Baby Update | Third & Final Trimester

By Sherry Holmes

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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019 @ 10:41am

Now that our wedding is over, I can concentrate on the rest of my life again! I found it difficult to juggle all of my responsibilities, while my head was really otherwise occupied. Now that I’ve let the dust settle, I THINK I’m back to normal; for now. Not that I’m complaining. Everyone has a million things going on at once; it’s all in how you handle it. I just like to be open and honest with my experiences.

I’ve been so absorbed in everything “wedding”, I honestly haven’t had much time to even come to terms with pregnancy, or really discuss it. I’m now entering my third and final trimester, which means; poop just got REAL! I spent so much time thinking, “Oh man. I’m pregnant!”, and now I’m finally realizing, “Oh man! I’m going to have a baby!” I never let it really sink in properly. That’s kind of a big deal, right?

My Petite Little Baby Girl In My Belly 

It all started to hit me when I first started to feel the baby move around in there. We were told that Baby Girl is in the 23rd percentile in size (so petite), and I have an anterior and low placenta (TMI. Anterior basically means the placenta is in front and acts as a cushion between Baby and me). At first we were concerned; not really understanding what most of that meant. Am I working out too much? Maybe I’m not eating enough. Could this be stress related? Eventually, our midwives set us straight – Baby is okay, and that’s all that really matters. She’ll be an adorable, petite little girl.

Knowing that, I wasn’t sure when I’d start feeling her. Or when Blake would get to feel her – He still hasn’t and thinks I’m crazy because I am convinced he should be able to! So, not feeling anything different, made it easy to not really think about too often. Now, I swear she’s doing cartwheels. It’s become a comfort to feel her kicking or laying on my bladder. When she’s quiet, I feel weird. I don’t think I like it very much. Know what I mean, Mamas? Although, I will admit, sometimes she likes to be a bit of a pain about it. “Oh, trying to sleep? Let me poke you repeatedly in the same spot for ten minutes. That should wake you”. “Oh, you just went pee? Let me stomp on your bladder a few times so you have to run to the washroom for the fourth time in an hour”. Just little cute things like that.

Juggling Work & The Pregnancy 

I have noticed a difference in my pace at work, and in life in general. I am a lot more tired, and I have to be careful when bending down, otherwise I start feeling faint. My workouts have definitely changed in intensity and length of time spent at the gym. I’ve even started to incorporate home workouts with a program online. That way, on the days I feel too drained to hit the gym, at least I know I’m staying active.

For all the Mothers-to-be reading this, I use the app Aaptiv while I am in the gym. They have a maternity program on there that makes me feel great. I also add my own weighted exercises if I feel like doing some extra. At home work-outs; I’m using a program from the Mummy Trainer (the.mummy.trainer – instagram). She has some amazing information on her website, and her program keeps me feeling healthy and strong.

I still have up to 12 weeks to go (omg only 12 weeks!) and I want to keep working as long as I can. Everyone at work have been great and supportive. It’s nice to be able to stay on jobsites, without feeling guilty when there is something I’m not able to do like I used to.

I always thought that I would have a harder time working while pregnant than I am. I used to think it would be difficult for me to have the “traditional” family life while working in construction; but that’s just plain silly! Sometimes, admittedly, I can be a little scattered and tired; which leads me to be a little more forgetful than usual. But all in all, I’d say it’s going pretty well. We have a lot of filming, reno’s, demo’s and nursery projects to get through; so it’ll be interesting to see what changes over the course of the next three months.


Baby Update - Third And Final Trimester Baby Gym Sherry Holmes

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