Planning My Perfect Proposal - Mike Holmes Jr and Lisa Maries Holmes - Wedding
Planning My Perfect Proposal - Mike Holmes Jr and Lisa Maries Holmes - Wedding

Planning My Perfect Proposal

By Mike Holmes

Mike’s Advice / Lifestyle

Friday, November 9th, 2018 @ 12:33pm

From day one, I knew I wanted to marry Lisa – but planning a proposal? I had no idea. And we had a lot going on. Lisa was in naturopathic medical school, we were renovating our home while filming Holmes and Holmes Season One. We were busy!

But I wanted the proposal to be perfect – and I knew I could use the show as a cover.

Planning the Perfect Weekend

What I love about Holmes and Holmes is that sometimes we get to share a bit about our lives when we’re off the construction site. That gave me the perfect idea: I could plan a weekend getaway for us to Ottawa and tell Lisa it was purely for the show.

Planning My Perfect Proposal - Mike Holmes Jr and Lisa Maries Holmes - Hike

It started with a beautiful fall walk in the Gatineau Hills

Really, it was a cover for the proposal. I planned a hike in Gatineau Hills, a morning at a farmers market, a couples massage, and manicure and pedicure for her. Finally, I told her we’d end the weekend with a dinner with some of my friends who lived in Ottawa. Remember, this was a weekend for the show, after all! In reality, I’d booked out an entire restaurant for the two of us so I could propose.

Everything on Saturday all went to plan – and I felt confident about the proposal. As we were getting our massages on Sunday, I was getting extremely nervous, to the point that I was too tense to even enjoy the massage! When the massage was done I left Lisa to enjoy her manicure and pedicure, telling her I’d meet her at the restaurant with the guys. I did my best to be cool, calm, and collected while I was with her, but the second I got out the door I ran back to the hotel to get ready. I quickly got myself together and hustled over to the restaurant.

Once I got to the restaurant, I started to set up the balloons, the candles and get the mood right. Meanwhile Lisa, who thought I was settled with my friends at the restaurant took her sweet, sweet time at the hotel getting ready. Meanwhile, I’m pacing back and forth, waiting for Lisa, and triple checking that everything was perfect.

Time seemed to slow down a lot while I waited for her to show up.

The Proposal

When Lisa finally arrived, she met with our director and sound guy out front. They were playing it super cool and she had no idea what was about to happen.

In walks Lisa.

She expected to see me at a table with my friends and a restaurant full of people. Instead, I was standing at the top of the stairs, in my suit, trying to keep my composure. I will never forget the moment, her eyes transformed as she realized what was happening. As Lisa walked towards me my heart began to pound even faster.

For anyone who has proposed to someone, I think you know the rush I’m talking about. As she reached the top of the stairs I took her by the hand and dropped down to one knee. I had a speech prepared that, miraculously, I managed to get out. I asked her to marry me, and as you know, she said yes!

The reason I chose to propose to Lisa at this restaurant is because she has celiac disease and food has been a major struggle of hers. My friend Kirk was the head chef and not only made sure that she had a gluten free, safe meal he made us an 18 course meal to celebrate our engagement. I know it sounds like a lot, but don’t worry – I ate my 18, and 9 of hers. No food was wasted that day.

Our weekend trip to Ottawa ended just as I was hoping it would. I was engaged to the love of my life. Then, it was back to work to finish our new home – and start the wedding planning!


Planning My Perfect Proposal - Mike Holmes Jr and Lisa Maries Holmes - Engaged

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