31 Design Ideas For Your Bedroom

By Sherry Holmes

Mike’s Advice / Design & Renovation Inspiration

Tuesday, June 9th, 2020 @ 4:17pm

A bedroom is a very personal space, and it needs to be a place you can relax and recharge. Even though a lot of your guests probably won’t see your bedroom, you still want to pick furniture, colour schemes, décor theme and lighting that will make your bedroom feel like a retreat.

Here are some amazing bedroom décor ideas I’ve collected to inspire you to transform your space. Some of these easy upgrades are even DIY projects for the weekend. Have fun with textures, statement walls and fun décor!

Inspiration for Feature Walls In Your Bedroom

A wooden custom wall and potlights add warmth and a rustic look to this bedroom. If square footage is a challenge, stick to a color scheme. Simple furniture and netural linens let the feature wall shine.

Project by Chris Franklin.

If you go with a statement wall, keep it simple with your furniture. In bedroom where space is limited, too many different colors and textures can make the room seem claustrophobic. This furniture was supplied and Wayfair Canada.

Project featured in Holmes+Holmes.

A textured brick wall is complimented by modern pendant lighting. Choose a small wall, you don’t need to cover the entire bedroom. I also love the handing pendant lamps. They free up nightstand space and look very chic.

Project by Rinaldi Homes.

Be whimsical. A fun wallpaper pattern brings a pop of color to the bedroom. Check out the built-in shelf-perfect for extra storage space. I love the simple bedside table! Also a great idea for a kid’s bedroom.

Project by Lexis Homes.


Tips for Making Your Home Kid Friendly

Textured wallpaper adds personality to the room. Furniture supplied by Wayfair Canada. Project featured in Holmes and Holmes.

Wood paneling on bedroom walls. A bright rug makes a huge difference and is a fairly low cost item. Easy way to update the look of your bedroom.

Bedroom by Timber Block.

Matching custom wall and bedroom rug make the bedroom décor look unified. Wallpaper is an easy way to add personality without taking up any valuable space, and is a fairly simple DIY job. I would totally do this for a guest bedroom.`

This custom wall is a beauty! Simple white furniture and bed frame  is the perfect combination for a busy wall. 

Project by Zeina Homes.

This log home by Timber Block is extremely energy efficient.

A nice shaggy rug brings texture to the bedroom.

This gorgeous bedroom is fit for the King Of The North. Mix and match layers of rich textures for a warm and inviting look.

Project by custom home builder Bernskoetter Construction.

Custom Ceiling Work For Your Bedroom

Check out this gorgeous custom ceiling!  Having a ceiling fan in your room may replace the need to turn on your air conditioning unit some days.


Ceiling Fans Lower Your Energy Bills. Find out more ways to reduce your monthly bills.

This small bedroom was featured in Holmes+Holmes and features a coffered wall by Mike Holmes Jr. The statement textured  wallpaper wall is a great compliment to the wood furniture.

A red rug adds color and wamth to this space.

Monochromatic Bedroom Ideas

This elegant grey and white bedroom looks so luxurious. And check out the canopy bed! Indoor plants aren’t just for the living room. They work perfectly in a bedroom as long as you have enough natural light coming in. Or fake it! Artificial plants are cheap and easy to find online.

Bedroom by Vickys Homes.



Here’s another grey and white bedroom. The beautiful headboard is the perfect decorative accessory. A dark wood floor pairs well with white and grey furniture pieces. 

Design by Kimmberly Capone Interior Design.

An all-white bedroom looks clean and tidy. Compliment with a nice chandelier! If you get bored of this colour scheme, you can easily swap out the throw cushions and some décor pieces to bring color in.

Design by Kimmberly Capone Interior Design.

Unique Architecture

Less is more. A minimalist bedroom idea by Timber Block. A nice leather chair in the corner is perfect for your reading nook. Look at the beautiful light pouring in! A sleek bed is perfect for this modern yet minimalist room.

This cozy bedroom is in the loft.

There’s a certain ethereal feel to this bedroom because of the unique architectural lines. Large windows make for a stunning morning view.

Project by RDC Fine Homes.

No artwork needed here. Embrace the rustic feel of a log home. The walls in this log home are perfect as is. Pair with shaggy cushions and a throw.

Project by Timber Block.

Chalet style bedroom! A loft is a great place to have a cozy bedroom. Love the earthy palette. This bedroom is truly a retreat.

Design by Timber Block.

Bold Colors In Your Bedroom

Pick a bold wall color for an accent wall. A statement wall allows you to bring an interesting feature into your bedroom without cluttering up it. Matching your accessories with the wall color is a great idea.

Project by Lexis Homes.

For your bedroom, pick a wall color that soothes and relaxes you. Then pair it with comfortable, neutral furniture so its not overwhelming.

Bedroom featured in Holmes and Holmes.



Add moodiness to the room with a dark wall. Take advantage of large windows by placing a chair near the window.  Perfect for reading or working.

Bedroom by Lexis Homes.

Try out trend colors with your accessories. Accessories are low commitment items, and you can even swap out cushions and décor pieces from your living room for a change.

Bedroom by Vicky’s Homes.

Say goodbye to clutter with nightstands that have lots of storage. The large windows in this bedroom don’t even need drapes. Let the sunlight our right in! A simple headboard offers a nice contrast against the grey wall.

Bedroom by Vicky’s Homes.

Warm Earth Tones

A fireplace in the bedroom is perfect for a cozy night in. Minimalist furniture leaves the space airy.

Bedroom by Omega Homes.

You don’t need slippers when you have a soft rug in your bedroom. Install statement lighting to free up space on your nightstand. Layered bedding gives the space a glamorous look.

Bedroom by Wastell Homes.

A combination of pendant lighting and pot lights bring an interesting look to this bedroom. A large mirror is a great wall piece for bedrooms. Pick colors you naturally gravitate towards.

Add a sitting area in your bedroom. I converted my home office into a home gym, so most of the time I’m taking calls from my living room or bedroom. Seating areas in your bedroom are also great for reading.

Project featured in Holmes And Holmes.

What a great reading or relaxing nook in the bedroom! Add a comfy throw to curl up under.

Project featured in Holmes and Holmes and the furniture is from Wayfair Canada.

Pick one piece of artwork you adore. I think it looks charming!

This bedroom was featured in Holmes and Holmes and the décor is from Wayfair Canada.

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