Mike Holmes - Holmes On Homes Podcast - Season 3 - Episode 6 - Eaton Electric Code

Holmes on Homes Podcast - Season 3 - Episode 6 - Eaton Electric Code


What You Should Know About Electrical Code And Hiring A Licensed Electrical Contractor


There are governing bodies that develop building codes to dictate how a house is built and what is installed to ensure the safety of homeowners. In addition, the National Electrical Code (US) and the Canadian Electrical Code focus on the safety of electrical installations. Always hire a licensed electrical contractor for any electrical work you’re doing in the house. Why? Because they are the experts and can help make sure everything is done safely, to code, and know to pull the needed permits. Do you know where in your house you should have GFCIs? Do you need to replace your knob and tube wiring? An electrician will have the answers.

In this podcast episode, Mike Holmes is joined by Erik Drost, Loyalty Manager, Eaton USA as they talk about Electric Codes vs. building codes, the difference in codes between the US and Canada, and doing electrical work safely. They also talk about how to find a Licensed Electrical Contractor and what ECCN is. Plus, they have a few shocks and laughs looking at electrical fails that you’ve sent in. Tune in to find out all about it.

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Eaton Electrical Logo. Special Guest on Holmes On Homes Podcast

Eaton is one of the most reputable global power management companies in over 175 countries. They believe in providing people with the tools needed to use power more efficiently, safely, reliably and sustainably. Their vast line of products is found in industries and markets throughout the world such as residential, commercial and institutional buildings, data centers, utilities, industrial facilities, mining, oil and gas, and machine original equipment manufacturers.

Find out more about Eaton here or visit Eaton.com

Eaton Certified Contractor Network - ECCN Logo

Eaton’s Certified Contractor Network (ECCN) connects you with a network of certified electrical contractors in the USA that you can trust. Eaton has done the homework for you, making finding and hiring a licensed electrical contractor easy. ECCN is a nationwide program in the US specifically designed for residential, electrical service, and renovation contractors.  The electrical contractors in their network are specially trained in Eaton’s latest electrical products, local codes, and installation methods.

Find an Eaton Certified Electrical Contractor at MyHome.Eaton.com


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