Mike Holmes is back to help out homeowners in need. But he’s not doing it alone! Mike is bringing his kids, Mike Holmes Jr and Sherry Holmes for Holmes 911, his new TV show airing this fall on CTV Life Channel. Watch Mike Holmes and his team help homeowners in need who’ve been victims of unscrupulous contractors and bad DIYers. Over 12 episodes, Mike, Mike Jr., and Sherry fix five houses for homeowners in need. Watch Mike Holmes and his crew turn these “houses” into “homes” again! Holmes 911 premieres on Tuesday, September 17, 2019 @ 9:00 PM ET/PT exclusively on CTV Life Channel.

Families from Season 3

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The Flood House

In The Flood House, homeowners Bob and Barb find out how a little leak turned into a huge disaster and insurance nightmare…

The City Barn

In The City Barn we meet Patricia and Rob and their kids Kiana and Jake. The plan is to fix the weathered roof and make the house…

The Toxic Townhouse

The Toxic Townhouse is exactly that! Toxic, after a home inspection uncovers terrible toxic elements in the air, a dangerous gas line…

The Half Done House

After seven months of renovations, Greg and Karen’s home was still half done; Mike and his team start from scratch finding…

The Twice Done House

Sara’s husband Vince used to manage all the home maintenance tasks but since his passing 10 years ago, things haven’t gone so…


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Holmes 911 On Set

Behind the scene photos from Holmes 911

The Flood House

Behind the scenes photos from The Flood House


Below is the full list of seasons and episodes related to “Holmes 911



Season 1

    • EP3001: Families Helping Families
    • EP3002: Holmes Divide and Conquer
    • EP3003: Not a Dry Eye in the House
    • EP3004: Can You Dig It?
    • EP3005: No Bones About It
    • EP3006: Bringing the Heat
    • EP3007: Unfinished Business
    • EP3008: TBA
    • EP3009: TBA
    • EP3010: TBA
    • EP3011: TBA
    • EP3012: TBA



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