Make It Right Blogs - Mike Holmes Blog - Maximizing Your Bathroom Organization- Tips for a Tidy Shower Space
Make It Right Blogs - Mike Holmes Blog - Maximizing Your Bathroom Organization- Tips for a Tidy Shower Space

Maximizing Your Bathroom Organization: Tips for a Tidy Shower Space

By Mike Holmes

Mike’s Advice / Bathroom Renovation

Thursday, April 11th, 2024 @ 4:37pm


Keeping your bathroom organized can be a challenge, but with the right strategies and storage solutions, you can transform your shower area into a clutter-free space. I love my curbed walk-in shower. It’s spacious and has a custom wall niche and a bench. Through the process, I discovered there are many ways to keep your shower area organized by incorporating different storage solutions. Here are some bathroom organization tips for a tidy shower space.


Bathroom renovation on Holmes Family Rescue Season 2 including Schluter Shower Niche and Panasonic Ventilation Fan

We renovated this bathroom on one of our projects for Holmes Family Rescue with lots of storage options including two shower niches.


Niches or Recessed Wall

Any shower area can benefit by adding a recessed wall shelf or shower niche as it provides additional storage space integrated into the overall design of the shower area. However, the niche must be deep and tall enough to meet your storage needs. 


Schluter Shower Niche installed on Mike Holmes bathroom project.

We installed a longer shower niche in this basement bathroom renovation to give the homeowners more space to store all their items.


Niches can come prefabricated in various sizes and widths, or you can get your contractor to build a custom wall niche. They can look really slick and sometimes be the width of the entire shower wall, offering ample storage space. However, they must be adequately and securely installed to maintain the wall’s structural integrity.


Remember extra wide wall niches require special attention. And don’t forget to make sure your bathroom is watertight. 


Shchluter Shower Niche being installed on Mike Holmes Project. Holmes Family Rescue.

Unlike traditional shower niches, these prefabricated niches from Schluter are fully sealed, waterproof, and vapour-tight, so there won’t be any leaks.


Prefabricated niches by Schluter are fully sealed, waterproof and vapour-tight, so there won’t be any leaks. That’s what we use on almost all of our projects if we’re not building a custom shower niche using Schluter KERDI-BOARD.



5 Benefits of a Shower Niche


Light Up Shower Niche

If you’re looking to add a bit more flair to your bathroom consider adding some light in your shower niche. 

We recently installed the Schluter prefabricated KERDI-BOARD shower niche with integrated LIPROTEC LED lighting and let me tell you it looked stunning adding a nice warmth to the shower space. Not to mention, this is an excellent solution in shower or tub areas with dark spots, making things easier to see. 



You can also add a shelf to your niche. Makes it more functional. Schluter has shelves designed to fit right into the shower niche. They also come in different colours and styles to match your design.

The KERDI-BOARD Light-up Shower Niche system has 3 parts: the prefabricated shower niche, the power supply, and the cable. You can choose Schluter’s all-in-one dimmer switch with power supply, or you can choose your own light switch, depending on your room’s style and design.


PRO TIP: When it comes to electrical, safety always comes first. especially when dealing with water and electrical. Always hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor for a safe install done RIGHT the first time. 


Wall Shelves

Like wall niches, floating shelves provide a simple solution for storing toiletries and other shower or bathing supplies. The SHELF-W by Schluter is a rectangular shelf designed for tiled walls and to be installed with tile, while the SHELF-E is suitable for corner installations and available in three different shapes. The thick tabs allow for installation with the tile or in retrofit applications.


Schluter Linear Drain and matte black shelf fixtures in bathroom.

This curbless shower features a Schluter Linear Drain and a matching matte black shelf.


If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution, especially if you’re not planning to renovate your bathroom soon, suction shelves are a great idea. They offer an easy and affordable solution to organizing your shower area. These often come in both rectangular or corner style. 


Bathroom renovation - bathroom waterproof seal between the tile and the window

Bathroom renovation – bathroom waterproof seal between the tile and the window



How to Pick a Shower Drain and Shelf Combination

How To Make A Statement With Matte Black In Your Bathroom Renovation

Choosing the right drain for your shower


An Alternative Is Shower Caddies 

An essential shower caddy hangs over the shower head and typically offers several shelves, baskets, and hooks for all your toiletries. Other shower caddies, like tension mount corner caddies, come with baskets that help maximize your shower storage area.

If you have a bath and shower combination, a bath caddy that hangs across the bathtub’s width is also an excellent solution for organizing your toiletries.



A shower bench, whether it’s built-in or a stand-alone bench, makes washing easier. Sometimes, when you’re having a shower, it’s tough to scrub those tough-to-reach areas, especially when there’s a risk of slipping.


Subtle matte black accents create a simple, modern feel to the bathroom in Holmes Family Rescue.

Subtle matte black accents create a simple, modern feel to the bathroom in Holmes Family Rescue.


Having a bench in your walk-in shower means you can sit comfortably and wash without trying to balance. This is especially important for people with mobility issues or injuries. It’s also a good idea if you’re renovating your bathroom and intend to make this your forever home.

A shower bench provides a place for your foot to rest while shaving, exfoliating and foot scrubs. The extra surface can also be used to store additional toiletries and sponges. 


Mike Holmes bathroom renovation with a shower bench.

I’m planning to age in my current home so as part of my bathroom renovation I chose to install a shower bench.


Depending on the space, you can have a full-size bench, the width of the shower area, or for smaller areas, consider a corner bench or a narrow shower bench, which can be used for toiletries or a footrest. 

An important thing to consider is your comfort. I recently heard of a new shower renovation where the bench is unfortunately too small for some of the household members to use. This is a hard thing to rectify after the project is completed, so be sure to triple-check important elements at the beginning stages of the process. 



Shower Benches – Why You Might Need One In Your Bathroom

Walk-In Showers vs. Bathtubs: Which is Better?


Prefabricated Shower Benches

If you are building a custom bench or are looking for a prefabricated option, I would look no further and use Schluter Systems. We’ve used them for years on our project and it really is the best. 


Installing a shower bench on one of our projects using Schluter Kerdi-Board Pre-Fabricated Bench

Installing a shower bench on one of our projects using Schluter Kerdi-Board Pre-Fabricated Bench


Schluter®-KERDI-BOARD-SB, is a prefabricated bench made of KERDI-BOARD, for use with other Schluter®-Shower System components. KERDI-SHOWER-SB is waterproof and ready for tile, leaving only the sealing of joints and corners to complete waterproofing. 

And if you are creating a shower or bathroom area that is completely unique and custom, KERDI-BOARD is the ideal material for the job.



Additional Accessories

Towel racks

Towel racks are a great way to keep your shower area organized. If installing a towel bar in your walk-in shower area, install it on the opposite wall of your shower head. Doing this will keep your towels from getting wet when in the shower. Alternatively, towel racks can be placed outside the shower door, behind the bathroom door or on the wall near your shower area.


Wall Mounted Dispensers

A wall-mounted shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel dispenser with suction cups is another great space saver. They also eliminate the need for many bottles that could clutter up your bathroom shelves. Look for models that include suction cups for easy installation on tiled surfaces. With wall-mounted dispensers, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips for a refreshing shower anytime.


Hooks And Hangers

Consider using hooks and hangers to organize your shower area. Hooks for hanging loofahs, scrub brushes, bathrobes and towels can be installed on the back of your bathroom door or other unused wall space. Hangers that have multiple hooks are particularly handy to maximize vertical storage in tiny bathrooms. Consider purchasing waterproof or rust-resistant hooks for long-term use in damp settings.


Shower Curtain Rings with Clips

Upgrade your shower curtain by adding rings with clips. You can easily hang a decorative curtain and shower curtain liner with these multipurpose accessories. The clips can also be used to fasten tiny sacks or pouches that are used to hold loofahs and shampoo bottles during showers. For long-lasting durability, go with premium shower curtain rings made from rust-resistant materials.



How To Renovate a Small Bathroom


I like to be organized and for everything to have a place. When thinking of ways to manage your shower area, take into account how much space you have and the style of your bathroom. You also want to choose organizers that are easy to maintain and clean but large enough to accommodate all your toiletries. If you are remodelling your bathroom, you can consider custom or prefabricated niches, shelves and benches. Otherwise, there are many other types of portable organizers available. 

Either way, proper storage will keep your bathroom and shower area clean and organized.



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