17 Awesome Stylish & Practical Entryway Ideas

By Sherry Holmes

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Monday, June 15th, 2020 @ 3:06pm

I always talk about curb appeal because that’s the first thing people notice when they walk up to your house. The entryway is the first space your guests will see inside when entering your home. It can really set the theme for the entire house, and serve as a practical space as well.

How much space do you have to work with? Do you need an entryway bench? What kind of first impression do you want to set? 

I’ve gathered some awesome entryway ideas to inspire you!

Small Entryway

A small space entryway can easily be transformed into a practical space with storage benches and a few wall hooks. Nice hardware on the closet doors also make a good first impression.

Door hardware supplied by Schlage, and project featured in Holmes and Holmes.

A Statement Piece

I loved working with our interior designer to find pieces that work well in this house. The large mirror and netural console table was a great fit for this entrance! 

A clever mirrored box can hide your small clutter to keep the area looking tidy.


No space is wasted with this entryway mudroom. We installed tile floors at the entrance so that the homeowner wouldn’t be walking on hardwood (not going for those winter boots). The built-in shelving allows for décor pieces to be features.

This mudroom is from Holmes and Holmes.


Mudrooms are becoming a popular addition to any home for keeping busy households in order. Check out 7 mudroom ideas to inspire you!

Abstract Artwork

Use your entryway to show off your prized artwork. A simple bench perfectly complements an oversized painting. An abstract piece (instead of portraits or photos) allow you to match your entryway décor.

Project by RDC Fine Homes.

The Wow Factor

Add some wow factor to your entryway with pendant lighting and beautiful front doors. With a door like that, you don’t need any other accessories in your foyer.

Be Practical

Even a small bench, pressed up against the wall by the door is a good piece to have. Your guests can plop down and take off their shoes.

Pick a Bold Color

If your budget is tight, try a bold color for your entryway.

Splurge on An Area Rug

An area rug in the foyer is great for separating the space from the rest of the house. I will caution you to get a rug that’s easy to clean! 

Get A Decorative Mirror

To create the illusion of a true entryway, we used the living room couch to create a distinct separation. With a small space, adding decorative mirrors is always a good idea. They make the space look bigger, and guests can check themselves out! 

This project was featured in Holmes and Holmes.

Get Bold with Your Lighting

A statement lighting fixture makes for a memorable entryway.

Great job on this custom home Bernskoetter Construction!

Small Console Table

Add a small console table with drawers to hold your keys, gloves etc. It proves just a little bit of extra storage, and is perfect for smaller entryways.

Project by Lexis Homes

Add some greens

Bring in the greens! Plants at the entrance instantly bring life to your space. I love the curved stairs as well.

Foyer by Western Living Homes.

Bold artwork

I’ve seen people cover their entrances with wallpaper and bold design. Although that looks cool, a colorful art piece is a lower commitment feature to bring in if you have the wall space. If you get bored, just swap out the painting.

Entryway by Hasler Homes.

Include something unexpected

Most people won’t expect to see a wood feature wall right at your entrance. 

But why not? I love this wall by Lexis Homes!

Pick pieces that work and are functional

This gorgeous entryway is perfectly dressed up with a chest with lots of storage space. It also allows you to have an uncluttered entrance. I love the vintage table lamps!

Small Foyer

I am definitely biased, but I do love this small entryway we renovated for a wonderful homeowner. You can see right into the living room as soon as you take a couple steps in, so we made sure to go all out on the living room with a custom wall and new wood floors.

Project featured in Holmes Next Generation

A Bright Hello

I love bright entrances. The glass panels allow light to come in, and the simple furniture makes the space look bigger.

Home by Lexis Homes.

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