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University student Vanessa calls on the Holmes family to transform Solid State, an entrepreneurial co-op centre for racialized youth. With the centre’s headquarters cramped, tired, and uninspiring, the Holmes family, along with Vanessa, Solid State’s co-founder Matt, and the cohorts get their hands dirty turning the centre into a place where young dreamers can collaborate and flourish. The Holmes family faces a major dilemma when they’re forced to shut down the work site due to the global pandemic.

Behind The Scenes

Michael Holmes’ Simple Weather Proofing Tips

Meet the Heroes – Vanessa Fajemisin

Sherry Holmes’ Simple Tips on Painting

Holmes Family Play “Which Tool Are You?”

Michael Holmes’ Behind-The-Scenes Tour

Takeaways From Solid State

Solid State Is Izzy’s Second Home

Meet the Heroes – Matt Hern


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