9 Budget-Friendly Living Room Ideas That Can Make Any Space Feel Big

By Sherry Holmes

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Monday, February 1st, 2021 @ 1:02am

What Are Some Tips To Make Your Living Room Feel More Spacious

Making the right design decisions in your home can be a challenge. How can you make a space feel larger? And how do you make it more functional? How can you decorate on a budget? What pieces of furniture can you collect that won’t occupy too much real estate? I’ve collected some living room ideas for you to check out!


#1 Let The Light In

If your living room gets a lot of natural sunlight, consider yourself lucky! Let the light pour in to make your space feel open and airy. For your window coverings, choose lighter shades to maximize the amount of light you are getting. I love sheer window coverings as well.

Floor lamps look great in this small living space. The coffee tables can easily be moved around to serve as side tables as well.

Living Room by Saldan Group.

Living Room by Saldan Group


#2 Keep Your Furniture Neutral

When floor space is lacking, adding a lot of different colours and patterns may make the space look even smaller, and cluttered. Keeping the walls and furniture neutral, with a nice rug makes the space look inviting and tidy. A small living room design with neutral colours can make the space feel bigger.

Living Room by Duvanco, a Holmes Approved builder in Belleville.

Living Room by Duvanco, a Holmes Approved builder in Belleville.



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#3 Make It A Multi-Purpose Room

This room serves as a home office, a living room, and storage. I love the little ottoman. It doesn’t take up a lot of room and serves as extra seating or a footrest. Check out the coffee table with built-in storage-smart!



#4 Choose Furniture Strategically

I love the double coffee table in this living room. These two smaller coffee tables can easily be moved around to manage traffic flow. You can also tuck the smaller one in if you want more room to move around.

I also love that the couch wasn’t pushed up right to the wall. Creating space behind furniture gives the illusion of a wider room. And adding a skinny table back there gives you another surface to display your art pieces.


Living Room from Holmes Family Rescue Season 1

Living Room from Holmes Family Rescue Season 1


#5 Choose a Large Rug

There are a few things about this living room that I love. A large rug doesn’t visually break up the floor, but in this small space, the rug has essentially created two zones. You have your main seating area with the coffee table and the couch. Then there are the two accent chairs near the window that are visually separated. Get the most out of your small space by utilizing a visual break!



#6 Embrace Simplicity

I love the simplicity of this living room! A sectional maximizes the seating area, which means it can serve as a living room and a family room.

Living room by Hasler Homes.

This beautiful room is by Hasler Homes.


#7 Add Storage

The shelving units on the wall provide much-needed storage in smaller spaces. This is an easy task for you to take on on your own. And an indoor plant (fake or real) instantly pretties up a room.

Living room by Hasler Homes.

Living room by Hasler Homes.



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#8 Make A Big Statement

Don’t be afraid of making a big statement in a small space. I’m not talking about cluttering up your space! You can pick some fabulous designs to create some drama in a small space. I love this statement lighting fixture that is the focal point of this gorgeous living room.


Living Room by Zeina Homes, a Holmes Approved Builder in Hamilton, Ontario.

Living Room by Zeina Homes, a Holmes Approved Builder in Hamilton, Ontario.


#9 Embrace the Character

I love this rustic living room in a log home. Pick furniture that emphasizes the character of your home. And who says you need two identical accent chairs? Play with patterns and colours if everything else in your living room is fairly neutral. The floating shelf is a clever idea to provide storage, while not taking away from the living room’s real estate.

The cushions and accent chairs provide a pop of colour. And if you get bored of these, simply changing them out can change the look of your living room.

Living Room by TimberBlock.

Living Room by TimberBlock.



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