27 Eye-Catching Ideas for Your Front Door

By Sherry Holmes

Mike’s Advice / Design

Friday, June 11th, 2021 @ 11:54am

Your front entrance and front door is a huge part of your home’s curb appeal. It’s a smart way to spend money but unfortunately, often neglected.

Nothing says “Welcome” quite like a beautiful, well-maintained front door.

What Is The Best Color For A Front Door?

If your entryway just isn’t making an impression like you want it to, paint it a bright color! It is a fairly simple DIY task. I use a paint sprayer to do mine. You can also use a roller for this application and use a paint brush to go over any details or trim work. If you have a paint sprayer, that will work well as well. Let the door completely dry before installing your hardware. 

I recommend getting small samples of some paint colors and looking at it at different times of the day.

How Can I Make My Front Door Stand Out?

I personally love colorful entry doors. Painting a door is an easy upgrade, and all without messing with the structure or integrity of your front door.

Adding accessories like decorative house number signs and seasonal wreaths will also help spruce up your front porch.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Front Door?

There are some basic things your front door must do. The obvious is help keep your house secure by keeping intruders out, so it has to be strong and durable, and it must have a solid frame – you shouldn’t be able to kick it in. 

It should also open and close properly. If it’s jamming or sticking, or not locking securely, you need to contact a professional.

Here are some more tips on a STRONG front door.

Entry Door Handles & Locks

Upgrading your door handle and locks is a simple DIY task, and will instantly improve the appearance of your front door. Schlage Canada has an awesome line of handles and locks in different finishes.

Their door hardware is volunteered for testing against the highest industry standards, like the new BHMA residential grading system. BHMA is a group of industry experts who grade residential door hardware performance in the categories of Security, Durability and Finish. A grade of ‘C’ is good, ‘B’ is better, and ‘A’ is best. A grade of AAA is the best grade possible in all three categories.


8 Reasons Why You Need A Smart Lock

Is it time to show your front door some love? Here are some ideas!

#1 The Dramatic Black 

Black front doors are bold and dramatic, and can work for a variety of house styles. If you want less of a reflection on your black front door, you can go matte. 

Matte Black exterior door hardware is the perfect way to enhance curb appeal with contrasting punches of color. 

#2 The Accessorized Front Door

Even if you have a small front porch, you can bring in some cute accessories to dress it up. I love this wreath and adorable lantern sitting on that rustic chair. 

This photo is from Uncluttered House.

Check out Schlage Canada’s door hardware, numbers and accessories here.

#3 Fire Engine Red

Do you remember The City Barn from Holmes and Holmes? The first picture is from a home we renovated for a wonderful family with a firefighter dad. We KNEW we had to give them a bright red front door. 

Jake’s family was THRILLED when they saw their new, dramatic entrance. There’s just something about a red front door!

Also love this red door from @unclutteredhouse

Shery’s Tip: Accessorize with a beautiful matte black door handle!

#4 Yellow Mellow

Thanks to a blush of color from surrounding flowers, the dramatic doorway is still inviting. You just can’t be in a bad mood when you come home to this cheerful color!

Here is a tip-if your brightly colored door stands out too much, plant some complimentary flowers or place like-colored planters around the door. For this cheery door, we planted bright yellow flowers.

#5 From Snooze to Stunning

I absolutely LOVE this teal door that I painted for my friend Derek’s country house. With new hardware from Schlage, this house got a serious curb appeal lift with the teal door.

Teal is one of those non-traditional choices when it comes to paint color, but it’s a great choice if you are looking to go that route. This palette (paired with some cool planters) is for the homeowner who is tired of the classic white!


#6 Cool Blue

My brother Michael brought a century home a few years ago. He has been renovating it slowly when time allows. I absolutely love the color of his front door. 

Here are some other photos for inspiration!

#7 Dramatic Vibes

Dark colors for your front door make your entrance look sophisticated and elegant. Dark colors work with any type of architecture and can be paired with bright accessories and welcome mats.

#8 Down With Brown

I love this rich brown color. We picked a neutral color for this front door of this brick house, compliment ed by a black frame and black hardware.

#9 The Glossy Black

A glossy black door is elegant and bold. The white trim around the door frame adds contrast and visual pop. Add some planters to boost curb appeal and make your front entry more welcoming.

You can also install black hardware on a black door for a super dramatic look!

Here’s a tip-don’t be afraid to mix and match your door hardware. Try a gold finish for your entryway closet doors! Insert photo Gold Interior Handle.jpeg

#10 Pretty In Pink

Pink makes a statement! It will definitely make your front door stand out. You can choose a dusty pink, a baby pink, a peach color or really any shade of pink.


#11 Beige Is Not Boring

I love this earthy color for the front door! This understated front door is equal parts chic and inviting.

#12 The Classic White

A classic white door is perfect for accessorizing with front porch décor. You can go rustic, modern or traditional with the accessories!


5 Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Home

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