Make It Right Blogs - Feature Image- Sherry Holmes Blog Top 2024 Renovation and Design Trends
Make It Right Blogs - Feature Image- Sherry Holmes Blog Top 2024 Renovation and Design Trends

Ready to Design Your Dream Home? 2024 Top Renovation and Design Trends To Consider

By Sherry Holmes

Mike’s Advice / Buying & Selling Your Home

Thursday, March 21st, 2024 @ 4:24pm

Expert Tips From Designers To Help Give Your Home A Refresh

I’m not a designer. I’m a contractor, but over the years, I have developed a newfound admiration for interior designers. We’ve also had a lot of fun with them on our shows —they brought a new fresh perspective to what we were doing. Not to mention they’ve kept us current with the most recent renovation and design trends. Even if I wasn’t on board with some of their ideas, I trusted them, and in the end, it worked out in ways I couldn’t have imagined.


Sherry and Mike Holmes working with Aspire Designs on one of our projects for Holmes Family Rescue Season 2.

Working with Aspire Design Group on one of our projects for Holmes Family Rescue Season 2.


I work with some great designers, and together, we have created some incredible spaces that are practical, functional and beautiful for our homeowners. Last year, we concentrated on updating some key spaces, including the home office, the laundry room, mud rooms, the kitchen island and pantries, along with highlighting unique architectural details to complete the spaces. 

These key spaces remain in demand and will continue to be highlighted this year! Here are some renovation and design trends to consider in 2024.


Maximize Storage With A Pantry

A well-designed pantry can be a game changer. Why? Because everyone can do with more storage space. We are finding that pantries are a line item that homeowners want included in their wish lists. This is especially true for large or extended families living in one house or even in smaller homes where utilizing all useable space is essential. 


Kitchen renovation completed by Saldan, Holmes Approved Homes Builder.

Kitchen renovation completed by Saldan, Holmes Approved Homes Builder.


With the cost of everything going up, locking in on quantity discounts is popular but you need somewhere to store the items. Having a pantry provides that extra space to store items. Adding more cabinets, pull-out drawers or rotating organizers for easy access will help keep things organized.


Storage is the name of the game and with the evolution of how to carve out kitchen space plans, pantries have been included in the square footage space of kitchens, says Bilha Kangethe of The Lifestyle Loft


For entertaining enthusiasts, built-in wine racks or appliance garages can free up valuable counter space. In smaller homes, maximize vertical space with floor-to-ceiling shelving and explore clever storage solutions like corner cabinets or hanging organizers.


Kitchen renovation with pantry by Wastell Homes, Holmes Approved Homes Builder

Kitchen renovation with pantry by Wastell Homes, Holmes Approved Homes Builder.


Not to mention, pantries are no longer just for canned goods! According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s 2024 Kitchen Trends report, more homeowners are incorporating small appliance stations and coffee bars within their pantries. This multi-functional approach allows for better organization and streamlines workflow in the kitchen. 


Pro Tip: Consider adding outlets for countertop appliances or installing a dedicated coffee bar complete with a sink and hidden storage for mugs and accessories. Remember, any electrical work must be done by a licensed electrical contractor.



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Work From Home in Style: Multi-Functional Home Office Ideas

The home office is here to stay, as many people have settled into a hybrid work schedule. A home office serving as a multi-functional space makes sense, especially for busy families


Office Room renovated for Holmes Family Rescue

I love how this office came together on Holmes Family Rescue Season 1. The big windows are great as they allow so much natural light to come in and that green colour is timeless.


“Being able to use one space for more than one function has become more of a lifestyle for a lot of families instead of a “trend”, says Cynthia Soda, of Soda Pop Design Inc. 


A home office can be a guest room, playroom or crafts room combination. The possibilities are endless. Also, multi-functional furniture is now available to accommodate any space. There is a lot of love given to multi-functional furniture pieces as well, like games tables or transformer tables that can start as a console table/desk and extend to seat a large dinner party, adds Cynthia. This is great for multi-functional rooms or smaller condos where you want to make your space as functional as possible.



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Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Needs

Kimm, from Kimmberly Capone Interior Design, installed a beautiful bed with a hydraulic system for one of our families. 


The mattress easily lifts without disturbing the bedding, revealing space that can be used for linens, blankets and even winter coats. The hydraulic system is safe and practical for a small home,” says Kimmberly.


KimmberlyCaponeDesigns_MurphyBed With Mike Holmes and Mike Holmes Jr

We installed this beautiful bed with a hydraulic system from Kimmberly Capone’s furniture collection for one of our families to help maximize some of their storage space.


Another thing Kimm explained was the importance of purchasing sofas and chairs with high-density foam. The quality of foam used has a direct impact on the longevity of the piece of furniture. For example, there are three levels of foam quality:

  • Level 1 – the lowest grade is typically found in low-end quality furniture, and will last a couple of years before it starts to show signs of degradation, like showing “dips” where people have sat, and not “bouncing” back
  • Level 2 – is a mid-level grade that will last 4-5 years
  • Level 3 – is a high-density grade foam that will last 20 -25 years as you can “flip and turn” to prolong the life of the cushion


Laundry room reno on Holmes Family Rescue Season 2

Taking a break on the new sectional in Jason and Alison’s basement.


Quality as well as functionality needs to be considered when designing multi-functional spaces.


Home Gym Benefits & Design Ideas

The resurgence of home gyms over the past few years will continue as they’re convenient and quiet. There’s no commute, and it saves on membership fees. Plus, you can work out whenever you like or have time – no excuses. 


Home gym renovation from Holmes Family Rescue Season 2

I love mixing up my workouts and I think this gym we created for these homeowners is great because it provides so much flexibility for the entire family to enjoy this time together.


But it also goes beyond saving time and money. It allows you to tailor your workout routine to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prefer high-intensity interval training or a more relaxed yoga session, a home gym provides a private space to focus on your well-being. To create a motivating environment, consider incorporating inspirational quotes, workout mirrors, or even a smart TV to stream fitness classes.

If you don’t have a lot of room in your home, consider maximizing your space with smart solutions. For example, installing a Murphy bed with a built-in pull-up bar or wall-mounted weight racks that fold flat when not in use. Utilize vertical space with shelves or cabinets to store equipment and free weights. Remember, even basic bodyweight exercises or resistance bands can make for a great workout, making a home gym accessible for any budget.


Home gym installed on Holmes Family Rescue Season 2

If you want to take things up a notch, add a fun rock-climbing wall for kids too, like we did in Jason and Allison’s home.



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Additional Design Considerations 

Like any room in your home, lighting is essential, so keep that in mind too. 

Also, if the plan includes lots of heavy equipment, ensure your floor can handle the extra weight. However, for most equipment, you should be fine, but I always suggest a dense rubber mat overlay to protect the floor and your joints and to help absorb noise. 


Laundry Room & Mudroom Must-Haves

Laundry rooms and mudrooms are no longer afterthoughts – they’re essential spaces for keeping your home organized and stylish. Whether you have dedicated rooms or a combined space here are some design tips to help you plan your space.

These rooms are essential for large families, dog lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Depending on the space available, these spaces can be separate, or a two-in-one is often used.


Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms have come a long way from being a dark, dingy space in the basement. In today’s homes, laundry rooms can be stylish and are often now on the main floor of a house with some nice details, storage options and pops of colour – they have become practical spaces that you enjoy spending time in – and who doesn’t want to spend time in a nice space? 


Laundry Room reno on Holmes Family Rescue Season 2

While this isn’t a huge space to work with we were able to add lots of storage for these homeowners with a floating shelf, a foldable drying rack, and a great wallpaper to make the space feel bigger.


Speaking of space, don’t let limited square footage hold back your reno! Popular 2024 trends like stackable washer and dryer units or space-saving wall-mounted appliances can maximize functionality in compact areas. Since homeowners are now more conscious of being energy-efficient, consider incorporating smart laundry systems that optimize water usage and detergent dispensing. For ultimate convenience, consider adding a folding drying rack that disappears when not in use.


Laundry rooms can still be in the basement, but access to natural light is also a huge thing for me, says Cynthia Soda, so if you don’t have a window or the ability to put in a sun-tunnel then the right kind of lighting in this type of working space is key,”. A layered lighting design is always ideal to make the space welcoming and functional. 


I also love to include smart LED lighting whenever I can and using motion sensor lighting is a great choice. The light will turn on automatically when someone enters the laundry room and it will turn off when you leave with your hands full of laundry. And your lights will never be left on, so there will be no wasting energy. 




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Mudrooms are just that – they can be small areas typically near an entrance where people can take off their outdoor clothing, messy shoes or boots, store equipment and even clean pets. It’s essential to ensure the space functions, even if it is small. 


Mike Holmes Jr giving Caicos a bath. Holmes Family Rescue.

If you have the space consider adding a pet wash station in your mudroom this way you’re keeping the mess and dirt away from the rest of your home.


Embrace the 2024 trend of hall trees and decorative hooks to add personality and style.  Incorporate a stylish bench with built-in storage for throw blankets or extra shoes.  Remember to choose durable flooring whether it’s a non-slip tile, engineered hardwood or high-quality laminate. Consider a washable accent rug to trap dirt and debris before it tracks throughout the house.




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Mudroom & Laundry Room Combo

However, a mudroom and laundry room can be combined. We recently did one that included a laundry wall unit with storage, a washer and dryer, and a pet washing station. Separated by an island, another area had a large hall tree for coats, shoes and storage, plus a powder room. This is an exception, but it was ideal for this large rural living family.


Eye-Catching Design Trends

How to Incorporate Decorative Arches

Several of our recent renovation projects have included architectural arch details. Some were existing, and some arches were added to enhance the space. Either way, they are becoming and will continue to be a popular detail, and most designers I work with agree.


Sherry Holmes helping to build a decorative arch connecting the office with the dining room and kitchen on Holmes Family Rescue.

I helped build this decorative arch connecting the office with the dining room and kitchen on Holmes Family Rescue.


Soft edges and curves are in harmony with our desire to connect with nature and feel less rigid/contrived in our spaces, says Cynthia Soda, of Soda Pop Design Inc. One of the fundamental elements of design is creating balance in a space between straight lines and soft curved edges. Decorative arches are a great way to create a focal point in a room.


Biophilic Design: Bringing Nature Indoors

All the designers I’ve worked with love adding natural elements to the spaces they create, whether it’s a “live” or “living wall,” herb wall or a grouping of house plants.

A new thing that our designers have been adding, particularly in the basement renos is a moss wall which adds a punch of green. I like to call it a “grass wall”! But seriously, adding greenery to any room brings a visual connection with the outdoors.


Holmes Family Rescue Season 2 Live Moss Art

While we were a bit worried at first about how it would look like, but this green moss art turned out great in this basement reno bringing a little bit of the outdoors indoors.


Other effective solutions are installing large expansive windows or even a seasonal sunroom. Using natural elements, such as wood or stone, or even specialized thematic wallpaper helps create warmth and texture in any room regardless of the style of the home. 


Show Your Style: Adding Personal Touches to Your Renovation

As much as I love my designers, the homes we give back to the homeowners are “homes”, not showrooms so we always try to incorporate pieces that provide a personal touch and show off their personality. This can be achieved by incorporating custom art, family heirlooms, handcrafted items and eclectic pieces of furniture – these all help create connections to the homeowner and their home and focal points within the space.

We created a beautiful wall display and focal point in a recent episode, for homeowners John & Lesa, using Lesa’s beloved blue and white China plate collection, with Kimm’s direction. Otherwise, stuffed in a drawer or box, now can be enjoyed every day. The homeowner loved it!


Sherry Holmes and Mike Holmes working with Kimmberly Capone to create a personal wall art piece for this homeowner on Holmes Family Rescue Season 2.

We had so much fun creating this personal wall gallery using the homeowner’s china that was stored for years without being used.


Use Colour to Bring Boldness to a Room

Some of the interior designers I work with love colour, which I tend to shy away from. However, with a trained eye, a pop of colour can really enhance a room. 


According to Bilha Kangethe “everything from warm earth tones like terracotta, olive green and chocolate browns, to deeper hues like chartreuse and buttery yellow tones will dominate”, offering simple elegance with comfort. 


Floral wallpaper on Holmes Family Rescue.

We wanted to really make a statement in this room and this wallpaper was the perfect fit adding lots of colours to brighten up the space.


No matter what colours you like, pops of colour can be incorporated with paint, wallpaper, a wooden wall treatment or even pillows. Adding texture is another great way to enhance a space. Plus, there are so many different wallpaper “prints” available you can even mimic a stone wall at a fraction of the cost of a real stone wall. 

There are countless possibilities to brighten and enhance a room and show your personality. 



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I’m looking forward to another busy year and I’m excited to see what my team and I can create. Renovation and design trends will come and go but ultimately it’s essential to create spaces that are practical, and functional while also reflecting your personality and lifestyle.



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