19 Basement Design Ideas To Inspire You

By Sherry Holmes

Mike’s Advice / Design & Renovation Inspiration

Monday, June 8th, 2020 @ 11:53am

Functional Basement Design Ideas

A basement remodel is a great idea, whether you are planning on selling your home or living in it forever. Don’t let your basement become just a storage room. Think about how you would like to use your basement and the square footage you are working with. Do you have a large family? Are you big on hosting gatherings? Do you like to work out at home? Answering these questions first is important during the planning stage to create a functional basement design.

I’ve collected some awesome finished basement remodel ideas to inspire your renovation!


Basement by Calgary based Holmes Approved Renovator Basement Builders

Transform a kid’s playroom with creative painting ideas, from Holmes Family Rescue.

Nice fireplace and comfy chairs are perfect for a night in. Recessed lighting is a great option for basements because the ceilings are typically low.

Holmes Approved Homes – Vicky’s Homes

Keep your open space uncluttered with simple furniture and a statement wall. Warm up your room with a nice fireplace. 

Photo from Duvanco Homes.

Basement bar, modern leather chairs and shelves make this a perfect space for entertaining as well as a family room. Add a fun patterned rug to your space to make it a modern basement!

Holmes Approved Homes – Gibraltar

Warm and cozy basement design. These potlights give the illusion of a higher ceiling height for your living space.

Project by Rinaldi Homes

Basement remodel for Holmes Family Rescue


Pot lighting, also known as recessed lighting or high hat lights can bring a lot of brightness to dark, shady rooms. They are a great option for basements.

I love this basement by RC Homes in Missouri. It’s clean and uncluttered.

Project by RC Homes

Beautiful Basement Wet Bar Ideas

Basement by Calgary based Holmes Approved Renovator Basement Builders

Basement by Calgary based Holmes Approved Renovator Basement Builders


5 Common Mistakes I see in Basement Renovations by Mike Holmes

Beautiful basement bar by Vickys Homes (Edmonton)


Turn your basement into a gym. Mirrors on the wall-nice touch!

Basement by Calgary based Basement Builders.

A pool table is a great accessory for the basement. You can even create a basement game room for the family.

Project by Rinaldi Homes.


Great Backyard and Patio Design Ideas

How about a hockey rink in the basement? I visited this house (It’s a Lottery Home in London, Ontario) and it’s gorgeous. Lots of real estate to entertain as well! 

Project by Wastell Homes.


Got a large basement? Add an indoor movie theatre for a night in! Without taking up a lot of real estate in your basement, you can create a functional space for movie nights!

Project by Bernskoetter Construction.

Indoor movie theatre room idea. Grab the popcorn!

Basement by Calgary based Basement Builders

sherry holmes painting kids room

Custom cart by Mike Holmes Jr for Holmes Family Rescue.

Beautiful space for movie night by Vickys Homes (Edmonton)


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