting Permits Where Necessary

If all you’re doing is changing the cabinets then you don’t need a permit. But if you’re touching the electrical, plumbing, HVAC or changing structure, you better make sure you get the proper permits. And don’t listen to any contractor that tells you you don’t need them. If they do, show them the door because they don’t have your best interest in mind.

Solution: Only hire professionals who insist on getting the proper permits – they won’t consider the job without them. Do your homework and contact your local building department. Tell them what kind of work you plan on doing in your kitchen and they will be able to tell you whether or not you need a permit. Then talk to your contractor. If you know more than they do, you don’t want them working on your kitchen – believe me!

Kitchen Problems and Solutions

Homeowners That Move Too Fast

Because they decided to do a new kitchen and get it done before a certain date – maybe it’s a graduation, anniversary party, Christmas or they’re having guests over – so they rush to hire the first person who says they can get it done in the least amount of time.

Solution: Slow down! Take as much time you need to find the right contractor for the job, and it if means waiting months, that’s usually a good sign. You don’t want someone who can start tomorrow. You want someone who’s busy, and who won’t touch your kitchen until you are both completely clear on every tile, cabinet, fixture and outlet that’s going in, and every person that will be coming in to get it done. This can and should take months. You want to be 100% certain that your contractor knows what they’re doing, can deliver a great kitchen and who’s top priority is making you happy with the final result. How will you know? By looking at the proof. Go see at least 20 kitchens they’ve completed. And don’t just look at the new ones. Go see ones they did 5 years ago, 10 years ago. These will tell you how long their work lasts. If you can’t put in the time, you’ll face the crime.

Kitchen Problems and Solutions

The Venting Is Wrong

There’s almost always something wrong with the venting. It might have started out correct, with a 4-inch duct line. But then all of a sudden somebody puts in a new kitchen with a microwave hood, which requires a 6-inch. And almost every time I see it they never convert the duct size to match the new appliance. The venting above an island – if there’s a burner in the island – is almost never done right.

Solution: Again, you need the help of an HVAC specialist. They will make sure you have the proper duct sizes that that they’re venting directing outside – not to the attic, soffits or crawlspace. Not only can that create moisture and mould issues but if there’s ever a fire the exhaust fan can pull the fire into the attic space, causing it to spread quickly to the rest of your home. The exhaust fan has to be the right size for your stove and house. If it’s too big you’ll waste energy and cause back-drafting, which is when dangerous gases and fumes from other appliances get pulled back into your home.

Kitchen Problems and Solutions

Tiling The Floor Up Against The Cabinets

And not underneath the cabinets. A lot of homeowners just do a new floor, leave the old cabinets and tile right to it. So if there’s ever a leak underneath the sink or the dishwasher leaks, you won’t see it and that water will end up going downstairs.

Solution: When speaking to your contractor or kitchen floor installer make it clear that the entire floor needs to be replaced, including underneath the cabinets. Make sure it’s in the contract! That’s why most homeowners will change the cabinets when they install a new kitchen floor. If it isn’t done and it was in the contract your contractor is under obligation to fix it.

Kitchen Problems and Solutions

Not Planning Out A Kitchen Properly

Again, that relates to homeowners who don’t know what they’re doing, contractors who don’t know what they’re doing, and a kitchen design that doesn’t work. When the kitchen design is wrong, everything else is too.

Solution: Hire a professional kitchen company or manufacturer that will help you design your kitchen space properly, creating that nice kitchen triangle we’re always after between the fridge, stove and sink – the total length between these three works stations should be between 12 and 26 feet. The guys I use create a digital model, so you can see exactly what everything is going to look like. And if you don’t like something, changing it at this stage prevents a lot of headaches later – for everyone.

Kitchen Problems and Solutions

Not Knowing Who To Hire To Do What

It’s the biggest problem that I see. You don’t just hire a kitchen cabinet company, unless you’re just doing new kitchen cabinets. But in most cases, by the time you need new cabinets you need a new floor, new bulk heads, new electrical, new plumbing, new everything – and that requires permits and all the right people.

Solution: Again, it comes down to hiring the right pros who will address everything properly. That usually means getting the general contractor.

For more information on hiring the right pros for your kitchen reno, check out “How To Hire the Right Contractor.”

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