Top 5 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Texture

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Monday, May 13th, 2019 @ 12:25pm

People are falling in love with the simplistic design. With only a few little things you can give your home fresh scent and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

The secret is in adding texture to your space rather than just buying big furniture or expensive decoration. These little things with different textures will bring in warmth and comfort while also being super affordable and easy to move around. Use these tips to give your home a personal touch that matches your style.

5) Textured Wallpaper


Wallpaper Top 5 Ways to decor your home

Textured wallpaper is coming back! Unlike the wallpaper from decades ago, it is now easy to put up and take down. Most homeowners put up wallpaper on their own. Source: Freepik

Wallpaper textures can include simple designs such as raised dots or thick matt embellishments. The level of complexity falls to you because there are nearly endless possibilities.

Wallpaper is the ultimate way to personalise your space without adding unnecessary things to your home. Check out wallpaper online for a massive collection compared to what many home improvement stores have in stock.


4) Bring Life To Your Home And Decorate With Plants

Plants come in all variety of textures. From smooth broad-leafed hanging plants to spikey cacti, use plants to introduce colour and a fresh charge to your room.


Plants Top 5 Ways to decor your home

Don’t discount plants for design because of maintenance either. You can find a plant that is low maintenance and fits with the design of your room. Source: Freepik


Consider that it’s nearly impossible to have too many plants as they help refresh the air in rooms and are known to make people happier. Succulents are a popular option for those who forget to water plants or outright kill most living things.


3) Bring Texture With Blankets


Blankets Top 5 Ways to decor your home

The simplistic interior design combines practicality with style and what is more practical than a blanket? Drape fluffy blankets, well-designed quilts or fringed throws over tufted ottomans or the backs of couches. Source: Freepik

For year-round décor, keep a few different throws in various shades that mix well with your furniture and walls while also matching the season. Bring out faux fur in the Winter and yellow in the spring! You can quickly revive a room with something as simple as a blanket.


2) Decorate Your Home With Curtains

Under-appreciated and overlooked, curtains can deliver bold statements and at the same time eliminate a need for too many wall decorations. Use curtains with layered or varied fabrics to bring texture into the room.

Curtains Top 5 Ways to decor your home

If you want to create an airy feeling in your room, it’s better to use light and flowy fabric. But, if you are open for more serious vibe in your space, you can use heavy velvet fabrics. Source: Freepik

Curtains are a great way to accentuate a room without taking space or adding anything that’s not entirely useful. Not only can curtains add texture into your space, but they are also very practical. Curtains with thick fabric can help you to control the light that comes into the room and provide some privacy.

And if you want to make your room and windows appear bigger – just cover your walls with curtains. Choose curtains with light-weight material and extend them from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall surrounding your windows.

1) Use Pillows For Decorative Purposes


Pillows Top 5 Ways to decor your home

From classic tufted pillows to pillows with colour-changing sequins, you can use a few pillows to layer many textures. Source: Freepik

To use pillows for decorative purpose, consider mixing contrasting textures. Pair faux-fur with velvet or silk with cotton for textures that feel great and invoke an inviting atmosphere.



One of the best parts of decorating your home is that you can let go of old rule that everything needs to be of the same materials to match perfectly. Use the materials that feel best to you.

To take your home décor to the next level focus on creating layers of complimenting and contrasting textures. There are nearly endless opportunities with this concept, and you can start with your flooring.

Use your floors and surface areas to match similar textures such as tile and granite or wood flooring with wood surfaces. Then use your curtains, furniture and accents such as rugs and throw pillows to create contrast.

Layer throw blankets and pillows of rich textures on top of the leather, or silk on suede. Use leather chairs to contrast wood floors and glass covered end tables against thick rugs.

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