Ideas To Inspire Your Kid’s Bedroom Decor

By Sherry Holmes

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Friday, June 19th, 2020 @ 11:18am

How To Decorate Your Kids Bedroom

When it comes to your child’s bedroom – there are no limits to what you can do with a little planning and creativity. It’s really important to craft a space that speaks to your child’s personality and passions. When they’re a little bit older, they can even add some of their own input into what things they’d like to see in their bedrooms! Here are some ideas to inspire you for your kid’s bedroom decor:

A Space To Be Creative

A chalk board wall is perfect for kids to create and decorate. They’re going to be drawing all over the walls anyway, so you might as well embrace it.

I can’t wait for my daughter to be old enough to have her own chalk wall.

chalkboard wall in kids bedroom

Bedroom by Hasler Homes in North Vancouver.

Themed Bedroom

In this boy’s bedroom, a cute wall decal brings to life his love for Star Wars! Some kids are very specific about how they want to decorate their rooms. By keeping the furniture and walls neutral, you can give them a chance to pick out some simple pieces that can easily be switched out later.

star wars decal on bedroom wall

Bedroom by Western Living Homes.

A Statement Wall

A fun spot to chill, play, and dream! Vibrant colors are a great accessory for this log home kid’s room decor.

wood panel wall bedroom

Bedroom by Timber Block.

Fun Paint Colors

This is a project from Holmes Family Rescue. We LOVED the colorful paints!

kids play area in basement

How To Build A Safe Play Area For Your Kids

Lofty Dreams

What kid wouldn’t love a cool space like this? If you have a cute space like this in your home, why not turn that into a bedroom for your kids?

bedroom in loft

Home by Timber Block.


Inspired to remodel your own bedroom? I’ve collected some pretty awesome bedroom ideas for the grownups!

Trip To The Zoo

I love this subtle animal theme. Perfect for a growing kid. The walls are the perfect versatile color and can work with any décor pieces. As they kids grow up, they can bring in their own details.

animal themed kids bedroom

Bedroom by Wastell Homes.

White Walls

This girl’s room is so magical. White walls can feel a little blah, so bring in a nice headboard accessorize the room!

elegant girls bedroom decor

Design by our interior designer Kimmberly Capone.

Pretty In Pink

For the kid who loves pink, play with different shades of pink but also try to bring in a neutral color, like this grey section on the wall.

picture of a cute pink bedroom

Home by Omega Homes.

Painting Tips By Mike Holmes

Loft Love

This décor perfectly complements the architecture of the room. The room feels like a cottage experience. Good for a boy or girl’s room.

Home by Timber Block.

Baby’s First Chandelier

This is an easy update if you are looking to create a nursery. Painted walls, a nice chandelier and a little shag rug is all you need.

Nursery by Western Living Home. Play with different shades of pink to add some interest to the color palette.

Personalize The Room

Love this pet themed bedroom. Nice framed photos! Keeping most of the décor pieces on the wall allows more room for kids to play.

Bedroom by Wastell Homes in London, Ontario.

Cool Blue

I wanted to paint Cali’s room blue (even though traditionally it has been a popular color for boy’s rooms). But this shade of blue is so soothing.

Room by Hasler Homes in North Vancouver.


Painting is a job that’s purely cosmetic, meaning, if there are any screwups along the way, you haven’t messed up the structure of your home. Read some painting tips before you get started.

Keep Organized

A large desk with storage compartments will eliminate the clutter. When your child grows, they will want a space they can sit down and be creative. Give him a helping hand by making sure there’s lots of shelving and storage options in the room. 

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are an excellent space saving idea. There are all sorts of styles out there for bunk beds. It’s also perfect for sleepovers and siblings.

Bedroom by Timber Block

Wall Decals

Simple wall decals are paired well with an eye catching wall color. Add some cheer to the room with a nice bright coat of paint. It’s easy to do as a DIY project as well. Add a grown up touch with a piece of furniture like the one in the corner. It will last them beyond their childhood years.

Home by Lexis Homes

A Place For You and Me

We were lucky to have a large space to work with on this house featured in Holmes and Holmes. There’s lots of room to crawl, sit and play. 

The bunk beds save even more space and the comfy seats are perfect for tired parents!

Spring Is Around The Corner

This wall color reminds me of spring. It’s such a beautiful, bright color and they’ll definitely not outgrow this for a long time. 

colorful paint for kids room

Floral Wallpaper

This color scheme of blush pink and beige is stunning. Add a dressy accent for the sophisticated kid. Timeless furniture doesn’t need to be switched out. A hanging chair adds a relaxing vibe.


Bring color into the accessories means you can keep the walls and furniture neutral. And if your kid gets bored of the color, it’s easy to give the room a quick refresh.

Home by Wastell Homes


How do you make your home kid-friendly?

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