How to pick a shower drain and bathroom renovation for bathroom renovation with today's color trends and styles
How to pick a shower drain and bathroom renovation for bathroom renovation with today's color trends and styles

How to Pick a Shower Drain and Shelf Combination

By Mike Holmes

Mike’s Advice / Bathroom Renovation

Tuesday, November 16th, 2021 @ 9:45am

If you have watched any of my TV shows, you know we love using Schluter Systems for all our bathroom and waterproofing needs. The great thing about Schluter Systems is that not only do they manufacture high-quality waterproofing systems, but they are always coming up with new innovative products that are smart, durable, and complement today’s color trends and styles. I’m going to give you an overview of how to pick your shower drain and shelf combination.


Schluter Systems has a series of TRENDLINE drain and shelf combinations that can add function and elegance to any bathroom design. They look fantastic with six different finishes available and even have matching profiles to complete the look.


The line comes in 6 TRENDLINE textured color-coated aluminum finishes, in matte black, matte white, stone grey, greige, cream, and bronze, as well as brushed stainless steel. The colours blend with natural tones, black and white – virtually any colour scheme, or can work to create a bold contrast look in any shower area. 


The Schluter Shelf-E is a corner shelf designed for tiled walls or in retrofit applications. The shelf comes in three unique shapes: pentagonal, quadrilateral, and triangular, and five designs: floral, curve, pure, wave, and square, and can be combined with the KERDI-DRAIN and KERDI-LINE drain grates.



Choosing The Right Drain For Your Shower


Matte Black Floral Drain and Shelf Combination



Matte black is a popular finish in today’s bathroom renovations for faucets and fixtures. The floral designed drain and shelf combination is a perfect addition to complement this colour scheme. The matte black works great with neutral tone tiles, like white and gray for a contemporary or farmhouse design, and also works well with other bright tones, like bright gold, copper, and brass finishes.

Black Matte Drain pairs well with the gray and white marble porcelain tile.


This corner shelf in a matte black floral design keeps shower essentials off the floor for a clean and finished look.

Detail: Matte Black Floral Drain and Shelf Set

Matte White Curve Drain and Shelf Combination

Matte white provides a fresh, clean look that never goes out of style. The matte white drain and shelf combination will complement any faucet finish, particularly polished nickel or silver. It also works nicely with a white grout line – creating a clean, modern look. A point drain works best with smaller format tiles, like a mosaic. This is because the sloped shower floor can easily be installed for proper water flow to the drain. 

The Schluter®-KERDI-DRAIN is ideal for tiled showers as this drain has a bonding flange that allows the waterproofing membrane to be sealed right to the top of the drain, so there is no way for moisture to escape. The grate on this drain can be easily adjusted for different tile thicknesses, so it’s great and versatile to work with. 

Schluter also has Schluter®-KERDI-DRAIN-A , adaptor kits for when the clamping ring drain cannot be removed. 

The white curve drain and shelf combination easily complement any neutral palettes.

Matte White Curve Drain and Shelf Set




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Pure Design Drain and Shelf Combination in Greige

The pure design drain and shelf combination in greige is a matte, warm gray finish that will complement a wide variety of colour schemes, like soft greens, rose and pinks, and blues, like aqua and turquoise.

Pure Design Drain and Shelf Set in Greige


Choosing A Linear Drain

Brushed Stainless Steel Linear Drain and Shelf Combination

Linear drains provide a sleek and modern look to any walk-in shower. A brushed stainless steel finish on this linear drain and shelf combination offers a rich and contemporary feel. It also complements a variety of tiles colours and accents.

The design of a linear shower drain allows for the capture of a large amount of water. It directs it to a single exit point. The drains are typically installed adjacent to the walls within the shower or at the shower entrance.  Linear drains are perfect for a curbless shower or large tile with narrow grout line applications. When installing a linear drain, the floor of the shower can slope on a single plane. Large format tiles can be used throughout the entire bathroom floor right into the shower to create a seamless look.

When installing a curbless shower, use Schluter®-KERDI-LINE low profile linear drain. It’s ideal for barrier-free or curbless areas, wet rooms, and other spaces that require waterproofing and drainage. What I love is that it has a collar of the waterproofing membrane integrated right on the channel body. This means sealing the drain to the shower floor is a breeze.

The design and shape of the shelf provide a unique look.

The square linear drain grate and coordinating shelf, paired with a large format tile application, will add a clean, sophisticated, and modern look to any walk-in shower or steam room. 

Square linear drain grate with square corner shelf in brushed stainless


Matte Black Linear Drain and Shelf Combination

With its striking, modern look, matte black for hardware, décor, and finishes remains popular. Bathroom designers embraced this classic look quickly, with matte black faucets, shower heads, and accessories all working together to convert plain into beautiful.

I love the matte black KERDI-LINE linear drain from Schluter®-Systems. They can be blended in with a darker tile or used to create a bold contrast with a lighter tile.


These innovative linear drain grates go seamlessly with the Schluter®-SHELF and other matte black Schluter profiles. KERDI-DRAIN is also available with a matte black grate in the CURVE, FLORAL, and PURE styles.


What’s great is that the Schluter®-KERDI-LINE-FC cover plate is also available in matte black and may be used in conjunction with the KERDI-LINE linear floor drain to achieve a seamless appearance in installations where several drains are fitted end to end.

Schluter Kerdi-Line Matte Black Drain and Schluter®-SHELF Combination go seamlessly with other matte black accessories

Schluter Kerdi-Line Matte Black Drain and Schluter®-SHELF Combination go seamlessly with other matte black accessories



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The best part of the Schluter System is that no matter what drain you choose, whether it’s a linear or a point drain and shelf combination, there is a finish and color to complement any design and colour scheme.



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