13 Bathroom Ideas You Will Love

By Sherry Holmes

Mike’s Advice / Bathroom Renovation

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 @ 9:51am

I love browsing for inspirational remodel projects, even if I am not renovating my own house. One of my favourite parts of working on Holmes+Holmes projects was working with our designer Kimberly to pick out the looks for each project. 

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom this year, check out these awesome bathroom remodel ideas from our Holmes Approved Homes partners:

Grey and White Bathroom

Love this bright bathroom from Vicky’s Homes in Edmonton. You can bring in colours with your towels and accessories to really personalize the space.

Grey Bathroom_Vickys2

Check out more from Vicky’s Homes

Custom Vanity

Check out this live edge custom vanity.

 I love the rustic and simplistic look and I LOVE the wallpaper. 

Spacious Master Bathroom

Lots of room plus his and hers sinks feature in this huge space.

Pink and White Bathroom

Happy to say that I actually worked on this bathroom! This was for a family with four daughters. 


We wanted to bring in some pink for them!

Separated Shower

I love that the shower is separated from the rest of the bathroom. Creates a spa-like atmosphere!

Precision Custom Homes2

This project is by Precision Custom Homes.

Standout Wallpaper

Updating your bathroom with some wallpaper is an easy way to refresh the look. Check out this cool wallpaper for a powder room.

Black and White Bathroom

Love these cool pendants over the sink. And the tiles!

Project by Lexis Homes.

The Great Gatsby Bathroom

This bathroom is giving us serious Jay Gatsby vibes. 

Stunning Bathroom Vanity

This gorgeous vanity is made from custom cut, solid teak, then expertly sealed in ICA for exotic woods with high natural oil content. A pure white, U-shaped stack covers plumbing between the teak shelves for an extra crisp look. Stunning and unique!

Small Bathroom Idea

. We put in Schluter Shelf-E corner shelves in the shower and gave them a pocket door to maximize the space.

Holmes + Holmes bathroom

This bathroom was featured on Holmes + Holmes and was built for a wonderful family with a son with mobility issues

Indoor Sauna in The Bathroom

Okay, how amazing is this idea? An indoor sauna built right into your home. 

This project is by Omega Homes in Ottawa, Canada.

Log Home bathroom

This bathroom is from an engineered log home by Timber Block.

These homes can be built virtually anywhere and can be customized. You can even draw up your own unique plan.

Wooden Shower Look

If you are sick of whites and greys in your bathroom, here is another colour scheme to consider. I also love shelves in the shower-great to store my bath products.


This bathroom is by Habib Homes.

If you are not budgeting for a complete bathroom renovation this year, there are some simpler updates you can make to make your bathroom look new. Even something as simple as replacing your old caulking makes a difference.

Check out 6 tips to make your bathroom look new.

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