Holmes Makes It Right is about renovating, but this is not your typical renovation rip-off series. Mike will be taking on disasters that other contractors would run away from. The kinds of circumstances where you don’t just need a contractor, you need a miracle.

Mike is done inspecting and is putting his tool belt back on to get his hands dirty once again. He is getting back to the kind of work he did before there ever was a TV show— Helping people, Making It Right


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Holmes Makes It Right

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HMIR: Third Storey Story

HMIR: Momma’s Boy

HMIR: Pick A Colour

HMIR: Deaf Space

HMIR: Wedged To Perfection

From apprentice to pro, Sherry’s got her tiling down pat. She show’s us how practice makes perfect with a little help from a wedge of reason.

HMIR: Taking The Reins

Like father, like son. Mike passes the reins to MJ and gives him his first job as Site Supervisor. Watch the boy become the man to make it right.

HMIR: Just For Kicks

HMIR: Rock ‘N’ Demo

Rock legend Randy Bachman from the Guess Who and BTO visits Mike on set for some inspiration. Although Randy does all of the music for Mike’s new show, Holmes Makes It Right, Mike takes care of business and puts him to work. Watch the duo collaborate on a demo that will rock the house.

HMIR: Under The Weather

In the last twelve years Mike has taken only two sick days. And it was during this job that he had to take his second one. With only one day to the big reveal Mike has no choice but to trust his crew to get the job done and make his vision a reality.

HMIR: Heavy Lifting

Mike and his crew need to install two steel beams weighing at least 400 pounds each. Just getting them inside the house is a challenge. But when Mike discovers the house isn’t level he has to rethink the entire operation. See Mike take on the heavy weights and why most contractors stay in shape.

HMIR: Paint It Pink

Think building a fire resistant wood-framed house is impossible? Think again. Find out how pink is changing the construction industry and the way homes are built.

HMIR: Tale of the Sword

If Mike was going to build a castle you better believe he was going to to do it right. He brought in a 450 million-year-old stone and put a sword in it to give every kid that visits the park has a chance to feel like a hero in their own kingdom. Watch the legend unfold and how Mike did it.

HMIR: Cake Fight on Set of “A Case of Shingles”

What started out as a routine birthday celebration on the set of Holmes Makes It Right turns into a full-out cake fight. Watch Sherry deliver some sweet payback as she unleashes her wrath on Damon, using birthday cake as her ammunition and Damon’s face as her target.

HMIR: Meet The Masons

The crew add some life to an old basement walk out by adding slate capping to the block walls. Damon and Derek bond over their masonry roots while Sherry makes her first cut with the concrete saw.

HMIR: Boys & Their Toys

Mike is like a kid in a candy store when he hops behind the controls of an excavator to take down the last remaining wall of a disastrous back addition.

HMIR: Cake Fight on Set of “A Case of Shingles”

What started out as a routine birthday celebration on the set of Holmes Makes It Right turns into a full-out cake fight. Watch Sherry deliver some sweet payback as she unleashes her wrath on Damon, using birthday cake as her ammunition and Damon’s face as her target.


Below is the full list of seasons and episodes related to “Holmes Makes It Right”

Season 1

  • EP1001: A Case of Shingles
  • EP1002: Building Castles
  • EP1003: Ventilation Blues
  • EP1004: Caught in a Trap P1
  • EP1005: Caught in a Trap P2
  • EP1006: Urea Got Me
  • EP1007: Title Fight
  • EP1008: If the Shoe Fits
  • EP1009: Money For Nothing
  • EP1010: Labour of Love
  • EP1011: Breaking Through
  • EP1012: A Lift Up
  • EP1013: Over Their Heads
  • EP1014: Mystery Staircase
  • EP1015: Building Hope
  • EP1016: Starting Again
  • EP1017: Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
  • EP1018: Log Jam

Season 2

  • EP2019: House Sandwich
  • EP2020: Below Board
  • EP2021: 5 Years Old
  • EP2022: Broken Record
  • EP2023: Hoofed Roof
  • EP2024: High Water
  • EP2025: A Tear in the Fabric
  • EP2026: Here in Spirit
  • EP2027: Five Alarm Chili P1
  • EP2028: Five Alarm Chili P2
  • EP2029: Lawn and Order
  • EP2030: Great Wall of Crap
  • EP2031: Flood Suckers
  • EP2032: Another Storey P1
  • EP2033: Another Storey P2
  • EP2034: Investment Gate
  • EP2035: To Mike, From Aggie
  • EP2036: Walk the Planks

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Mike HolmesWednesday, October 16th, 2019 at 8:30pm
I’d rather not buy a house than buy the wrong one, and you should too. We all know it’s very easy to make a house look good on the surface, and you can hide a world of trouble behind the walls.
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I'm so proud of my daughter who continues to speak out and be an advocate for women in the trades. She's brought some new members to our crew - meet Trish and Bailey from Conestoga College.
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Women In Trades: Conversation with Sherry Holmes & Conestoga Students
Sherry Holmes brings her apprentices Trish and Bailey (Conestoga college students) into the office to discuss the importance of Women In Trades. Asking what'...
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Over time, grease can build up around your stove - which in extreme cases could lead to a kitchen fire! Don't forget to clean your grates and burners regularly. Especially now that we're going into the holiday season - and possibly making more use of our kitchens. #TipTuesday

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Every homeowner should have some basic knowledge about tools—not necessarily to renovate their home themselves, but maybe for smaller projects, like hanging a picture, changing a door, building a shelf, or maybe even doing some interlocking stonework outside.
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I still get homeowners telling me their contractor says it’ll be fine to put the old tile over new, or the old hardwood with new, and it’ll cost less. It won't be fine, and if your contractor suggests that, get rid of him—he doesn’t know what he’s doing.
Saturday, October 19th, 2019 at 8:01am
Minimum code is in place for safety—to make sure your house will stay standing and no one will be injured by it. The fact is minimum code sometimes just isn’t good enough for quality. If it were, we wouldn’t have the problems we do now.

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