Starring TV personality and professional contractor Mike Holmes, along with his daughter Sherry and son Michael, the new inspirational series shows the heart, grit, and determination of the Holmes family as they tackle their most important projects to date. Working with people who are making positive impacts in their communities, each episode follows the Holmes family as they surprise these deserving individuals. From a neglected school building to a rundown youth centre, Mike, Sherry, and Michael transform the spaces and help these community heroes so they can continue to make a difference.


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EPISODE #1 “A Trade Of A Lifetime”

Mike, Sherry, and Michael Holmes take on a project that is close to their hearts when 18-year-old Riley asks for their help to save her school’s skilled trades program. As the Holmes family transforms…

EPISODE #2 “Think Big. Dream Bigger.”

University student Vanessa calls on the Holmes family to transform Solid State, an entrepreneurial co-op centre for racialized youth. With the centre’s headquarters cramped, tired, and uninspiring, the Holmes family…

EPISODE #3 “One Step At A Time”

Mike Holmes, alongside his daughter Sherry and son Michael, learned that, for some, having a pair of work boots can make the difference between living on the streets and getting a job. After a call-to-action from volunteer Cal, the Holmes family…

EPISODE #4 “Hold The Fort”

Small-town teen Aaron’s life was transformed by The Fort. Now it’s his turn to pay it forward. Mike and his family are called in to help rescue this broken down and nearly forgotten youth centre…


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Holmes Family Effect On Set

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Season 1

  • EP1001: A Trade of a Lifetime
  • EP1002: Think Big. Dream Bigger.
  • EP1003: One Step at a Time
  • EP1004: Hold The Fort

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