Post Kitchen Checklist

Your Post Kitchen Reno Checklist

By Mike Holmes

Mike’s Advice / Kitchen Renovation

Thursday, April 19th, 2018 @ 6:39am

Before your contractor declares that your kitchen renovation is complete, make sure of the following: 

Kitchen Reno Checklist

Mind The Gap

The kitchen cabinets are straight, level, properly anchored to the wall and there are no gaps between the cabinets and the walls and ceiling.



Kitchen Reno Checklist

Keep Them Inline

Cabinets line up evenly with each other and appliances.



Kitchen Reno Checklist

No Obstructions

All the cabinet doors and drawers can open all the way without bumping into one another or appliances.



Kitchen Reno Checklist

Staying On Track

Cabinet doors and drawers can open and close easily with no warping or swelling. Also make sure cabinet hardware is securely fastened.



Kitchen Reno Checklist

Safe Distance

All electrical outlets within 6 feet of the kitchen sink are GFCI protected.


Not every outlet within 6 feet of the kitchen sink needs a GFCI device because all outlets wired downstream of the GFCI receptacle are protected by the upstream device


Kitchen Reno Checklist

Seamless Results

There are no defects in the countertop surface and all seams are minimized and line up properly.



Kitchen Reno Checklist

Caulked & Locked

here is indoor silicone caulking where the countertop meets the wall and/or backsplash to prevent spills and dirt from getting into the crevice, also making it watertight.

Tip From A Pro:
Latex caulking can lead to mould!



Kitchen Reno Checklist

Plumb Job

All plumbing fixtures are secured and operate correctly. (Hot on the left, cold on the right.) Also make sure drains and traps are in place and drain effectively, and the drainpipe is properly strapped and secured.



Kitchen Reno Checklist

The Right Hook-Up

Dishwasher hook ups are correct and the drain line is connected before the trap.



Kitchen Reno Checklist

Tiles & Tribulations

Tiles are level and all the grout lines are symmetrical and evenly spaced.



Kitchen Reno Checklist

Seal Of Approval

All porous tiles (stone) are sealed, including the backsplash, but your grout is not. If it is, make sure your contractor used a breathable sealant, but no sealant on your grout is preferable.



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