Winter Home Maintenance

Winter Home Maintenance

By Mike Holmes

Mike’s Advice / Home Safety & Maintenance

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 @ 2:51pm

Winter Home Maintenance Tip Sheet:

1. Healthy Indoor Air

Change furnace filters once a month during the winter season. Once every 3 months is the minimum.

2. Extra Insulation

Attic spaces must be properly sealed, ventilated and insulated with a minimum of 12-15 inches of blown-in insulation. Otherwise, you risk heat loss and ice damming.

3. Ice Damming

Call a professional roofer. If eavestroughs are clogged they might recommend using a non-corrosive deicer, like a calcium chloride flake (looks like snow). Once everything has melted eavestroughs can be cleared and cleaned.

4. Deicers

Remove snow from driveways, walkways and sidewalks and follow up with sand and/or gravel. Be generous!

5. Snow Removal

Shovel snow away from the perimeter of your home’s foundation to prevent basement leaks. Also make sure fire hydrants, gas metres, dryer vents, exhaust lines and fresh air intakes aren’t covered by snow either.

6. Protect Your Brick

Remove snow from any brick around your home to prevent flaking and spalling. That includes windowsills.

7. Protect Your Wood

Removing snow from any wood structures, such as porches, decks and columns helps prolong the life of the wood and maintain its overall appearance.

8. Wrap Pipes

Pipes that go below insulation or through cold zones, such as crawlspaces, the garage or along an exterior wall (not insulated) must be wrapped. This helps prevent frozen pipes or a burst pipe.

9. Shut Down Exterior Plumbing Lines

Most homes have two exterior plumbing lines and/or hose bibs: One in the garage and one in the backyard. Make sure both are shut down for winter.

10. Plug In Safely

Make sure you’re plugging into GFCI protected circuits and avoid overloaded circuits by keeping an eye on how much load you are plugging in. Homes should be protected with a 15-amp circuit, which delivers 1800 watts of power. Inspect power bars and extension cords. If they’re frayed or slightly damaged throw them out and get new ones.

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