End Of A Renovation? 3 Essential Tips To Keep In Mind

By Mike Holmes

Mike’s Advice / Bathroom Renovation

Monday, October 7th, 2019 @ 11:07am

For us Canadians, summertime is renovation season. When the warm weather hits, we only have a limited time, so it’s important to strike when the iron’s still hot. Now that summer is over and fall is here, not only is the weather getting colder, we’re nearing the end of renovation season. And for many of you with ongoing projects, it might seem like the end is in sight, only for your contractor to find more issues and obstacles with your renovation. And the worst part? Winter is coming.

Before you pay your contractor, you need to ensure that the renovation job meets your standards. It’s okay to question the work since it’s coming from your pocket. You can never ask too many questions when it comes to your home and your renovation. That’s why when renovation season is almost wrapped up, you need to be prepped how to make it to the final stretch so your renovation is built strong, secure, and most importantly safe. Here’s 3 essential renovation tips to keep in mind.

3) Signing The Contract

A written contract is needed before you start any sort of renovation plans. This written contract needs to have a clear outline of what work they’ll be doing, the start and completed dates and if they’re using sub-contractors. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that all the proper permits are obtained for work done on your property. 

Mike Holmes End Of Reno - Signing The Contract

Make sure that the contract says your contractor will get the permits, and complete all work to code.

Payment schedules should have markers to ensure the work is completed. That way when you’re near the end of the renovation, you can see which jobs are left to complete, supply your list to the contractor, and pay them once completed. In Canada, most provinces actually stipulate that you can hold off payment for the last 10% of the contract for 45 days, that way it’s ensuring all subcontractors have been paid. Don’t tie your payment schedule to dates – have it planned around work completed. Hand over a portion for rough-in, when electrical is done, etc. 

2) Making A List 

It’s easy to be excited when doing a major renovation but don’t let that blind you. Ensure that the work is complete and done right,.Don’t let your excitement cloud your judgement. You’ll have lots of time to celebrate after the project is complete..

Mike-Holmes Walkaround

Always do a thorough walk around around your home when you hired a contractor for a renovation

Do a thorough walk around the renovation site to check to see if there are any incomplete items or something that can be a cause for concern. This is why it’s great making a list now, and if you notice any incomplete work or where something doesn’t meet your expectations you can discuss it with your contractor. Keep these questions in mind when you’re doing your walk around:

  • Are the sink faucets working with cold and hot water properly working as they should?
  • Any paint jobs that need to be touched up?
  • All new appliances working properly?
  • Are all the fixtures caulked and sealed?
  • Are the cabinets and drawers opening properly and are they secure?
  • Do all the new appliances work properly?
  • Is all the moulding complete?
  • Notice any unevenness or chipping in your grout or tiles?

As soon as the list is completed go over it with your contractor so you can communicate exactly what still needs to be finished. Once those items are checked off, and you and your contractor are happy, you can provide the final payment that marks a job well done.

1) Maintaining The Renovation

This is often ignored but never be forgotten. Once the work is completed by the contractor that does not mean you never have to work on it. Maintenance is essential if you want to ensure the longevity is of the renovation. 

Mike Holmes Painging - End Of Renovation

You made an investment by having a renovation so it only makes sense to protect that investment.

But if you did your research and hired the right professionals for the job then you’re off to a good start. This is especially true when using the proper materials and techniques ensuring that you’re going to have a renovation that will last your for years. 

Problems areas often occur in kitchens and bathroom renovations. Be on the lookout for fixtures that are starting to wear out. If you notice any leaks around fixtures, sinks, or tubs – look for the source of water before it leads to a mold problem. Most of the time when it comes to small fixes, you’re able to do it on your own, but when it comes to issues, it’s important to hire a pro. Instead of letting the problem continue, fix it now and you can save yourself from a more expensive repair down the line.

If you’re in the middle of a renovation, it can feel like it’s dragging on forever. But this never means to rush to the end and get a job done more quickly. When you rush, you make mistakes and sometimes, it can cost you longer in the grand scheme of things. Take your time to make it right – it’ll be worth it when you make it to the finish line.

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