Why You Should Consider A Modular Home

By Mike Holmes

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Thursday, December 13th, 2018 @ 3:02pm

When I started my Holmes Approved Homes program in 2012, my vision was to raise the standards of what a better built home is. To me, a better built home is one that’s energy efficient, strong and long-lasting, and one that has a greener building process, too. One that creates less waste.

Over the years, after meeting with some of the best modular builders in the business, I’ve become a fan of this style of construction. I proudly work with many modular builders like RDC Fine Homes in Whistler, BC, and Guildcrest Homes in Ontario since 1991 that adopt modular factory construction.

I’ve heard the misconceptions before, that “modular homes just aren’t the same quality as “precision-built” home, but I’ve been right to their assembly lines all across Canada and the United States – and I’ve done my homework! These modular homes are pre-fabricated in controlled factory settings, that when done the right way (like my guys do it), can have better quality control standards than you see when building on site.

Now that I’ve done my homework, let me help you with yours, and dispel some of the major misconceptions I’ve seen about modular homes.


Mobile and Modular Means the Same Thing

Why you should consider a modular home - RDC FINE HOMES

RDC Fine Homes putting together their modular home.

The words “mobile home” usually conjure the picture of a trailer park-like home, that’s low-cost, and not built well. For some reason, modular building often gets confused with mobile homes, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Modular, or pre-fabricated, doesn’t define the style of the home – it’s actually all about the manufacturing process. Pre-fab homes are structures that are built in modules in a controlled environment (usually a production facility). Those pieces are transported to the home’s location and assembled on a permanent foundation.


Modular Homes are the Definition of Cookie Cutter

Sure, when you hear that homes are prebuilt in a factory, it’s hard not to think that it’s not an assembly line of houses that look exactly alike. And that actually may be the case for some modular builders, but it depends on the quality of the builder you choose.

It is important for builders to keep the homeowner in the driver’s seat when it comes to designing a unique, custom home that suits their needs. This starts with the layout, and the construction materials used, but tickles down to even the smallest details, down to the finishes.


Modular home built by Guildcrest, Holmes Approved Homes builder.

It’s possible you’ve driven by one of these homes, and never even knew it was a modular build!


Modular Homes are Poor Quality

Quality comes down to one major factor: the skill and ability of the builder you choose. Before buying any home – do your research. Make sure the guys you’re going to hire will be the ones to make it right.


Why you should consider a modular home - Innovative Residential

If you have the chance – go as far as checking out their factory assembly line. You’ll learn a lot about the process by seeing it firsthand, and you can see the builders commitment to doing it right the first time.


Modular Homes are Hard to Maintain

A benefit to modular homes is that they often offer new builds at lower a price point, but does that mean you’ll have to spend more in maintenance and upkeep in the long run? No, in fact, it can even mean the opposite.

Because modular builds are done indoors, your building materials aren’t exposed to Mother Nature during construction. With a controlled environment, you don’t get fluctuations in humidity, or materials getting wet because they weren’t properly covered at night. This keeps those building materials from warping or developing mold issues. In most cases, this means you get a stronger, more airtight home that needs less preventative maintenance – not more.

Like I always say – do your homework and explore your options. If you do that with pre-fabricated homes you will find a lot of advantages and a different way to think about building your new home.


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