Make It Right - Mike Holmes Jr Blog - Exploring Bosch Mini-Split Heat Pump
Make It Right - Mike Holmes Jr Blog - Exploring Bosch Mini-Split Heat Pump

Exploring Bosch Mini-Split Heat Pump Energy Efficiency & Features

By Mike Holmes Jr

Mike’s Advice / Home Safety & Maintenance

Monday, January 15th, 2024 @ 11:45am

We Installed A Bosch Mini-Split On Our Project And Here’s What We Thought About The System

Heat pumps have been around for a while but with the latest in inverter technology heat pump mini splits are a great addition to your home. They offer efficiency and energy savings, making them a top choice for homeowners to heat and cool homes, providing a comfortable environment for homeowners. Traditional central heat pumps rely on ductwork, but mini-split heat pumps can efficiently heat and cool a house without using ducts. Instead, they use a network of one or more indoor heads distributed throughout the house.

We have installed Bosch heat pumps and mini-split systems in several of our projects including Frank’s sunroom. I also had a chance to learn a lot from the experts who helped us install this (always hire an HVAC specialist to do the job).


Mike Jr and Bosch Mini-Split Heat Pump System Installed In Sunroom in Frank Cozzolino’s Home, in Holmes Family Rescue

We introduced a “living wall” to Frank’s sunroom and added a Bosch mini-split so this room can be enjoyed all year long!


Here’s what I learnt about Bosch systems and our thoughts on them.


Key Features of the Bosch Mini-Split Heat Pump

The Bosch mini-split is a great alternative to traditional HVAC systems as it can be easily integrated into your existing system. Mini-splits are ideal for smaller spaces or individual living spaces. They provide on-demand comfort, are simple to install, and easy to maintain.

The Climate 5000 mini-split system uses efficient technologies to achieve up to a 22 SEER rating, minimizing power use and your electrical bill!

No ductwork is required for installation – that means, less installation time, less tools and mess. Other features include a multi-part filter system and a built-in cleaning mode. Plus, these systems are compact and whisper quiet – you can barely hear them.


Bosch Mini-Split being installed on Holmes project by HVAC specialist.

The Bosch mini-split heat pump is a ductless system. The system only needs a 3” diameter opening for running the lines. Always make sure to hire an HVAC pro for installation.


The Bosch Mini-Split is made up of a single outdoor unit and one or multiple indoor units —single zone vs. multi-zone system. Each outdoor unit can handle up to 5 indoor units.


The indoor air handlers can be programmed with a 24-hour timer or controlled by a remote for individualized comfort. Not only does a mini-split cool a space, but it also can heat a space while also helping to achieve consistent temperature and humidity levels throughout the space. Once the set temperature is achieved, the system continues to operate with minimum power saving you money.

The Bosch Climate 5000 Series includes models to suit every homeowner’s needs. There are 3 different capacity categories, Regular, Max Performance, and Light Commercial depending on where you live, the climate (i.e. how cold it gets), as well as the space you’re looking to heat and cool (whether it’s one room or multiple). It’s also available as a single-zone or multi-zone system.



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Single Zone Systems

Single-zone systems focus on individual rooms and living spaces rather than a central system’s “one-size-fits-all” approach. Installation is easy and is ideal for a new addition or in-law basement suite. It’s also great for all-season sunrooms like we installed at Frank’s home in Holmes Family Rescue. 

All the single zone systems are ENERGY STAR rated, which are highly efficient saving you money on your energy bills.


Multi-Zone Systems

Multi-zone systems focus on a few different rooms (up to five rooms) all connected to one air handler. This works for both the regular system and the Max Performance system. 


Mike Holmes Jr with Bosch Mini-Split Climate 5000 heat pump Outdoor Unit

One multi-zone outdoor condenser can handle up to five air handers into almost any indoor room or space.


The simplified systems allow for flexible installation that provides a quiet and compact solution to heating and cooling individual rooms at desired temperatures. Using an independent thermostat for each room, you can set the ideal desired temperature. 

A multi-zone system is great for an entire new home, or multiple rooms within one to three-story homes, like an older or century home like mine! Century homes weren’t built with modern-day HVAC systems in mind. Mini-splits can be a great addition to help keep certain areas, like the top floor, more comfortable with a balance of heating and cooling throughout the seasons.



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Mini-Split Indoor Unit

The wall-mounted mini-split indoor unit is the most popular model. This is typically installed on the wall a few inches down from the ceiling – clear of any other objects. They can have high airflow, sensors and oscillating vanes to disburse air over a large living area.


Sherry Holmes with a Bosch Mini-Split Climate 5000 heat pump installed on Holmes Project

We recently installed a Bosch Mini-Split Climate 5000 heat pump on a new home addition project we worked on.


Some mini-splits come in a floor-mounted model – ideal for basements or areas that lack wall space.

Ceiling-mounted models are ideal for hallways or landings as air is distributed in four different directions. Good for installation on the top floor of a home, and are often used in a multi-zone application. They do have lower airflow ratings than wall or floor-mounted units.


Pros and Cons of the Bosch Mini-Split Heat Pump

Advantages of Bosch heat pump mini splits

The higher the SEER, the more efficient the mini-split system. Bosch mini splits are incredibly efficient when compared to other mini split manufacturers on the market, with SEER2 ratings of up to 28.1. Plus, most mini-spits are compact and have the flexibility to fit almost anywhere. 


What does SEER and EER Mean? Cooling performance and efficiency

The difference between SEER2 and EER2. The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is a standardized measurement of an air conditioner’s efficiency, whereas, the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) gauges how effectively an air conditioner runs over the course of a season. The unit is more efficient the greater either ratio is.


Here are some of the other benefits:


Heat pump – Heating and Cooling system

A heat pump is an HVAC system that uses refrigeration and electricity to provide heating and cooling to a home. The biggest advantage benefit of using an air-source heat pump is the high efficiency it can provide in heating compared to other systems like furnaces, boilers, and electric baseboards. We installed a ductless Bosch Heating and Cooling heat pump in Frank's house. Ductless is when the heat pump is located in an indoor unit and is generally located on the floor or wall of a room or space it is heating or cooling 👍

Posted by Mike Holmes Jr. on Wednesday, September 28, 2022



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Limitations or Potential drawbacks to consider

Mini-splits can be costly with higher upfront costs per unit. However, this can quickly balance out with the energy savings these units provide down the road. 

The other thing to keep in mind is that the exterior part of the system must be placed in a spot where it can drain water and must be elevated.



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Performance and Efficiency

Energy Star Rated

The Bosch Climate 5000 Series has ENERGY STAR certification. This state-of-the-art heat pump system series boasts an outstanding SEER rating of up to 25 as mentioned above.


How well do mini splits heat in the winter?

The Bosch Climate 5000 series requires no additional hardware or accessories to operate at low ambient temperatures. It also delivers 100% heating capacity at temperatures as low as -5°F. Plus, it has a base pan heater that prevents any condensation from freezing in cold weather. This system will also provide cooling at low temperatures.

By delivering continuous temperature control with cutting-edge inverter drive technology, the Bosch Climate 5000 Mini Splits ensures peak performance while consuming the least amount of energy. This dramatically increases energy savings. 


Installation and Setup

Bosch mini split systems offer easy installation. All connections between the indoor units and outdoor units, including electrical, refrigerant and condensate drain lines, run through their own small 3″ hole from the inside to the outdoor compressor. 


HVAC specialist on Holmes project installing Bosch Climate 5000 Mini-Split Heat Pump.

We always hire the right professionals to do the job —HVAC is one of them.


From a contractor’s point of view, the mini-split is easy to install, taking anywhere from ½ a day to a full day depending on the complexity of the installation. Ideally, the run lines will be close to the indoor unit however depending on the circumstances and the client’s preference the lines can be quite a distance to the outdoor unit – up to 70 ft. 


Pro Tip: No matter how long the lines are, get your installer to install a line cover kit for a neat and streamlined look. 


Do you need a mini-split in every bedroom?

Depending on your preferred heating and cooling system and the layout of your house, you might not need a Bosch Mini-Split in every room. These systems are a great option for specific areas that need personalized comfort because they are optimal for individual room control. Strategically placed units, however, can be a good option for large homes while keeping costs in check.


User-Friendliness and Controls

Each indoor unit is controlled with its own remote or wired wall thermostat. Additionally, the multi-zone systems can be operated with a smart WiFi thermostat and are compatible with a 24V thermostat. 

This EnergyStar-certified multi-zone mini split features inverter technology, which provides optimum power control and highly efficient operation by automatically changing the condenser power to match your home’s needs. 

Using an infrared sensor, the Intelligent Eye feature saves energy and provides improved humidity control by lowering the speed of the compressor when nobody is in the room. This feature is included with the third-generation wall-mounted indoor unit.


Does a Bosch mini-split dehumidify in winter?

Yes, a Bosch mini-split can dehumidify in winter. While primarily designed for heating and cooling, these systems often have a “dry mode” that helps reduce indoor humidity, providing year-round comfort and improved air quality in your home. It’s a valuable feature for maintaining a balanced environment, especially in the colder months.


What is the noise level of Bosch Climate 5000?

All this with sound levels as low as 23 dBA —that means it’s virtually quiet. You won’t even know it’s on. The result is a speedy, flexible operation that uses less electricity and gives you a more quiet, comfortable space.

If fitted, the optional wall-mounted thermostat will show any problem codes on the indoor unit.


Durability and Reliability

Warranty coverage and customer support

The Bosch Climate 5000 series comes with a limited residential warranty, providing you peace of mind. The compressor and other parts are covered by a 10-year warranty. Other components or parts that are purchased from Bosch and installed in the field have a 1-year replacement parts warranty from occupancy or start-up. 


mike holmes protection plan

A home protection plan is a smart investment to protect the major systems of your house, such as heating and cooling, appliances, etc. Check out the Mike Holmes Protection Plan packages!


Maintenance Requirements

Regular maintenance is required, and this includes removing and cleaning the air filter every two weeks. The display on the head unit will flash a “CL” code as a reminder to clean the filter which typically needs cleaning after 240 hours of use.


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Your HVAC system is one of the most essential systems in your home and it pays to look after it – and hiring a professional is always the best decision.


You should also make it a habit to change the filter every couple of months or after 2,880 hours of use. As a reminder, the display will flash an “nF” code on the head, when this should be done. Don’t forget to manually reset the code after replacing the filters.



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Cost Savings

Long-term savings come from using inverter technology, which uses less energy while maintaining consistent humidity and temperature levels. An inverter unit constantly adjusts to match the needs of your space, maximizing efficiency while running quietly. Unlike traditional HVAC systems, these systems continue operating even after reaching a target temperature, avoiding complete shutdown.

The great thing is that lots of provinces and states are supporting more energy-efficient upgrades which means there are rebates and incentives you can take advantage of to help cover the costs of this upgrade. 


You can visit to find out more about government rebates in your area. 


Mini-splits are experts at zoning and let you control the temperature in separate areas. There will be no more arguments about the thermostat since everyone will be comfortable. It will also help increase your home’s efficiency and save money on your energy bill. Plus, installation is simple because there is no ducting involved. However, as always we recommend working with an HVAC specialist to find if a mini split heat pump is right for your home, finding the right size unit, and properly installing it.



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