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How To Renovate a Small Bathroom

Thursday, October 6th, 2022 @ 1:41pm

Making the Most Out of a Small Bathroom with Style and Function Most homeowners think about lipstick and mascara when renovating or giving their bathroom a refresh. Yes, it’s important to have an aesthetically pleasing-looking bathroom, and admittedly, most find...

11 Small Bathroom Lighting Ideas – Tips for Better Lighting

Thursday, February 10th, 2022 @ 12:26pm

How To Get Better Bathroom Lighting in Your Home No matter what size your bathroom is, lighting is essential to create a bright and airy feel. And for small bathrooms, keeping the colours white or light will also make the...

13 Ways To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Thursday, April 9th, 2020 @ 1:56pm

Are you looking for some inspiration to update your powder room or a small bathroom? If you don’t have a lot of real estate to work with, incorporating interesting designs, patterns and storage solutions is key. Check out some fun...

9 Must-Have Design Features For Your Next Bathroom Renovation

Friday, November 10th, 2023 @ 10:56am

What Bathroom Features Can Add Value to Your Home? It’s safe to say that almost every home renovation we do for our show includes a bathroom renovation. Bathroom renovations are a great way to update your look, add more functionality,...

What Causes a Sewer Smell in the Bathroom?

Wednesday, November 1st, 2023 @ 12:45pm

Why Is There A Sewer Smell In The Bathroom and How to Get Rid Of It? We all have bathrooms and unfortunately, we’ve all been in bathrooms that smell – but hopefully, it’s not in your home. A bathroom can...

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