For the past 10 years viewers from around the world have been getting to know Mike Holmes the construction guru. He is the man who ‘makes it right’ for homeowners who have been burned by bad renovations, inadequate inspections, and dubious contractors. Now after 10 years it’s time to get to know more about Mike the person.

This Special combines humour and heartfelt moments to take a look back at the man from humble beginnings who went on to become an international celebrity with a highly successful brand.


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Holmes 10th Anniversary Special (Behind The Overalls) – 1 x 44:50

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Mike Holmes
We all love a bargain. It’s what drives many people to get a “friend of a friend” to do a renovation. But just because it’s a friend doesn’t mean the rules get thrown out the window.Some of the worst jobs I’ve seen were done by a “friend” of the homeowner. Always make sure whoever is doing the work has a license and insurance coverage for their team. Remember, anything that happens on your property is your responsibility. You don’t want to be held liable because your contractor opted to forgo insurance to save a few bucks. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 hours ago

Mike Holmes
A very popular request from homeowners in the last couple of years has been for us to give them a home office. Here's one we did fro #holmesfamilyrescue with a cold room. You can see the BEFORE picture as well ... See MoreSee Less
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