Insulated Cork Spray-A Fantastic Building Product 

By Mike Holmes

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Monday, June 14th, 2021 @ 4:33pm

I love bringing new products and technologies to the general public. My goal with my TV shows is to educate homeowners so they can make informed decisions when it comes to Buying It Right, Selling It Right, Protecting It Right and Owning It Right.

I’d like to introduce Vipeq’s Thermal CorkShield™. I had this sprayed on multiple projects, including my own shop.

Vipeq’s Thermal CorkShield™ is a fantastic insulated spray product made out of cork and natural polymers. The product is applied to the exterior of homes and buildings, using a textured sprayer by a Certified Applicator.

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Benefits of Thermal CorkShield™:

Thermal CorkShield™ is one of the most advanced green products on the market today and uses the benefits of the natural characteristics of cork:

  • naturally fire retardant (Class A – the product has a zero flame spread), 
  • mold and water-resistant 
  • provides a natural thermal break coating (meaning it keeps the outside elements outside and the inside heat/cool inside). 
  • flexible and can virtually eliminate cracking found in old stucco
  • durable (withstands extreme temperatures)
  • adheres to any surface – wood, brick, metal, steel, stucco, and aluminum (the only exception is vinyl siding), plus it has a fade rate of 1% compared to traditional paints of 10-15%
  • it works in any kind of environment as it expands and contracts with weather
  • maintenance free – if you do notice some dirt just use a water hose or sprayer to rinse away any dirt or debris (no power washer required)


Thermal CorkShield™ Improves Building Envelope Performance

Depending on the surface Thermal CorkShield™ provides a “functioning finish” to the exterior building envelope and when applied to it can absorb and greatly reduce noises from entering your home, while also insulating from the outside and providing a thermal break. 

The product fills in all the gaps and cracks that allow drafts into your home. The performance of cork is not based on an R-Value but rather a U-Value and a K-value. 

The product has a U-value of 0.068, which is equivalent to 14.7 R-value and a K-value of 0.068 W/mk, which means the heat and cold from outside will not be transferred to the substrate.

With an application of 1/8” of the product, the transfer of energy can be stopped before it reaches your insulation and the heat and cold from the outside will not be transferred to the substrate resulting in an energy savings anywhere from 10 -50% depending on the structures age and type.


Ideas for Beautiful House Exteriors

Over 30 Different Colours Available

You can really change and enhance the exterior of your home with this product, as it comes in over 30 different colours. They can even colour match an existing colour too. Plus, the warranty has just been increased from 10 to 15 years – the product is performing very well.

Vipeq Thermal CorkShield™ comes in over 30 colours.

Thermal CorkShield™ is Eco-Friendly

It’s a water-based product, that is non-voc and non-toxic. Plus, the material at the center of this product is cork, a renewable resource. Cork Oak trees, typically from Portugal or Spain, are never cut down, because the bark is harvested (removed) every 8-10 years. 

This process allows the tree to regenerate its bark while also releasing a large amount of oxygen into the environment. This process does not harm the tree. Cork Oak trees have a tremendously long life (hundreds of years) and continue to grow new bark for re-harvesting.

Other Uses for Thermal CorkShield™

Though most of the applications are for house and building exteriors, Thermal CorkShield™ has been applied to pool decks, RV roofs and walls, campers made of fibre glass and metal), utility and recreational trailers, and even ice fishing hunts and more! 

Consult with a Vipeq representative to find out how this product can help you with your home or other applications. 

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