Wedding Planning With A Baby On The Way - Sherry holmes blog - michael junior, sherry,
Wedding Planning With A Baby On The Way - Sherry holmes blog - michael junior, sherry,

Wedding Planning With A Baby On The Way

By Sherry Holmes

Mike’s Advice / Lifestyle

Monday, December 3rd, 2018 @ 2:54pm

First of all, I’d like to apologize to everyone who has planned their own wedding, and to all wedding planners/coordinators.  I have NEVER given any of you enough credit. Planning a wedding is damn hard! Congratulations to everyone who has done this, complaining far less than I have.

When Blake first proposed (after the shock wore off), I was like “yeah.  I can absolutely plan my own wedding. What’s the big deal? I’ll just start early.”  Not so accurate… I had every intention on planning and organizing early, but life some times just has a way of getting in the way, you know what I mean?  


Finding the resort

Our first step was to pick a resort!  We both knew we wanted to have a destination wedding, but it boiled down to where and when.  

Blake’s family goes on a trip every other year together to celebrate Christmas.  So we thought December would be a decent time for most of his guests, and for nice weather.  Our Anniversary also happens to be on December 12th, so BAM!  We have a date and just need a “where”.  

With my brother’s wedding approaching and all of their festivities, we were only half looking at resorts we’d be interested in going to.  I knew where I did NOT want to get married; so we started from there. I would scan through different resorts and prices, every bit of free time I had.  Until one day (a week before Michael’s wedding) I found THE resort. I was in love! It was stunning, newly built, and a place not too many of our guests would have travelled to – Saint Lucia.  I wanted my photos to be beautiful – Check! Wanted great food and cocktails – Check! And we wanted a smaller resort that would accommodate our party size, without forcing me to get married on the beach – Check!  

I didn’t even mean to have those things sorted out as fast as I did.  We had to book it and reserve our date and space as soon as we could.


Now what?

Wedding Planning With A Baby On The Way - Sherry holmes blog - michael junior, sherry, lisa marie, blake - cheers

Celebrating my engagement party before my life was about to get even busier!

Wahoo!  We did it.  We were well on our way to having a wedding…  Problem was, I had zero idea of what to do next.  So, I didn’t do too much. That’s all I really had to do right?  Ha. Ha. Ha.

Between flying around for work, filming Holmes Next Generation, attempting to have a personal life, the gym, and sleep, I didn’t think I had time for too much else.  I was sure I could finish everything in the year and a half we had given ourselves for an engagement period.  


Fast forward to this past summer

The time had seemed to fly by!  I couldn’t believe how soon we were getting married.  I really needed to start focusing… And then I found out I was pregnant.  Now that news really changed a lot. I had a dry wedding shower and bachelorette party (for me, anyway).  I had a dress ordered I wasn’t going to fit into, and I had a secret I was hiding from my family and work!  On top of that I had to deal with the exhaustion of being pregnant. So, needless to say; I once more let wedding planning take a back-seat to my other priorities. I’ve been blogging about my pregnancy experience, check that out here!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed planning and organizing our wedding.  I’m a list person, and a bit of a dreamer, so this is kind of fun for me. However, having never consider what my wedding would be like, and not exactly given myself the time to do everything, it has been a bit of a challenge. I had to pick napkins, floral arrangements, table cloths, isle runners, music!  I’m still not done!


Wedding Planning With A Baby On The Way - Sherry holmes blog - michael junior, sherry, lisa marie holmes - trying out dresses

The girls had a great time trying on bridesmaid dresses and Michael met us for lunch!


We’re leaving for our destination wedding in a couple of days!  AHHHH!!! I’ll be honest, I should probably be working on ALL of the last minute details I have yet to finish, instead of writing this blog post…  Or maybe working on my speech.

Okay, back to work!


We had the wedding! Check out the video below for my amazing wedding in Saint Lucia.

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