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Ask Mike Holmes: Tips to Avoid Electric Fires



Mike Holmes gets a lot of questions about electrical. If I bought an older house how do I know if I have bad electrical? Can I do electrical work myself? How do I know if I need a panel upgrade? Do I need a permit to do electrical work? A lot of these questions can easily be answered by hiring the right professional. In this case, it’s a Licensed Electrical Contractor. They’ll be able to assess your current electric infrastructure, advise you on the electrical work that needs to be done to meet your needs and your home’s, and do the work safely.

Electric work is not something you want to take a risk with, because if DIY electrical work is done incorrectly it can result in electric fires or fatal electric shocks. This can not only damage your property but it can endanger you and your loved ones as well.

In this podcast episode, Mike Holmes sit down with Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) Emily Larose, Vice President of Regulatory and General Counsel and Trevor Tremblay, Technical Advisor. They discuss everything from electric permits to the importance of hiring a Licensed Electrical Contractor, and what to do if you fall victim to an unlicensed contractor. They also answer your, homeowners’ questions, that you’ve sent in and share a few electric fails along the way showing you what NOT to do. Don’t miss this episode.

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The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is Ontario’s electrical safety regulator. Their job is to help enhance electrical safety for the people of Ontario, with the goal of creating an Ontario where people can live, work and play safe from electrical harm. 

Find out more about the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) here or visit www.ESAsafe.com.


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