Holmes On Homes Podcast Season 4 Episode 1 - Mike Holmes and Children Mike Holmes Jr and Sherry Holmes Look Back on Their Favourite Episodes And Building A Legacy


Mike Holmes And His Children Take A Look Back On
Their Favourite Episodes And Building A Legacy



On this Holmes on Homes Podcast episode, it’s a family affair. Mike Holmes, is joined by his children, Michael and Sherry, as they take a trip down memory lane and talk about what it truly means to build a legacy. They’ll be diving into some of their all-time favourite Holmes on Homes projects, the ones that really left a mark —available to stream for FREE on Homeful TV. They’ll also chat about the challenges, the triumphs, and the lessons we learned along the way.

Thinking about building a career in the skilled trades? They’ll also be sharing their insights on what it takes to succeed in this rewarding field. But it’s not all about the past. They’ll also be looking ahead to the future and how they’re continuing to Make It Right. They’ll even share a sneak peek at their exciting new show, Holmes on Homes: Building A Legacy, coming soon to Cottage Life!

So, if you’re interested in renovation stories, family wisdom, and a sneak peek at what’s next for the Holmes crew join Mike Holmes and his kids for some laughs, learnings, and a whole lot of heart on this Holmes On Homes Podcast episode!

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